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M2TM 2017

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:55 am
by Haldamir319
I didn't see a thread for this year's competition, so here it is.

I've seen on FB that qualifiers are well under way. The Sheffield leg starts tonight, and I'm hoping to attend.

How many qualifiers do you guys have in your respective areas? I think we've done pretty decently to have 6 heats of 6 bands each for the first round (top 3 go through to the three semis, and the top two of each semi contest the 6-way finale).


Here's the list of 'finals', in chronological order:

22nd April - Coventry
23rd April - Brighton
28th April - Swindon
29th April - Sheffield

12th May - Belfast
13th May - Dublin
19th May - Glasgow
20th May - Inverness
21st May- Carlisle
26th May - Wolverhampton
27th May - Leicester
28th May - Kent

3rd June - Sandnes, Norway
16th June - Devon / Cornwall
17th June - Cardiff
23rd June - Burnley
23rd June - Newcastle
24th June - Merseyside
24th June - Nottingham
25th June - Manchester
30th June - Hitchin

1st July - London
2nd July - Bristol
7th July - Lincolnshire
7th July - Oxford
8th July - Bournemouth
8th July - Northampton
8th July - Selby
9th July - Birmingham

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:05 pm
by robin8585
Here in Manchester we have 8 heats of 4-5 bands, top 2 of each going to one of 4 quarter finals, 2 semi's, then the finals in June.

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:02 am
by Haldamir319
Went to Sheffield's Heat 1 last night. I like the venue (Mulberry Underground at the Mulberry Tavern), and the sound quality was decent for the majority of the night (the one main exception being the mix for the singers in Aonia - operatic vocals are difficult to soundcheck in the hectic changeover).

As mentioned in my opening post, our first round sees half the bands in each heat progress to the semi-finals. The bands that player were: Biophony (the radio friendly end of contemporary prog metal), Aonia (NWOBHM sounding guitars with operatic vocals), Gorgeous Morgue (Horror Punk), Sour Tusk (two man stoner metal), Boviadae (three piece, Instrumental avante-garde / prog metal) and Path of Subjugation (Slam / Death metal).

Aonia, Gorgeous Morgue and Bovidae progressed. I agreed with two out of the three. Bovidae were head and shoulders above the others - they sounded like pros and I'm amazed they aren't signed already. I had Sour Tusk second and Aonia third. GM brought a lot of people with them, and the popular vote seemed to swing them over Sour Tusk, though the latter were definitely better / tighter.

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Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:45 pm
by Blake_Porter
Just checking out Gorgeous Morgue now. They sound cool. I hope they make it to BOA.

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Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:31 am
by phuqsticks
Anyone know why there isn't a Norwich/East Anglia MTM this year? The venue for the final last year was heaving

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Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:59 am
by Haldamir319
Sheffield Heat 2 Thoughts:

Everything was a bit chaotic. Of the six bands scheduled to play, three dropped out and they had one band sub in. This meant that three of the four bands performing would go through to the semi-finals.

First up were Horizontal Faults, a metalcore band from Doncaster. They were plagued with sound problems (the wires to each microphone all played up throughout their set). Musically, they were... fine. They seem quite young, so that could improve with time.

2nd up were Soul Shredder, a female-fronted melodic metal band. They've been on the go a while (I believe I saw them maybe as far back as ten years ago, when I was at Uni). They've come on leaps and bounds since then. Their style of metal combines bits of Maiden, Helloween, Battle Beast, Unleash the Archers and others - if a little more mid-paced. Only potentially negative about them I found was that the front woman didn't interact with the audience much, but that could have just been an off night in that respect.

3rd up were the brilliantly named Crucifixiation. I'm not totally au fait with the nuances sub-genres of death metal, but they sounded like they were at the heavier/quicker end of the spectrum (but not so heavy as to descend into pig squeal vocal territory). They had a load of timing changes, that mostly worked well. Drummer sacrificed precision for speed a bit, but it sort of worked for them. Front man was very chatty and amiable and they gave off a good vibe. Also seemed quite a young band, and they could be really good with time.

Finally, Sobriquet closed us out. These guys were the last minute stand in. Difficult to describe their genre, but 'Heavy Alternative' doesn't seem inappropriate. There were aspects Placebo and Incubus floating around, but significantly heavier / quicker, and with about 1/3 of the vocals being shouted/screamed/growled. Frontman was pretty good.

Sobriquet won on the evening, Crucifixiation came second and Soul Shredder third. I agreed with the three that went through, but had Shredder and Cruci the other way around.

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Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:09 am
by Blake_Porter
I wish every heat had someone like you to give a commentary. It's great for finding new bands. Keep it up please!

And if anyone attends any of the other heats, please post something like this.

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:45 am
by Haldamir319
Blake_Porter wrote:I wish every heat had someone like you to give a commentary. It's great for finding new bands. Keep it up please!

And if anyone attends any of the other heats, please post something like this.

Thanks! I am hoping to go to all heats, semis and final, dates permitting.

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:56 am
by i0th
Here's what happened in Newcastle's first heat, taken from this page -
After the excitement of the 2016 competition, I was very excitied to see what 2017 would bring.

Last year we had 5 heats and there was a mixture of applications and me nudging a few bands asking if they might like to apply.
This time round we’ve filled 6 heats without me having to nudge anyone, as we had more than enough applications.

Now, when I took on the 2016 competition – I hoped that most of the bands would get some form of benefit from it – the general feedback being many had, some seeing it as a good networking opportunity, playing with bands they wouldn’t normally play with, making new friends, showcasing themselves to the venues, other promoters, etc and while there can only be one prize winner, getting as many to benefit as possible is a plus.

