Bands with a gimmick

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Re: Bands with a gimmick

Postby houston4044 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:14 am

bloodfiend wrote:
houston4044 wrote:
Ex Deo, Kataklysm (do the movie quotes make them a gimmick?), Municipal Waste, Dragonforce and Rammstein off the top of my head are decent to great gimmick bands.

Quite an odd list, Kataklysm are about as gimmick free as could imagine as they're just standard death metal with a no frills live show. Movie quotes? You can't hardly call that a gimmick when compared with the over the top imgainery of Mortician, Cannibal Corpse etc.

Dragonforce? Are widdling guitars a gimmick then? Yes they do it more than others, but if that's a gimmick then you'd have to say Maidn are a gimmick band.

If you're talking live show, then Rammstein are about as gimmicky as it gets, but they do it in a way that fits the music well, same with King Dimaond were every song if a different live act, but we'll presented and in keepjng with the music.

I guess what we're getting at here is you'd only really use the label "gimmick" if the music wasn't strong, and gimmick took presidence over the music. Ie Evil Scarecrow can't write a good song for shit, and everyone remembers them for their stage show but no one actual buys their albums, and they are regarded as a gimmick band... with Rammstein however no one says they are Just a live band and people enjoy their music and the live show is an extention of that enjoyment.

The Kataklysm one was reaching a bit, more a follow on from if The Ramones count as a gimmick then would Kataklysm with the movie clips.

Dragonforce are a gimmick band to most; ultra fast songs with widdling guitars and full on power metal vocals. People with more in depth knowledge of them yeah, not a gimmick band but to a large group of people guitar hero has typecast them as just that.

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Re: Bands with a gimmick

Postby Bisset » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:02 am

Methuen wrote:There's a reviewer that slams that whole trope as 'corsetcore nonsense'; I quite like calling it 'goth-jovi'.

Both fantastic terms I will be blatantly stealing.

Jobdone wrote:Currently jealous of my mate whose got tomorrow off and can just hammer it for 3 days straight.