BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

August 10-13, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Soze » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:01 pm

I'll start the ball rolling this year then...

Battle Beast - 5/10 Think I'm on my own on this one, most people seemed to love them. They're a little too cock rock sounding for my tastes.

Whitechapel - 2/10 I only caught the last song in fairness but they were bloody awful.

Devilment - 5/10 Thoroughly average. I'm a big fan of Cradle of Filth but Dani's side project just doesn't push my buttons and seeing them live changed nothing.

Soilwork - 5/10 Again, just mediocre, boring stuff.

Decapitated - 5/10 Musically some of it was ok but the bro-core vocals ruined it for me.

Testament - 7.5/10 Great performance but spoilt by poor sound and a bizarre set list (nothing off The Legacy but time for a track from The Ritual?!!)

Blind Guardian - 10/10 Fantastic, despite the lack of a stage show (which they lost in transit apparently). Was quite hoarse by the end!

Amon Amarth - 10/10 Any doubts over their suitability as headliners was quickly blown away. Amazing show with a crystal clear sound and possibly the bigest crowd of the weekend.

Inquisition - 4/10 Quite like them on record but it's hard to enthrall as a two piece. Found them quite dull.

Eradikator - 7/10 Good old school thrash let down by a weak vocalist.

Havok - 9/10 Brilliant, energetic performance. Surprisingly more entertaining than Testament.

King 810 - 0/10 What the fuck was this? Probably the worst thing I've ever heard/seen.

Abhorrent Decimation - 5/10 Extremely average

Annihilator - 8/10 Not a big fan on record, bar the first couple of albums, but they were hugely entertaining and the new song kicked ass!

Municipal Waste - 10/10 The ultimate festival party band.

Hatebreed - 1/10 Could only stomach one song, despise this sort of stuff

Red Rum - 8/10 Good, silly fun.

Kreator - 10/10 Stole the show again, probably big enough to headline next time. Which would give them chance to play a few more old songs! The set list was my only (mild) complaint, they were bang on.

Xentrix - 5/10 Every bit as mediocre as I recall them being first time round.

Ghost - 10/10 Simply brilliant, those who doubted they'd pul a crowd were way off the mark and they proved themselves to be a perfect headline act.

Macabre - 6/10 Mildly amusing but pretty basic stuff.

Brujeria - 2/10 Only caught the last couple of songs but that looked like a blessing!

Possessed - 10/10 Perfect start to the day, I'm a huge fan of old Possessed and this was a joy to watch.

Obituary - 9/10 Not a band I listen to often, bar their first 2 records, but they're always great live, the perfect headbanging band!

Hell - 7/10 Hmmm, I've loved Hell every time I've seen them but for some reason they didn't quite cut it for me this year. Possibly I've seen them too often, there was nothing wrong with the set but it just seemed a bit same old same old. Hopefully next time they'll have some new songs and new tricks!

Skindred - 2/10 listened from the bar area, atrocious

Ne Cruinthe - 5/10 Had been looking forward to seeing some folk metal but they did little for me sadly, not helped by the muddy sound.

Mist - 9/10 Wow, where did this lot come from? Took a chance on them and was completely won over by their Sabbathy doom metal.

Arch Enemy - 6/10 Technically brilliant and always great to see Loomis and Amott in action. But I always find them a bit sterile, with a lack of really great songs. The singer is passionate, the musicianship is top notch but...they're just a bit boring.

Bossk - 7/10 Enjoyed the little I saw but wasn't really the vibe I was looking for at a festival!

Megadeth - 10/10 Sure, I'd change the set list around if given the chance but they were spot on again and the new guitarist is absolutely brilliant.
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby JPMC » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:27 pm

The Infernal Sea: 8/10 Excellent band as always

Wind Rose: ?/10 I was initially impressed to see four Marshall stacks, two drumkits and three perfectly choreographed vocalists. Then I realized I had taken on way too much cider for the day and the person next to me was talking about frogs I think. I gave up and had to go pass out.

As for the rest, just to run em down quick.

Awesome bands: Internal Conflict, Corpsing, Devilment, Raze the Void, Blind Guardian,Testament, Decaptated, Shrapnel, Inquisition, Amon Amarth, Havok, Annihilator, Kreator, Hatebreed, Ba'al, Broken Teeth, Seething Akira, Wretched Soul, Courtesans, Wolfheart, Hell, Skindred, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, silent disco

Utter balls: King 810, King 810, King 810, King 810, King 810, King 810, King 810 and Chelsea Grin.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Ghost » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:43 pm

My list is very similar to Soze so I won't bother posting.

