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Welcome to the Ask the Organisers board!

Postby Lee Bloodstock » Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:40 pm

With the festival now bigger than ever, this year I thought I'd start the 'Ask the Organisers' thread a bit earlier, only this time it gets an entire board to itself as opposed to the sticky thread of previous years! More people signing up, a bigger event means a busier forum and peoples questions/comments/concerns can soon get buried without being seen so I think now is the time for a dedicated section where you can post your questions directly and I will get the answers (if I don't have them already) and reply duly. This board isn't really for open discussion, but naturally some questions and answers will elicit more related questions and answers so feel free to discuss these within a thread, all I ask is that you don't answer peoples questions yourselves as the information you give may not be accurate.

Before you post, we do have a fairly comprehensive event information page page so please make sure you've read through this as a lot of queries can be resolved here and also, as this board gets busier, please check the existing threads to make sure your question hasn't already been asked and answered!

Finally, if your question is more of a casual affair and doesn't really need direct posting then I do (vainly!) search for 'Lee' every time I log into the forum (just in case!) so you can always use that to get an answer as well in any other threads that are running elsewhere.

So, anything you'd like to "Ask the Organisers"?
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