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Re: The Wrestling Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:16 pm
by CrappyMike
Its entirely possible that taker told brock to beat him when he wasn't supposed to, but its also entirely possible that brock decided he'd do whatever the fuck he wanted. But they would not have the 21-1 graphic ready to go, nor would they get it so quick.

Re: The Wrestling Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:27 pm
by Matty_the_Emo_Slayer
I've read the possible concussion/neck injuries came earlier in the match than that but the hospital trip seems to be true. The fact that Lesnar was going over seemed to be very hush hush backstage so this seems to have given rise to the rumour of the injury being why they've changed the finish. Bookies odds changed just before the match though so someone must've let it slip.

I've also seen that some muppet put £35,000 on Taker to win. Shame he didn't put it on Lesnar a few days ago or he would be nearly half a million richer now :lol:

In other news, The Jarrett's really need a better publicist. For starters they announce their new promotion the day after Mania when no one is going to be talking about it, and then they call it Global Wrestling Force which is the same acronym as an old-style Texas promotion from the 90's. The plan apparently is to have a reality show following around Jeff and Karen first to build up support. It sounds a bit like delusions of grandeur but if they have a TV deal lined up then it could pan out to something decent. Jeff and Karen have been scouting at indy events for the past few months and he's always had an eye for talent. Not just guys in his own style either which is the problem a lot of bookers have. It'll be very interesting to see who he brings in, though I have heard Kurt Angle is on board to be their top star.

In other other news, no word yet on Prince Devitt and WWE. He has outstanding indy dates in the UK and Ireland though so hopefully this turn out to be just a hiatus from New Japan.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:34 pm
by herzeleid
I think that it's more likely that Taker has some sort of outside health issue, because the thing about the Graphic is probably right. Though that's probably springing to mind because he looked smaller and kind of unwell generally this year.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:34 pm
by CrappyMike
Yeah the more I'm thinking about it thnight.e I think taker made this decision and everyone else had to go along with it. Cannot remember who said it. It's been a long ass day, but somebody somewhere brought up how undertaker is an old school guy and it was generally the done thing to go out on a loss. He's got personal history with Brock and none of us will ever know the truth about that, all we know is the rumours. So I really now, thinking with my head on straight and not just an hour or two removed from it, think that this was his decision. I still think its a shitty way to end the streak but if its what he wanted who are we to say its wrong?

Edit: I see Matty mentioned randy Orton, I feel I have to chip in here. Orton gets a lot of shit for being boring, and sometimes he is, on the mic. He is an awesome wrestler, and when he's on form he can go in the ring with anyone. He can also be a brilliant heel. he was great in the main event last night

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:59 pm
by Haldamir319
Best. Mania. In. Years.

Have not yet seen the pre-show match, but it sounded fun.

HHH/Bryan - Match of the night. Trip's best match in a long time, and it could easily have been the main event. Notable for Bryan kicking out of a Pedigree (and it wasn't even a long two count), but Trip jobs the first time Bryan hits his running knee.

The Shield squash Kane/NAO. With four 20+ matches on the card there was always going to be one or two quick ones. This was planned out perfectly to have the veterans put over the new guys in the best way possible. All three guys looked a million bucks and total badasses. The double-triple powerbomb finish was sweet.

Cesaro wins the Battle Royal. There were some nice spots in this: Kofi's ridiculous spot wit h the ring steps, Fandango fandangoing himself into (eventual) elimination from Sheamus and, well, THAT bosy slam from Cesaro. Nice touch with Show shaking his hand on the way past. Cesaro is a beast and is going to be massive for WWE for a long time. Money in the bank winner this year maybe? I think it'll be him or Reigns.

Cena/Wyatt - A decent 'wrestling match' that had a very good build up - and the 'story' of the match was played out brilliantly. I would have prefered Cena to get a flash pin (maybe a roll up reversal out of a Sister Abigail attempt) but the finish was fine. Cena pretty much had to come out on top of that one when you consider what happend in the match that followed. Also, Bray does not lose any momentum whatsoever from defeat. So long as he doesn't start jobbing left, right and centre he isn't character where the win-loss record matters - it is about the storyline of the feud.