All I'll say is there were two bands this weekend that were very unBloodstock and both were on virtually the same time for some daft reason. Anyway on the Sophie tent was The One Hundred which I really enjoyed because it was something different from all the other bands going on. Bit dancey. Then as I was walking back from the Sophie tent on my way to watch Infected Dead I heard this awful awful awful sound. Turns out it's King810. Now I'm very open minded musically and thought this forum might have been unfair on that band but christ that has to be the worst thing I've heard at any fest ha ha. I can't even describe what it was. I just hope they had a small attendance so never get invited back.
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Haldamir319 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:52 pm

Ramage Inc 7.5/10
Gurt 6/10 (musically not bad, but couldn't stand the vocals)
Wind Rose 9/10
Battle Beast 9/10

Forever Still 7/10
Embodiment 7/10
Thuum 8/10
Devilment 7.5/10
Morass of Molasses 8/10
Dendera 7/10
Seasons End 7.5/10
Black Moth 8.5/10
Biggus Riffus 7.5/10
Blind Guardian 9/10
Hanowar 8.5/10
Amon Amarth 9.5/10

Ward XVI 7.5/10
Hundred Year Old Man 8/10
Winterfylleth 6.5/10
Kroh 7.5/10
Raised By Owls 8/10
Annihilator 9/10
Ba'al 9/10
Malum Sky 7.5/10
Red Rum 7.5/10
Twisted Illusion 8/10
Dakesis 7.5/10
Ghost 8/10

Battalions 7.5/10
Courtesans 8/10
Puppy 8/10
Hell 7/10
Nu Cruithne 8.5/10
Skindred 9.5/10
Vorbid 9/10
Blaakyum 8/10
Megadeth 8/10
Wintersun 9/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby someone else » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:53 pm

Whitechapel & Devilment - neither band I'm into, but they were alright 5/10
Soilwork - better, but still bland (and I like them on record) 6/10
Testament - Decent enough to shake the dandruff out, but not a great setlist 7/10
Blind Guardian - Nope, still don't get them 5/10
Amon Armath - still find them a little dull music wise but fire n' stuff 7/10
Lionise - exceletn, funky and riffy, but like Bolin era Purple and a fine alternative to BG 8/10
Seasons End - fine return, and fair play for playing while pregnant 7/10
Dendera, Morasses of Molasses - both great fun, although singer of MoM talks like Jack Whitehall 7/10
Winterfylleth - hardly the most exciting band, but a decent start 6/10
Havok - not a massive thrash fan but like them a lot 7/10
King 810 - pretentious, overwrought to the point of bordering on camp and essentially two guys playing over tapes. While one song (Write About Us) was quite effective, it was dated nu-metal and with drug, violence and weapons charges you can't help but feel they're part of the problem they're lamenting. 4/10
Kreator - fantastic set, mainstage performance of the weekend 8/10
Ghost - Great fun, and better live than on record 7/10
Red Rum. Kroh and Florence Black - enjoyed all of them 7/10
Steak - good end to the day to get the head bobbing 7/10
Possessed and Obituary - both bands I'm not that interested in, but both were great and perked my interest after expecting the day to be a drought on the mainstage 7/10
Hell - didn't seem as slick as previous years, probably distracted by the tech problems and not frying the crowd surfers 7/10
Skindred - not seen them in years but great fun (mawkish balladry aside), even my 50yr old BG loving mate raised on Sabbath and Priest was loving them 8/10
Arch Enemy - a band that seems easy to be impressed with more than liking, never seen a bad set, but never a barnstormer either 6/10
Megadeth - no idea what the big secret was, a standard festival set and a great end to the mainstage 8/10
Wintersun - meh, alright I suppose, fairly bland characterless music playing along to tapes 6/10
Bossk - should remain instrumental, singer was awful 6/10
Blind Haze - pub rock Motorhead, shook the hangover away 7/10
Silverchild - excellent blues rock 7/10
Orphan Gears - like last year, played to 10 people plus the bar queue, but a decent band who should have been on another stage 6/10
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Skippy » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:17 pm

Wind Rose - Decent way to start a festival, solid but not spectacular. - 6/10

Battle Beast - Excellent band, not exactly great for a Thursday band though. Probably should have had a slot on another day - 8/10

Chelsea Grin - Absolutely pathetic - 2/10

Endeavour - I liked them but they didn't really excite me. Can't really put my finger on it - 5/10

