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Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:00 am
by Haldamir319
What kind of prog are Prognosis?

For those of us that are going to most/all of our respective tournament branches, I think it'd be cool if we did a Top 5 or 10 each at the end. It'll be interesting to see how it matches up to who qualifies, plus we might be interested to check out bands from other areas.

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Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:07 pm
by i0th
Cor, round 4 has thrown up some interesting ones.

Creature have helped shake the curse of the opening slot by being the second band to go through despite drawing the early lot. 90s grunge throw back, they like their Nirvana like – but there’s enough enjoyment about them that helps tip them through. Sweet. Just like Honey.

Potentially the band with the furthest to travel – Vigil – they are a powerhouse of modern melodic metal. I thought they were going to lose it when announcing “the next one is a Drowning Pool cover” – but opting for a triumphant ‘Sinner’ (that much forgotten second single!) stunning. The bar is raised and set. They’re like making love on the edge of a knife. Hope they’ve plenty of petrol money handy… they’re through

Auto-Immune exitted at this stage last competition – they’ve come an awful long way since then. Some more 90s grunge but this time more shouty. Their energy is appreciated and they make a good effort despite having such a difficult act to follow. They help contribute to the inevitable headache of who goes through – I guess that’s why I’ve always got the blues.

Odin’s Revenge – you know – I was well into the whole female fronted metal thing. What can I say – Delain are probably one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them 5 times despite having never headlined here. Anyway. My point… yes, fuck… that voice. Holy shit. Not heard a voice like this in metal for a while and that was stunning. Her lips spoke gold and honey. I think, now, I want to keep these write ups positive, so, they’re a band I would like to see again and I’d like to see how they come along because natural confidence and progression will bring them along nicely.

To finish the night, we’ve a guest headline appearance from Souls of Jack Ketch – it’s funny, I remember their first gig in this last year and me liking them cos they sounded “a bit like The Haunted” and I quite like The Haunted. Incidentally, any bands who sound “a bit like Tiamat” or “a bit like Paradise Lost” or “a bit like My Dying Bride” are very welcome and encouraged, but to be a dick I’m not saying which era of each band.
Anyway. Back to point. Holy fucking Christ… how much they’ve come on since the competition is unreal. They just ooze confidence. Brutal and superb. This lads and lasses – this is your bar. Keep raising it.

Anyway. Class. Enough ramble. There were loads of gigs on in Newcastle tonight, thanks all who came to ours. I wanted to go see The Jesus and Mary Chain – so, for all the bands tonight, take it as a backhanded compliment you collectively were worth missing JAMC for… I have been adding their lyrics to your reviews.

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Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:37 pm
by Dombag
I'll keep this brief. Heat 2 of the Merseyside M2TM was Serperus a local, modern sounding metal band.

Other bands included Daybreaker from Blackpool and two other local acts Crejuvent and 10 bags of stones.

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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:28 am
by robin8585
Haldamir319 wrote:What kind of prog are Prognosis?

As you can possibly tell by my descriptions of some of the bands which didn't just list a genre on Facebook, I'm not great with classifications and sub-genres. So I'm going to say, Heavy.

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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:11 am
by robin8585
Manchester Heat 8:

Mouth in the South - Hard Rock. They start off with an ACDC cover which sounds like bad karaoke and it just gets worse from there. They're not particularly good musically, and the vocalist is just cannot hit the big falsetto notes no matter how hard he tries. We had to leave half after a couple of songs, it was unbearable.

1968 - Something Stonery. Saw these guys at an all-dayer on Saturday and was pretty impressed, and I think they're a little better tonight. Great riffs executed well, they go through in joint second place and it is very much deserved.

Red Shift - Metal. My interest is piqued when they get up on stage with 3 guitarists and 2 vocalists, but unfortunately they don't do anything interesting with it. The vocalists work well together, the woman singing clean and the bloke combining clean and growls, but it's Nu-Metal through and through. Not for me.

Aftermath Eternal - Metal. Theses guys are almost certainly Lamb of God fans, not that they're copying their style, but the sound is very similar. They share second place with 1968, personally I didn't think they were quite as good, but I'm OK with it.

Gorehead - Death/Grindviolence. Nope, nope, nope. All of the nope in a big pile at once. I don't like grind very much. They win.