Brock/Taker - An okay match that was probably only crapped on so much becase 1) The Streak had gotten to the point where no one ever thought Taker would realistically lose, and 2) the match was probably a slightly slower pace/ran slightly long for what they needed. Plus Taker apparently got concussed quite early on (reportedly from the double leg take down). I'm fine with The Streak being over and I'm fine with Brock taking it. Brock beat Taker with the exact same finishing sequence as he did in HIAC (back in t'day) and remains undefeated 1v1 against Taker. Seriously, on any other PPV peeps should have been bricking it when Brock hits a THIRD F5 (they rarely have people kick out of 2 - 3 is unheard of). However, due to the nature of it being Mania/The Streak, there was no heat. A good business decision to end it. I fully expect Taker to come out on RAW to announce his retirement now, only for Sting to debut and challenge him to one final match (at mania 31) in, effectively, a double retirement match. And you know what? Because the streak is done, either man can now win.

Oh, and Brock was always going over - this paranoid BS from fans about some sort of consipracy is hilarious.

AJ Lee defends her title. Better than expected, with 3 or 4 cool sports. Liked how Lee actually made her opponent's hand tap the mat for the submission leaving it open to question.

Main event - Very good. The right result. Everyone involved (including Blandy or Boretitsa) should get a pat on the back.

All in all - a great show. I virtually never buy PPVs on DVD/blur ray, but I will definitely be getting this one.

Re: The Wrestling Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:26 pm
by CrappyMike
I think it was a great show. It will just take a while for me to accept the streak being over.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:29 pm
by florencethemachine
Wow. There was 10+ people in the room when Taker lost and you could have heard a pin drop. It was like time had stood still.

Hulk Hogan/Stone Cold/Rock intro - Great to see stunning Steve again. Loved how botchy Hogan's introduction was. Love how Stone Cold and Rocky ribbed him over getting the stadium wrong.

HHH vs D-Bry - Very solid match. HHH took it up a gear with his dragon suplex and apron hammerlock backdrop. Daniel Bryan was as energetic as ever and demonstrated that the modern indy style is suitable for the wwe brand. Shades of Benoit from both men. In the words of JBL 'I LOVE IT'. 9/10

Shield vs N.A.O & Kane - It was what it was. Squash match with some neat spots. Kind of glad they didn't drag it out as it definitely didn't warrant any longer than 5 minutes. 7/10

Andre Battle Royal - Like all 20+ battle royals things didn't get exciting until the last 6 or so. Kofi had his token acrobatic elimination escape spot. Cesaro once again demonstrating why he is pound for pound the strongest and possibly most talented superstar currently in the wwe. Basically eliminating Big Show the same way Kane did in the 2002 Royal Rumble. Which is impressive considering Cesaro is almost 100 pounds lighter and Kane was an absolute fucking beast back then. 7/10

Cena vs Wyatt - Bad booking. I know he is super Cena but Bray Wyatt had everything to gain from winning. Cena has accomplished everything so it would not have damaged him one bit to put Bray over. I don't think Bray will be halted too much by the loss but it would have made more sense for him to win, or at the very least a DQ finish. The match was good once it got going. It was a great example of how storytelling and in-ring psychology are as fundamental in a match as technical prowess. 8/10

Taker vs Brock Lesnar - Shocking! Just as I had got over Cena winning, the most revered accomplishment in the history of wrestling comes to an end in what was Taker's worst mania match since Taker vs A-train & Big Show. Funnily enough one of the guys I was watching it with called it because he said it would be a masterstroke to swerve it on the 30th anniversary. In a way I agree, as it is undoubtedly the biggest upset I have ever personally witnessed in professional wrestling. However, I would have preferred to have seen the end of the streak take place as the main event. I always had this idea that it would be like his casket match against Yokozuna. Loads of heel wrestlers would come out and just hit him with everything to the point where there would be no way Taker could ever recuperate.

This was just such a sub-par bout. Lesnar seems to have lost most of his ring savvy, his pacing is all over the place. Taker is clearly too old/ill/tired to have pulled off another match as stellar as his more recent mania matches. The bottom line is it was as underwhelming as it was surprising. (And I agree with Matty that Kane would be the only person I would truly be content with breaking the streak). ?/10 (6.5/10 for the match, I still haven't properly come to terms with the streak being broken, Can't wait for RAW in a wee while).

Didn't watch whatever token Divas thing was going on. ESPECIALLY not after what just fucking happened.