Whitechapel - Maybe it was because they followed Chelsea Grin, but I preferred them a lot to the last time they played. Still shit though - 3/10

Devilment - Not bad, definitely better when the female vocals drown out Dani Filth - 6/10

Raze the Void - First actually good band of the day. - 7/10

Dendera - Pretty fun band but not spectacular. Put on a good show though. - 6/10

Season's End - Something a bit different, and seemed to have a bit of a sparse crowd, but were still pretty good - 7/10

Testament - Whether the sound was bad, or they just didn't want to be there, they didn't put on a good show at all - 4/10

Blind Guardian - Always excellent. Seemed a bit subdued, but that was probably because of the lack of stageshow/equipment - 8/10


Ward XVI - Band of the festival. Great show. - 9/10

Fallujah - Perfectly acceptable, but got a bit boring after a while - 5/10

Winterfylleth - I think they were let down by muddy sound. They were good but I drifted off quite quickly - 6/10

Kroh - Excellent and great to watch - 8/10

Raised by Owls - Pretty good fun, but the stupidity of most of the songs didn't translate that well live - 6/10

King 810 - As someone who almost liked their music, there was absolutely nothing to enjoy from that performance. Absolutely horrendous. There was an argument around my campsite over whether These or Chelsea Grin are the worst band ever to play Bloodstock (mainstage at least). And it really is close - 1/10

Annihilator - I think by this point I was bored of thrash - 5/10

Baal - I don't really have much to say about these. They were fine, but not amazing - 6/10

Municipal Waste - Still bored of thrash - 5/10

Twisted Illusion - Great voice, didn't seem to have that much stage presence, but that might have been the stage itself - 6/10

Kreator - If I wasn't fed up of thrash, might have been band of the festival. As it was they were just very good - 7/10

Ghost - I think these put on a very good headline performance. Maybe they don't really deserve it, but it was still a good show - 8/10

Macabre - Bits were fun, but they seem like they would have been more fun 15 years ago. They almost seemed bitter - 4/10

Wretched Soul - Bland - 5/10

Brujeria - Nonsense noise. Entertaining for about 5 seconds - 4/10

Courtesans - Not really metal, shouldn't have been playing Bloodstock really, but they were pretty good - 7/10

Sentience - Didn't keep my interest for long - 5/10

Hell - Always excellent, despite sound issues - 8/10

Na Cruithne - Bit of folky fun missing from everywhere else - 7/10

Skindred - I always enjoy them, and think they did fine at Bloodstock - 7/10

Arthemis - Sparse crowd, and while they were pretty good, didn't really do much special - 6/10

Bossk - I always love them, and this time was much the same - 8/10

Megadeth - Not enough to hold my attention, but I'm sure fans were entertained - 5/10

Wintersun - A very good way to end a festival, absolutely perfect slot for them, and they put on a good show - 8/10

Overall, some good performances, but the lack of 9s or 10s pretty much shows nothing blew me away. Too many bands were just "alright".

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby dvl666 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:13 pm

Decapitated - quite enjoyed them, I've never really listened to them before but they were decent enough 7/10

Testament - bit of an odd setlist I thought and being honest the last two times I've seen them now they look like they're going through the motions 6.5/10

Blind Guardian - not for me but the guys I know who like them seemed to enjoy it

Amon Amarth - I think because I've seen them a fair bit recently I'm a bit bored of them but you can't argue with the stage show and performance 8/10

Havok - absolutely loved them 9/10

King 810 - before this lot brujeria had been the worst band I've ever seen but my god what was this utter shit? 0/10

Annihilator - more fun than I thought they would be, I only ever liked the first couple of albums but they put on a good show 7/10

Municipal Waste and Hatebreed - both were excellent I thought, I don't really listen to either but they always put on a top show 8/10

Kreator - brilliant, they should be headlining 10/10

Ghost - pretty good, better than on record and I thought the front man was a good laugh 9/10

Possessed - wandered down for a bit, I never listened to these back in the day but it was competent 6/10

Obituary - awesome 10/10

Brujeria - saved by King 810 from getting zero 1/10

Arch Enemy - I've not seen these since the Angela days and I was pleasantly surprised 7/10

Megadeth - I was a bit concerned having seen some awful Wacken footage but they were on top form 10/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby WitchHouse » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:14 pm


Testament - A notch down on when I've seen them previously and a pretty strange setlist (especially for a festival crowd), but still good 7/10

Blind Guardian - I didn't get it. Seemed sterile and I was bored after half an hour so wandered off 4/10