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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:23 am
by robin8585
So, that gives us our Quarter Finals:

Beyond Salvation - Thrash Metal
Saurr - No idea, was good though
Faith In Glory - Trad/Power Metal
Skeletal Damage - Thrash Metal

Voodoo Blood - Blues
Midnight Prophecy - Power Metal
Kringer and the Battle Kats - Groove Metal
Trading Arms - Slam Death Metal

Zebedy - Progressive Metal
Crescent Halo - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Lester Verde – Stoner Rock
Barbarian Hermit – Stoner/Doom/Sludge

MoMenti - Melodic Death Metal
Prognosis - Progressive Metal
1968 - Something Stonery
Aftermath Eternal - Metal
Gorehead - Death/Grindviolence

I think the smart money at this stage is probably on Prognosis to win the whole thing, although Barbarian Hermit can certainly give them a run for their money. Voodoo Blood I'd also give an outside shot, they're very different, but that might work for them. However, the fact that some utter toss made it through over much better acts means there's always room for a surprise.

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Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:06 pm
by digideus
its so good to see people from the forum taking part in M2TM. My band got through in 2014 and played the new blood stage. it was a brilliant experience and I discovered a lot of bands just through taking part.

Nice work guys! Keep it up \m/

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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:06 pm
by Haldamir319
Due to scheduling conflicts, a few of the bands have been moved around in the semi-finals. Also, Normaliser have had to pull out, and have been replaced by The Mechanist (which is fine by me, as I had them neck-and-neck in their heat for the 3rd place spot).

Confirmed info for the remaining dates:

Saturday 8th April
Semi-Final 1
Competing: Sobriquet, Gorgeous Morgue, Gorilla Warfare, One Year Dead, Arkdown, The Mechanist.
Special Guest Headliner: Scream Blue Murder

Friday 14th April
Semi-Final 2
Competing: Bovidae, Horizontal Faults, Delirium, Mothcob, Ba'al, Outta Peak
Special Guest Headliner: TBA

Saturday 15th April
Semi-Final 3
Competing: Aonia, Crucifixiation, Grandmother Suplex, IMRD, Archelon, Suffer in Anguish
Special Guest Headliner: TBA

Saturday 29th April
Final and Afterparty
Competing: 6 bands (2 from each semi)
Special Guest Headliners: Regulus

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Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:47 pm
by houston4044
Acid Reign confirmed at the London gig tonight that they are the special guest headliners for the July 1st M2TM finals in London

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Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:07 am
by angel_of_death

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:35 pm
by Haldamir319
From my blog:

This was the first of three semi-finals that the Mulberry Tavern will be hosting. Each semi-final contains six bands, with two from each progressing to the six-way final at the end of the month.

The scoring system has been changed for the semi-finals. Instead of a one wristband = one vote, everyone was handed a sheet of paper with all six bands’ names on, and we were asked to rank them from 1st to 6th. The judges would then use the time allocated to tot up the scores (fan vote accounting for 25% of the final score this time around).

I’ll probably go into individual descriptions a little less from here on out, as a lot of what went before was on the style of the band.

One Year Dead

The post-hardcore group drew the short straw and were up first. They opted for a cover of Killing in the Name this time out and, while some of the crowd go into it, it didn’t do much for me. Something else that I noticed was that, in the heat there a memorable/pretty cool moment where one of the vocalists got everyone to sit down for a particular tune – for some reason they decided not to do it this time out. They also seemed to finish quite early (by my count, they only did around a 23 minute set, when allocated 30). However, despite all the niggles of the above, I did think this was a stronger actual performance than the one they did in the heats.


The general vibe seems to be that these guys are one of the early favourites. In the heats, I mentioned that, whilst they weren’t hugely tight, they were more interesting than your run-of-the-mill metalcore act. Well, I’m pleased to say that this performance was tighter than their first round showing.

The Mechanist

Talk about a band upping their game! These guys were very unlucky not to get through from their heat outright (Normaliser unfortuantely had to pull out, so these guys got another shot). I had enjoyed thier first round showing, and thought this was even better. One notable absense this time around was the slightly elaborate lighting rig they had in the previous round (which was very cool!) – I’m guessing it may have been a rental?

Gorgeous Morgue

A band that polarised our group first time around, and did so again here. These horror punks were, for me at least, a lot better this time around.

Gorilla Warfare

The theme of the evening was that everyone upped their performances from the previosu round, and Gorilla Warfare were certainly one of the bands where it was more noticeable. Whilst I’d enjoyed their first round set, there was something inherently better about them in this semi-final – like everything just ‘clicked’.


Ah yes, the band that turned up at the last minute to fill in in the second heat, and went on the to win that evening’s tournament. Well, it was more of the same from them this time around, with a very energetic performance that got the crowd going. The only slight criticism I had – if any at all – was that the singer’s volume range varied so much and so often that it was difficult for sound production to get the levels right. Still, I enjoyed them massively.

Guest Headliner: Scream Blue Murder

Sort of a contemporary metal / metalcore act, from Coventry. I’ll be honest, I was flagging a bit by this point (and not wholly my thing), but the crowd seemed to enjoy them. They also had some cool lightboxes tht lit up whenever the singer stood on them, so they can have some mad props for that.