D-Bry vs Orton vs Batista - Amazing bout. Batista the third wheel as expected but it truly was reminiscent of WM20 with Benoit/Michaels/HHH. Admittedly the finish was obvious but I think that added to the payoff as everyone has been waiting so long for Bryan to get retribution. Bryan and Orton showing their class throughout. The table spot was fun and the action was very steady and dramatic. Authority interference and stretcher segment made me feel like I had been transported back to the glory days temporarily. Great end to a bittersweet but strong Wrestlemania. 9/10

I have never been behind this Sting vs Taker idea so I think it would be a good time for Taker to call it quits. Unless he seriously gets himself back in shape (DDP yoga perhaps?) and comes back like a man possessed in time for a rematch with Lesnar, or this thing with Sting people seem to desperately want. Roll on RAW.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:53 pm
by Applecore
According to a video posted by the WWE, 4 things to anticipate on tonight's RAW are:
1. Debuts - The King, Mick Foley, Lesnar and others debuted on the RAW after Wrestlemania
2. Retirement - Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair both retired after Wrestlemanias
3. Title Changes - The RAW after Wrestlemania is historically the show with the most title changes
4. Returns - Brock Lesnar, Batista, X-Pac have all returned to RAW after Wrestlemanias

(the list was actually 5 but the 5th was "The Crowd" and I didn't want to list the WWE sucking up to the fans)

Alexander Rusev may well be in a match tonight, as they've been doing his promos for ages, and it's getting to a stage of "put up or shut up" with his debut.
Could The Undertaker throw in the towel tonight? Lots of people saying Wrestlemania was his last match.
We know Randy will want a rematch for the title, will he want it tonight, or at Extreme Rules? Could we also get an Intercontinental Championship match? Will AJ get pulled up on faking Naomi's tap? Fresh from the hype of their Wrestlemania win, will Dean Ambrose defend the US title?
No, we'll probably get Orton whining because Bryan made Batista tap and how it's not fair, etc.

Also interesting that they'd list "returns", when lots of people wanted to see CM Punk return at Wrestlemania. Could he be returning tonight? Ha. No.

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Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:30 am
by Matty_the_Emo_Slayer
Anyone else watching RAW live tonight?

So far we've got a rematch, for the title, though not exactly a title rematch. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a title change. Though Randy and Batista getting their own title shots at a later date, being forced to team up for a tag title shot and a hint at a Legacy reunion? That I do like the sound of a bit more if it means Bryan getting to keep the title for a while and continue his feud against The Authority.

I'm also expecting RVD to return tonight.

Re: The Wrestling Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:22 am
by Applecore
Watching RAW live (when will I learn?).
Massive hype for Daniel Bryan, awesome "You deserve it" chant.
Triple H and Steph because despite beating him at Wrestlemania and going on to win the title, this feud isn't going away yet.
Ugh, Triple H vs Bryan for the title in the main event.

Ad break. Yeah, I know, FOX8, The Tomorrow People is a thing. Stop reminding me, I'm trying to forget.

Ah, Batista sticking his nose in. Oh and Orton too. "I have a rematch clause, wah wah wah". Fuck off you smug cunt, your tattoos are shit.
Oh fucking fuck right off. Orton and Batista vs The Usos for the tag titles? What? Who even wants to see that?
Wyatts in action tonight.. Against Cena, Sheamus and Big E. Really? Just.. what?

Ad break.
By the way, the title card for RAW in Australia is Randy Orton and AJ Lee on a black screen next to the FOX8 logo and the words "WWE RAW". When FOX8 go back too early, we get to look at that for a while. I wouldn't mind, but it's a full body shot of Orton and AJ is tucked behind a graphic.

Why is this match even happening? Wyatts win or we riot. I like Sheamus but Big E is boring as shit, and Supercena had his win last night.
Oh, another ad break..

I'll let this one slide as it's started with a mash-up ad, showing off the stars of their hit shows, which itself started with Rachel Bilson rubbing ice on her cleavage.
Took me all ad break to find that.

I can only hope that the Wyatt/Cena feud will continue for a while longer. I just don't see the sense in dragging Sheamus and Big E into it. Other than they're both "strong men" like Cena.
Sheamus vs Rowan, battle of the gingers.
What the fuck is this visual mix doing?? They just cut to Bray at ringside when Sheamus took out Harper, then cut to Harper on the floor as Rowan clotheslined Sheamus! Knobs.
Bray's spider walk thing never gets less creepy. I forgot to say in my Wrestlemania recap last night that my favourite part of the Cena/Bray match was when Cena was going to hit the five knuckle shuffle (I recently learned that's a euphemism for wanking, by the way) only to turn around to Bray up on all fours.