Amon Amarth - proved their headline status - great show and the sound was also spot-on 10/10

Dendera - knew nothing about them beforehand but they made me want to go and check out their stuff 7/10

Lionize - again knew nothing about them but I loved them - great musicians, great groove-filled songs, great performance 9/10


Eradikator - seen them a few times now, solid old school thrash but got the feeling something was a bit flat compared to previous times 6/10

Havok - first time seeing these guys and they rocked. I'm a bass player and was blown away by Nick's playing especially, but the whole band killed it 8/10

King 810 - WTF was that? 0/10

Annihilator - Jeff is a legend and the band sounded on top form. Loved the old stuff, loved the new tune, great band 8/10

Municipal Waste - WOAH part 1! One of my bands of the festival, just total carnage from start to finish. Haven't been in a crowd like that since Slayer in 1987... awesome fun, as well as just awesome 10/10

Hatebreed - not really my thing but they held my interest so I enjoyed it better than I thought I would 6/10

Kreator - better than last time I saw them, decent setlist (although I could always do with more old deep cuts especially more off PTK), great performance 8/10

Ghost - loved 'em even though I wasn't expecting to. They sounded massive and even though there were clearly some backing tracks going on (which I hate: see my comment on Wintersun below), you can't deny the quality of that songwriting. And was that really Dave Grohl on drums? 9/10

Xentrix - awesome! Missed the start because of Kreator but so glad I caught them, just spot-on old school thrash that gets me going every time. I was also pretty hammered by this time which helped :lol: 9/10


Wretched Soul - stumbled across them by accident, really enjoyed it and will be checking them out further 7/10

Brujeria - only caught the last 10 minutes or so, but other than the mildly amusing take on the macarena, I don't think I missed much given my usual taste in music 4/10

Possessed - one of the bands that made me immediately buy a ticket this year. They didn't disappoint, Jeff was on fire and looked pretty blown away with the crowd response. Absolutely loved them and so glad I finally got to see them after 30 years 10/10

Obituary - weirdly not ever really listened to them much before (no, I don't know why either), but enjoyed them a lot 7/10

Hell - awesome stage show (despite technical difficulties), great songs but after a while I found the vocal delivery grated a little (that's just me though) 7/10

Skindred - WOAH part 2! Wasn't sure how these guys would go down amongst all that super fast and heavy stuff, but they rocked the place. OK, maybe I'm *slightly* biased because they rehearse in the same studio as my band - but regardless, what a performance. And what a Newport helicopter that was! 10/10

Arch Enemy - don't see what all the fuss is about. Technical enough I suppose, and the new(ish) singer did a good job, but.. I dunno. All felt a bit sterile. Maybe after three days of seeing good-to-great bands, it's harder to stand out? Either way, wasn't for me 4/10

Megadeth - Ah, good old Dave (and Dave). Seen them so many times I've lost count, and this was one of the best. Thought Dave's voice was sounding better than ever, Kiko shreds like a demon and has fitted in perfectly, the sound was great... overall a killer performance full of choice cuts, and the perfect main stage festival closer 10/10

Wintersun - I found the sound to be incredibly tinny. But worse, if your backing tracks form all the melodic elements of your songs, guys, why bother turning up at all? Just stick the whole fucking lot on a backing track, put your feet up and have a cuppa. I gave them 20 minutes and called it a night. They get one point for having a cool backdrop 1/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Powerslave » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:18 pm

Devilment - 5/10
Soilwork - 7/10 Let down by the poor sound
Decapitated - 6/10
Testament - 7.5/10 Not as blown away as usual but still good
Blind Guardian - 8.5/10

Winterfylleth - 4/10
Havok - 7/10
King 810 - 1/10 Fuck right off
Annihilator - 8/10
Municipal Waste - 7/10
Hatebreed - 6/10
Kreator - 8/10
Ghost - 8/10 Both Ghost and Kreator are bands i've never really been that into, but they were very good.