The Results

Somewhat to my surprise, Arkdown were announced as the winner, with Sobriquet also progressing. I heard it was quite close between them, The Mechanist and Gorilla Warfare.

For me, I had those four as my top four, but I had it: Sobriquet, Gorilla Warfare, The Mechanist, then Arkdown.

Still, this was a tough and, more importantly, very entertaining semi-final.

The Remaining Semi-Finals

Semi-Final 2 takes place on Good Friday (14th) and features: Bovidae, Horizontal Faults, Delirium, Mothcob, Ba’al, and Outta Peak.

This is the one I’ve branded the group of death, and features three of the bands that most impressed me in the first round – namely Bovidae, Delirium and Ba’al. The other three are all different genres to both each other and those previously mentioned, so should make for a very healthy competition.

Semi-Final 3 takes place the following night (Saturday 15th) and features: Aonia, Crucifixiation, Grandmother Suplex, IMRD, Archelon and Suffer in Anguish.

Six very different bands, and an evening’s competition that’s too close to call. Archelon were one of the ‘group of favourites’ from the heats, but literally all six bands impressed me in their own ways last time out.

Both semi-finals should have guest headliners, though their identities have not yet been published.

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Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:22 pm
My band is doing Metal to the Masses this Sunday in Hitchin. It'll be a tough one as all the bands on this Sunday's bill are really good! Previous Sunday's heats have been pretty equally impressive too. There's a lot of good bands around here.

There's a good few bands around here worth poking a nose into. And whomever wins, I hope they'll rock like cocks when they get to BS. TBH a big reason I'm going this year is to show support to the Hitchin winner.

Anyway if anyone wants to make the trip to Hitchin to check out some of the local talent, I'm sure I could part with an ale to make it worth your while :)

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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:37 am
by Haldamir319
From my blog, thoughts on Sheffield's 2nd semi-final:

Last night saw the Mulberry Tavern play host to the second of three semi-finals in this year’s Metal 2 the Masses tournament.

With Mothcob’s last minute withdrawal we were left with five interesting and diverse acts.

Just a reminder on the scoring system – punters were given sheets of paper with the bands’ names on and, upon the conclusion of the final set, we had to rank the bands from 1st to 5th. This would be average out and would account for 25% of the final grade (with the remaining 75% coming from the judging panel).

Horizontal Faults

Soul Shredder’s unfortunate withdrawal meant that this Doncaster-based metalcore quartet got another bit at the cherry.

Whilst I still think these guys are a little raw, they did put in a performance in keeping with the theme of the semi-finals – that is, they upped their game from the first round. There’s definitely some potential here.


These post-metal/sludge/doomsters were the winners of Heat 6 and one of the bands I’d touted to do well in the semi-final.

I was not left disappointed, with the band putting in one of the performances of the tournament to date. They also debuted a new track, and it fit into the set perfectly.

My neck still hasn’t recovered from this set!


One of the bands that made it through the very first heat, this super talented trio brought their brand of avante-garde instrumental jazz metal back to the Metal 2 the Masses.

I wasn’t sure if it was possible for them to up their game from the previous round, but they somehow managed it. A fantasic, technically difficult performance certainly raised the eyebrows of those that had yet to see them.

By this point it was evident we were going to be in for a close finish at the end of the night.

Outta Peak

I have to be in the right mood for pop punk, and it’s not usually my go to thing. Whilst Outta Peak aren’t strictly and squarely in that genre, it certainly makes up the backbone to their ‘Pop Mosh’ sound.

As for their performance last night, it was pretty good – probably on a par with their pretty tight Heat 6 set and the crowd received them warmly. I think that, on a different night, they’d have probably gone down a bit better. It probably didn’t help them that they had to follow two of the best sets of the competition to date.


After comfortably winning Heat 3 (coming first with both the judges and the crowd), I was interested to see how these fresh faced rockers would do against a different selection of bands (some with very healthy followings).

By the time they took to the stage, they must’ve realised just how insanely tough this semi-final had been. This didn’t phase the youngsters at all thouh, and they put in another assured ahead-of-their-years performance.

Their brash confidence was highlighted with their decision to drop a Taylor Swift cover into their set. Somehow, someway… it worked. The crowd loved it, and them.

Guest Headliner: Infall

I’m not the biggest metalcore fan, but this tech / metalcore quartet put on a good show for the crowd whilst the votes were tallied.

The Results

I have it on good authority that this one was tight! Delirium came first, booking a place in the final in a couple of weeks.

Second place actually results in a straight tie between two of the acts. After tie-breaking procedures were enacted (I believe the scores were recounted after removing the lowest scores given), Ba’al triumphed over Bovidae by a single point.

