What has made you happy today

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Re: What has made you happy today

Postby WorMzy » Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:11 pm

Looking to DIY CAT8 my house, and I'm actually enjoying the process. Not sure whether I should get a handyman in to run the cabling from my downstairs living room to my two spare bedrooms (one of which is a foster kitten room with a livestream), and/or whether I should split the cabling into two lengths and have a patch panel in the middle. Leaning towards the latter -- I've pretty much decided that the dead space above the staircase is ripe for a patch panel (and possibly an extra wardrobe/cupboard...), but I'm mostly convinced that I can work the cabling myself. The hardest part is running the cable from the living room to the main bedroom directly above it -- I'm pretty much going to have to cut a drill sized hole in the bedroom wall to make a cable-sized hole in the wall/floor cavity. between the two rooms -- it's deciding whether I want to get somebody else to do it, or at least suggest alternatives before I commit to the process. :l
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Re: What has made you happy today

Postby Noodle » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:20 am

Turns out I don't need to drop 500 quid on a replacement aircon compressor for my car. After a bit of research, the pulley clutch no longer spinning when it's disengaged is normal. Local mechanic seemed concerned when it wasn't spinning freely when disengaged.
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