Obituary - 5/10
Hell - 9/10 Pretty much the same set as the last time they played, it's a good job it's bloody good.
Skindred - 5/10 Got the crowd going, but not for me
Arch Enemy - 7/10
Megadeth - 8.5/10 Kiko and Dirk are shit hot. Dave's voice not so much, but it was okay.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby steve73 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:24 pm

Saturday 12th August 2017
Ward XVI. The highlight being the Circus Pit 8/10
Blind River They are somewhat generic rock and didn't have much to elevate themselves above many more like them. 6/10
Eradikator. "Astral Body” off the album “Edge of Humanity” was the highlight of their all too short set. 8/10
Havok. 6/10
The One Hundred 7/10
King 810. 2/10
Bangover 7/10
Annihilator. 8/10
Municipal Waste. 6/10
Red Rum songs about drinking, pirates and hobbits! 8/10
Twisted Illusion. Their cover of “Heaven and Hell” was well executed but for a relatively short set it took up a significant proportion of it when they could have showcased their own songs. 7/10
Kreator “Fallen Brother” was very respectful and got a tumultuous reception. It makes you realise just how many legends have passed on. 8/10.
Xentrix. 8/10
Ghost. Expectations were set of a great visual and theatrical performance. What transpired was something pedestrian. Maybe we were missing something (the we mentioned because numerous punters drifted away). The hardcore following loved it to be fair but an average 6/10

Sunday 13th August 2017
Switchblade City. 7/10
Gravil. 8/10
Blind Haze If you imagine early 90's James Hetfield has said to hell with Metallica I want to play music like Motorhead then the front man is what you would get! 8/10
Wretched Soul 8/10
Courtesans brought their brooding doom laden pop to Bloodstock and delivered a mesmeric performance which gripped the audience from the start to the finish of their self-proclaimed “biggest gig yet”. It won't be their biggest for long that can be guaranteed. 8/10
Sentience 4/10
Wolfheart 5/10
Hell. 8/10
Silverchild. 7/10
Criminal. 6/10
Vorbid. For their age the composition and technicality is something many bands of this genre could only dream of. 9/10
Arch Enemy 8/10
Voodoo Blood Four incredibly talented young musicians loving the opportunity to play at Bloodstock. Big things to come. 8/10
Megadeth. With a back catalogue most bands would give their right arm for half of Dave Mustaine and his charges also use the opportunity to play a number of songs off their latest album “Dystopia”. Long gone are the days when it was said Megadeth could be hit or miss. A great way to finish a great day and festival. 9/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Slev » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:51 pm

that may take me a while :P

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Baldy77 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:36 pm

Wind Rose 6
Battle Beast 7 entertaining

Iron Rat 6
Forever Still 7
Chelsea Grin 5
Blood Thread 5
Soil Work 7
Testament 6
Blood Oath 8
Mantra 3
Blind Guardian 7
Amon Amarth 10 brilliant!

Ward XVI 10 absolutely outstanding!!!!
Hundred Year Old Man 4
Reaper 7
Titan Breed 8
King 810 -2 arse
Abhorrent Decimation 5
Florence Black 7
Red Rum 8 arrrr although with the vocalist saying "now then, now then" a lot sounded like a Jimmy saville impression
Kreator 7
Decrepit Monolith 6
Zhora 7 they were chuffed to be there
Dakesis 8 truly magical
Ghost 7 slow start but I liked them although the pope sounds like Pepe the prawn from the Muppets when he talks

Battalions 3
Seething Akira 9 wonderful and unexpected
Courtesans 4
Puppy 7
Wolfheart 8
Netherland 7
Na Cruithne 6 good but feedback buggered them
Hell 5 not their best but still entertaining
Mist 3
Skindred 9 outstanding, kept everyone entertained
Arch Enemy 7 good but nothing special
Megadeth 10 absolutely bloody outstanding!!!

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby CharlesDexterWard » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:07 pm

Missed a chunk of the weekend due to being laid up in my tent with a migraine then a stomach upset so here goes with what I managed to see :

Ramage Inc - my type of thing and a good start to the festival - 7.5/10

Decapitated - good but I expected better - 6/10

Testament - weird setlist and vocal sound issues meant they disappointed which is a real shame as it was 30 years since I first saw them - 5/10

Blind Guardian - not my thing but a nice change of style 7/10

Amon Amarth - missed them as in my tent with stomach cramps (thanks chips and cheese). On the strength of what I heard from my tent in VIP they sounded great.