Oh fuck off, Slam City.
Ad break. The dog's farted and FOX8 are advertising some shit called Starcrossed. Looks like a gayer Romeo & Juliet with aliens or some shit. Do not want.

Fandingo and Summer Rae vs Emma and Santino in another mixed tag team match. Can we make this feud go somewhere please? Emma make out with Summer Rae or something?
At least these matches are quick, I guess. And I do love the awkward clumsy relationship with Emma and Santino.
Ultimate Warrior DVD ad. Saw that in a store the other day. Not sure if want. Probably don't, because I never saw any of his matches. But then he's also got a fair bit of dirt on them, hasn't he? Although they wouldn't show that much detail as it's their DVD..


Cock Plebsnar and Paul Gayman coming out. LOL THEY FUCKED UP HIS PYRO.
Soak it in, you smug cunts, go on.
NO YOU CAN'T JOIN IN MAKING FUN OF HOGAN. SHUT UP PAUL. Seriously why is this prick still talking? Go away.
Haha, #ThankYouTaker just appeared in the corner.
This has gone on long enough, can we have an interruption now please? It's actually boring now.
Really? Nothing? What was the point in any of that? I bet it'll cut to ads now. What a fucking waste of time.

Oh hey, an ad break, who'd have thunk it?

Back to the tag team match, then.. Boos and silence from the crowd for Batista's entrance. Same for Orton. Can the writers not see that NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS?
Really hoping the Usos wipe the floor with Orton and Batista here.
Oh a count out. Bleh.
The Usos don't really deserve that. They're well liked by the crowd, and if they want to establish Batista and Orton as heels then they don't need to do anything, everyone hates them anyway.

Now ads again.

Oh shit, hey Rob Van Dam. Gonna kick Sandow in the face? Cool.
So this'll be the "return" they teased in that video, then.

Fuckin' ads..

Oh hey, another return, Bad News Barrett!
Also there's a dude sat in the front row in Sting makeup, he's not smiled or anything all night.
In fact I think there's a few people in Sting makeup tonight. Certainly a few signs too. Could make for a good ending tonight, actually. (But it won't)
Nice one, Barrett.
Rusev debuting tonight. Called it. Also awkward failure to cut away from the commentators there. Classy.

Give you a clue, it's like AIDS but I don't have it. Yeah, ads. Sorry.
Aw fuck, I dropped a deuce earlier and had RAW on live pause, so I could fast forward a few ad breaks. I'm now back to live.

Adam Rose? The fuck is he? Is he meant to be some comedy value faux rockstar type? We'll be getting these promos regularly for the next few months, then..

Rusev/Ryder next. I don't actually care.. Nor does Sting guy.
Haha, "USA!" chants. Somebody call Rocky Balboa.
Meh, at least that match was quick.

Hall of Fame recap. I skipped this very montage when watching Wrestlemania last night. Still need to finish watching it, actually. Only had time to see Lita and Jake The Snake.

Ads. I'm hungry. I could pause this and get some food and then potentially skip the next few ad breaks. Yeah. Let's do that.

Ultimate Warrior speech was cool but felt a bit too much like an advert for Hall of Fame airing after RAW in 'mericuhh.

Ads. YEAH I CAN FAST FORWARD NOW. For those who care I had a salad. It was good.

AJ and Tamina in the ring to talk about AJ's win.
Ooh, Paige interruption. Hello. From Norwich you say? I knew moving there after this year in Aus was going to be a good idea.
OH WHAT? TITLE MATCH? I love AJ but fuck this will be funny if she loses.
HA! Brilliant.


What is this "Bolieve"? Who are you?
Ha, Mum just saw Hulk Hogan and briefly got interested when she thought he was still wrestling. Sorry Mum.
WHAT. CESARO DITCHES ZEB FOR PAUL? Fuuuuck. We have to listen to that cunt again? Ugh.
OH SWAGGER. You suck.

Suddenly everything's going by fast. I must be skipping the ad break again.
Actually, while I've got a sec. Is Total Divas worth watching?

So what's this now? Are we having a Cesaro vs Swagger match now? Can't say I'm fussed. I just want Paul Heyman off my TV. His face makes me uncomfortable.
Disappointing end, we've already had a count out DQ tonight.
Ooh you cunts, Shield Vs Wyatts on Main Event tomorrow night! I'll have to give that a cheeky acquisition.
And then I'll have to make a Main Event folder.
Ooh you cunts.

Yes, yes, I know, HOF after RAW in America. Shush.