Commiserations to the latter, who put on a stellar performance, and I really hope they give it another go next year (I think they’d have probably qualied from Semi Final 1, but that’s the way these things go sometimes).

So, congratulations to Delirium and Ba’al who get to strut their stuff before the Bloodstock representative in two weeks time.

Semi Final 3

Our last semi-final takes place tonight, and features: Aonia, Crucifixiation, Grandmother Suplex, IMRD, Archelon and Suffer in Anguish.

All of them are quite unique, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they respectively bring to the table. I’ll be back with my thoughts on that soon.

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Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:24 am
by Haldamir319
From my blog:

Last night saw the Mulberry Tavern play host to the last remaining semi-final in Sheffield’s branch of the Metal 2 the Masses tournament.

There were no withdrawals this time around, so we had a full slate of six bands vying for the two remaining places in the final.

As before, fan vote counted for 25% of the final score, with the judges making up the remainder.

Grandmother Suplex

Opening up proceedings were the punk metal quartet from the Peak District. They’d qualified second from Heat 3 and were one of my dark horse picks.

Being first on in a competition such as this is always abut bit of a tough ask, but they put on a solid set, with a fair few catchy riffs in their high energy performance.

As an aside, I think these guys would go down great a ‘party starting’ opener (alongisde someone like Gorilla Warfare).


There’ve been surprisingly few melodic / ‘true’ / classic metal bands in the competition so far, but these talented midlanders made up for it.

It had been all the way back in Heat 1 when we last heard the from Aonia, but the wait was worth it. Their riffy style of operatic metal brings Iron Maiden jamming with Nightwish to mind, and I think the description does them justice.

A small point worth noting about their set – they had to re-jig it to accomodate for them being down a guitarist for the evening. Thankfully, they worked their wizardry and, unless you knew better, I don’t think anyone would have been the wiser. It was an assured performance.


The first round performance from these post-Conan sludgesters was a candidate for my favourite to date.

They went and topped it last night.

A slight re-jigging of their set meant that a couple of tracks (where one of the guitarist doubles up as a second drummer) were moved to the end of the set (they’d opened with it last time) and it worked a treat.

There’s a fantastic brooding malevolence to their set, with heavy minimalistic riffery in each ten minute epic. If the end of the world has a sountrack, Archelon would curate it.


The runners up from Heat 2 has the unenviable task of being next on.

In all honesty, I had thought their performance in the heats could have been tighter, but they upped their game last night. The set was tight and energetic, and a few small pits were more than deserved.

Key to their populairty was frontman Danny. He has an infectious and amiable personality that, combined with his seemingly boundless energy, helps generate a great presence. Despite brutal death metal not totally being my bag, he was a big reason I actually really enjoyed thier set.


We’d last seen In My Restless Dreams’ hard rock, nu metal, hardcore, post-hardcore hybrid attack in the 4th Heat, after which I had them down as ones to watch.

Like Aonia earlier, these guys were also playing minus a guitarist. Again, like Aonia, they managed to transition their songs to a single guitar exceptionally well.

This was a good, assured set, and I can definitely see bigger things in the future for these guys.

Suffer in Anguish

Deathcore isn’t really my thing, but this West Yorkshire quintet won me over with their great performance in Heat 6.

They rounded off the evening with a similarly strong performance, ending once more with the heaviest cover of Sepultura’s Roots that you’re likely to hear live any time soon.

Guest Headliner: Master Charger

Whilst the judges were totting up the score, Nottinghamshire based stoner trio Master Charger played a very entertaining set. Despite knowing little of them beforehand, I found myself headbanging to pretty much every song. Sound wise, they played a sort of dirtier riffy Clutch-style stoner rock/metal, with a hint of Sabbathian doom sprinkled in places.

The Results

Semi-Final 2 had been ridiculously tight, even requiring a tie breaker to decide second place. There was no such controversy here, thankfully.

Archelon were unanimous victors, scoring first place on both fan and the judges vote. Deservedly joining them in the final are Aonia, who came second, ahead of Suffer in Anguish and IMRD. If I recall correctly, whilst the gaps between the final band scores wasn’t huge, there was no room for doubt on the final placings.

So, once again, congratulations to Archelon and Aonia. They will join Arkdown, Sobriquet, Delirium and Ba’al in what is an insanely talented final.

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Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:10 pm
by Haldamir319
So, to round up, here's the styles of bands we have in our final:

Arkdown - metalcore
Sobriquet - heavy alt. metal
Delirium - classic / bluesy hard rock
Ba'al - doom / sludge / post-metal
Archelon - sludge / post-metal
Aonia - symphonic / operatic / trad metal