Ward XVI - loved what I heard (was lured in from the bar by their tunes) and would happily see them again - 8/10

Havok - condistently excellent - 9/10

King 810 - absolute dogshit and a waste of a festival slot - 0/10

Annihilator - superb as always and enjoyed their energy - 8.5/10

Municipal Waste - lunatic,chaotic fun - 10/10

Red Rum - fun times and as near as we get to Alestorm - 8/10

Kreator - stunning set and can definitely headline in future (Riot of Violence in the setlist next time please) - 10/10

Ghost - meh, not my thing and failed to convert me, the 20 mins of orchestral build up was mind numbing - 6/10

Brujeria - okay to listen to and enjoyed some of their stuff but I wandered off before the end of their set - 5/10

Obituary - the absolute dogs bollocks and totally tight with a great sound. I would have them back in a heartbeat with a longer slot - 10/10

Hell - not as good as last time I saw them but still entertaining - 7/10

Arch Enemy - technically brilliant but a bit passionless. Technically excellent music but I hate the vocal style. I would love to hear them with a Doro style vocalist - 6/10

Megadeth - seems like eternity since I first saw them in their chaotic glory of Clash of the Titans 1990. I have seen them many times over the years but this time was stunning. Could not fault them and I had feared the worst - 10/10
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby houston4044 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:11 pm

note-* means didn't see full set


-Wind Rose- 5/10 not really my thing but was watchable
-Battle Beast* 4/10 wasn't feeling it/ was quite drunk at this point

-Merithian 4/10 think the hangover may have ruined this one
-Forever Still* 5/10 wanted something a bit quieter for my head but ended up getting bored
-Iron Rat* 6.5 standard stoner, enjoyable
-Chelsea Grin* 2/10 I had heard enough after 3 songs
-Devilment 7/10 Just missed something to give it that extra oompth but still very good
-Soilwork 5/10 The sound handicapped them something major and the setlist didn't help
-Decapitated 7/10 Not as good as 2014 but enjoyable nonetheless
-Testament (when the sound was screwed) 6/10 just pulled you out the moment and left them sounding toothless, the set list didn't help much
-Testament (When the sound was perfect for a 3 song run) 10/10 Finally I got to hear Electric Crown live! If they had this sound throughout they would be in contention for band of the weekend but alas, at least those 3 songs was worth it
-Blind Guardian* 5/10 power metal isn't my thing but it was alright in the background while I had some food
-Shrapnel 6/10 sound hampered what was a spirited performance
-Lionize 6/10 They have a good style (well, Clutch do anyway) they just need to crank out a few bangers, seemed stuck in second gear the whole time
-Amon Amarth 8/10 Given I was burnt out on AA and didn't think much to the new album I had a great time regardless, it seemed to mean a lot to them and it helped improve the experience

-Eradikator 8/10 very enjoyable, glad to see them get a platform to launch themselves off
-Havok 9/10 Shame they had to cut the set short, they were on fire otherwise
-King 810, 0/10 It experience?
-Bangover 9/10 The crowd surf has to be one of the highlights of the weekend
-Annihilator (King of the Kill and Human Insecticide) 10/10 If only the whole set had been like this
-Annihilator (rest of the set) 7/10 just seemed to stay in second gear, good setlist and playing but just seemed to hold back compared to the intro and outro (which highlighted that they were holding back)
-Municipal Waste 6/10 Finished 10 minutes early and the singer's voice was shot, good but disappointing consdering the bar they have set previously
-Kreator* 8/10 Solid, was hard to drag myself away to see Xentrix
-Xentrix 9/10 Strong set, good song choices and sound was perfect
-Ghost 4/10 His naisily voice just blew any atmosphere away, just felt like I was listening to a poor version of the records

-Wretched Soul 8/10 Damn strong set, was over far too soon
-Possessed* 8/10 It was great but the sun got to me, had to go for shade
-Sentience 4/10 eh, only went for the shade but was alright
-Obituary 4/10 Tardy's voice was so weak, really seemed like a band going through the motions, they're better than this and it showed
-Criminal 10/10 Everything just clicked, hell of a show
-Skindred* 10/10 Almost feel bad I missed most of it for Criminal but I don't regret it, spot on for what I saw of them and seeing the whole arena go mental for Warning...moment of the weekend
-Vorbid 9.5/10 In keeping with tradition of a New Blood band playing the Thursday the next year, can we get these guys back? Will definately keep an eye on these lot in future
-Arch Enemy* 6/10 After the previous 3 bands it seemed like a let down, decided going to rest up before Megadeth was a better use of my time
-Megadeth 10/10 Poisonus Shadows aside (solid performance but it's an iffy song) it was brilliance. I'm biased as hell but band of the weekend by far

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby CrossOfIron » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:38 pm

Stand out bands Wintersun, Kreator, Ghost, Amon Amarth, Possesed and an (unknown to me) interestingly strange ONI

Whitechapel were a good wake-up call, not exactly 'my bag' but a suitably committed to an angry and energetic performance,