Back to live feed again.
I'm glad they're sticking with the Shield against The Authority angle. No doubt have Batista, Orton & Kane vs The Shield next Monday. Maybe add Triple H and Daniel Bryan in there for an 8-man tag match?

Alright RAW. Expected more.

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Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:26 am
by Jobdone
Applecore wrote:What is this "Bolieve"? Who are you?

Suddenly everything's going by fast. I must be skipping the ad break again.
Actually, while I've got a sec. Is Total Divas worth watching?

To answer your first question, Bo Dallas the greatest NXT champion in history. All us bolievers are the wind boneath his wings.

Basically, massive heel from NXT with the best gimmick. He just thinks he's a baby face. He's sure that he's a babyface. People say "boo"? They're saying "Bo". People say "NO MORE BO!"? That's great, all his bolievers just want to KNOW more about him.

It's the best thing ever. You instantly hate him because he has the most punchable face in the world.

ANd total divas: Hell yes.

Haven't watched Raw, though I did fall alseep to the start of the Wyatt match "BRAY IS GONNA KILL YOU" but judging by spoilers, some great returns, some cool shit, and NXT bring ups. Mainly fucking Paige, who if you haven't watched before, go watch her vs Emma at NXT arrival.

Re: The Wrestling Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:51 pm
by Matty_the_Emo_Slayer
I'm actually liking Randy and Batista as a tag team. They look good together, that slow style works well when there's 2 guys and the Batista Bomb/RKO combo would make a killer tag team finisher. Having them as the henchmen of The Authority/Evolution and holding the tag belts for a while after losing their rematches to Bryan would be a good way to keep them occupied rather than having Bryan drop the belt to Batista. If WWE are smart they'll realise Batista doesn't have the right kind of heat to carry a title run on his own, a bit player in a stable was always where he belonged anyway.

Thoughts on the rest of RAW;

Heyman's promo was superb. Nothing else required to be said.

Emmatino vs The Fandangos was meh. They should push the awkward crush angle on the b shows til it's time to have Emma as diva's champ and then they finally hook up. Find something for Fandango to do with one of the NXT guys but keep it off RAW.

As for the NXT guys I love the Adam Rose gimmick. Bo Selecta Dallas makes more sense to me now that I understand the heel who thinks he a babyface thing! I just thought he was a really annoying blue eyes up til now. The Rusev gimmick is fun, plenty of nods to all the old "Red Terror" gimmicks of the 60's through to the 80's. His style is unique too but unless he has a lot more to show I don't think he's ready for the main roster yet. And Michael Cole fuck up, it's a Camel Clutch for fucksake. And another thing, stop acting surprised when Emma uses the Tarantula hold. Victoria? Tajiri? These names ring any bells?

It was great seeing Barrett back in the ring, though I still don't think they have anything in mind for him. If they haven't considered teaming him with Adrian Neville as The New British Bulldogs with Regal as their manager they really should. I'm glad they're not bringing Neville or Sami Zayn up just yet though. They're the 2 best wrestlers in NXT so need to be handled with care.

The response for Paige's debut was great. I would've liked to see her show more of her wrestling skills on her debut but a 123 Kid type victory was still good. Faith in divas division temporarily restored.

I've never been keen on Ultimate Warrior so at least his segment was short.

Cesaro as a Heyman guy? I love it. Can't wait for the King Of Swing t-shirts. It's a tribute to Heyman as well that he can manage the newest babyface and the most despised heel on the roster at the same time.

Great to see The Shield face turn come full circle. Shame the match didn't end as such so we'll have to see Bryan vs HHH again (though technically HHH should've won by DQ when Reigns hit the spear as that was after the bell) but this has the makings of a great feud. Lots of good 8/10 man tag match possibilities.

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Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:24 pm
by Jobdone
i love how you can tell it's an international post-WM raw.



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Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:41 pm
by The Warlord
I'm really exited in the direction WWE is going I think they should do a New Generation vs Old Guard storyline...

New Generation (faces)
Daniel Bryan, (being back) CM Punk, The Uso's, The Sheild, Big E, Dolph Ziggler

Old Guard (Heels)

Triple-H, Kane, Randy Orton, Batista, New Age Outlaws, Rey Mysterio, john Cena, Big Show

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Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:59 am
by Jobdone
Don't know if this belongs in the RIP thread, but it definitely belongs here.

Ultimate Warrior is dead.

Fuck. ... asses-away