Tenting question

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Tenting question

Postby JPMC » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:18 am

So I have a tent which did me well last year. However it looks like I goofed up and left one of my fibreglass poles and thus need a new one.

The thing is, GoOutdoors sell the sections I need to make a new one as all seperates, but it comes to £50 without their silly discount card which costs a fiver (??? REALLY ???). The manufacturer will sell me another for £40.

This seems a bit ridiculous as I may as well get a new tent.

However, since found that kits like this exist for £7.
http://www.worldofcamping.co.uk/11mm-bl ... s-pole-set

Is there something I'm missing here? Were the above attempts at ripping me off a little? Or are kits like this of generally not as good quality or something?

My sum total knowledge of camping is going to festivals and getting drunk. Which although has much to do with tenting, doesn't help with the technicalities of it so much. So am I right, or have I missed something?

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Re: Tenting question

Postby peypea » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:50 am

Nah looks like that's all you'd need, if you're only missing a pole!
I'd say get one and do a test run to make sure all is okay.
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Re: Tenting question

Postby Gandalf the Red » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:57 am

Is it that they are selling each bit for a few quid each and the other place is selling them for seven quid for the lot?

Probably for a few reasons. The main one is that they are a high street store and they are all rip offs.

Most people don't lose the whole lot and only need a replacement part in the event of a breakage. You normally get a couple of spares in the bag anyway. So they are really selling you a spare part that most people don't need.

If you do buy them then make sure you get the right size. Length and girth. :eyes:

Top tip. When leaving a festival. Look at dumped tents that are similar to yours. You usually can pick up a few spare poles and pegs for free.
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