There’s a lot happening in Newcastle at the moment – and I think it’s very exciting. I don’t want to start name dropping or anything (because I am likely to miss someone!) and I don’t get to nearly as many shows as I would like to – but there are some good DIY promoters doing amazing things for underground bands of most genres.
The net result of this is that a clash was inevitable – we’d moved a few dates around to try to avoid clashes, but tonight we end up clashing with Anthrax… oh… hope we didn’t take too many from them.

The plus of this is it means that although Yersin draw the cursed opening slot, they have a full bar to play to of people finishing their pints before going to see Anthrax. Quite a few stick around to watch them also.
To give an idea, they have a setlist of 12 songs and stick within the 25 minute slot, loud, punky crust – and whilst I didn’t not their track names, I did think with a closing song like “Dave Mustaine Must Die” they’d be ideal for Bloodstock

The set is abrassive, energetic and enthralling – they keep people in the venue (apologies to the opening band at Anthrax) and their quality is superb.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has been set. What away to open the competition.

And – spoiler alert, they DON’T go through. Although a very close third place.


Kraken Waker took slot number 2 – lots of beards, riffs and groove metal. Opening with ‘Born with a Beard’ is about the size of it, they also manage to retain some of the Anthrax stragglers and soldier professionally despite seeing a lot of the venue having to reluctantly leave – they’re here to have a good time and it was unsurprising to see them go through.

Stoner Witch is a bit of a surprise package and I think he’s picked up quite a few new fans. Solo acoustic performer, but yep, dark, dank and a good use of minimalism.
At first a lot of people do not know what to think, but by the third song there’s a lot less chatter as he captivates everyone.
I feel things were tough on him, but he held his head up and did himself proud and I’d hope this at least scores himself some attention.

The last competing band, Blood Moon Bandits are also the last entrants, being recommended for the competition after a stunning gig at Trillians last week – they’re straight up high energy rock n roll – and one of the few bands in the competition to have a clear considered image, a bit like a glossier Misfits.
They done well and raised the roof and helped cap off a very good quality opening heat.

Finally, Dirty King play a special guest set and, you know, they were always a good band – but you can see how far they’ve come in the year since I first met them. This is now the 5th time I’ve seen them and they just seem so focused and confident, I think their M2TM run last year has really helped them come on.
Unfortunately they have to cut a little short, but, wow, it is good to see them back.

Roll on Heat 2…

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:04 pm
by Gandalf the Red
Sounds grim.

I would've been banging on the door to let me into the Anthrax gig. :lol:

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Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:28 pm
by robin8585
Blake_Porter wrote:I wish every heat had someone like you to give a commentary. It's great for finding new bands. Keep it up please!

And if anyone attends any of the other heats, please post something like this.

OK then.

Manchester Heat 1:

The New Breed - A slightly cock rocky affair. They've got some good tunes, good stage presence and a lot of energy, but they need to tighten up a lot. I've only seen them popping up on bills in the last 6 months or so, so I think they're pretty new. There's promise here with some polish, but for now they didn't get through and didn't deserve to.

Beyond Salvation - I know within 30 seconds of these guys starting that they'll win owing to the presence of a Very Shouty Man on vocals. I am not wrong.

Dead Moon Lizard Kings - A nice bit of Stoner Doom. Easily the best band of the night in my opinion, one I'd put as a contender to win the whole thing, so naturally they don't get through.

Saurr - Not sure exactly how to categorise these, but they remind me slightly of Paradise Lost. Put on a good show, get through in a well deserved 2nd place.

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:39 pm
by robin8585
Manchester Heat 2:

Faith In Glory - Really high energy Trad/Power Metal band. Put on a great show, dominate the stage, got the audience behind them, and I don't think there was any question that they were going to get through. My only criticism is that one of the two vocalists didn't really have the best of voices, he was off key a fair bit of the time.

God Shaped Devil - It was only last Thursday that this heat took place, and I can't tell you anything about this band. I know I watched the whole set, but it has left no impression on me at all. Sorry.

Low Orbit - Very enjoyable Hard Rock band, I think they probably deserved the spot in the next round over Faith In Glory, but it was a close thing, so I'm not going to quibble.

Skeletal Damage - Nice bit of thrashy stuff. They're a previous finalist, and on this performance I could see them being one again. Another deserved advancement.

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:37 pm
by Haldamir319
Ah, it's great to hear about the others areas :). I find it interesting to hear about the difference in styles/opinions too.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's heat. I've not checked out the other bands yet, but there's some promising youngsters in a band called Delirium on. They are all something like 17-19 years old, and play a very retro/classic rock style.

EDIT: Ahead of tonight's show, I looked up the description of the bands that are set to play.

In their own words:

2x4 - Hardcore/'Beatdown'
Gorilla Warfare - Dirty Rock/Punk/Funk
Soulphernus - Blackened Death Metal
Grandmother Suplex - Punk / Metal
Delirium - Classic Rock / Heavy Blues

As an aside, the opening band are from Stoke... is there not an M2M qualifying region closer to them? (Genuine question).

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:57 am
by Blake_Porter
Yep. Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Nottingham would have surely made more sense for them.

Also thanks guys, got plenty of new shit to listen to. Looking forward to hearing what Saurr are like as PL are my favourite band of all time.

Re: M2TM 2017

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:42 am
by Gandalf the Red
Haldamir319 wrote:As an aside, the opening band are from Stoke... is there not an M2M qualifying region closer to them? (Genuine question).

In one of the other heats you had Aonia. I thought they were from Birmingham.

Maybe Sheffield's "scene" isn't as good as you think as they have to import bands? :P