BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

August 10-13, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby bloodfiend » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:06 am


Horribly long queue saw me miss the first 2 bands, got their in time for...

The Infernal Sea - saw them at Damnation, but they were way better this time, total black metal groove with a menacing stage show, nice 8/10

Wind Rose - had enjoyed watching them on youtube and was expecting something good, but they were bland and forgettable 4/10

Battle Beast - fuck yeah, love this band and they were bang on form as usual 8/10


Ashen Crown - saw one song before Devilment, was actually very good 7/10

Devilment - much better than I thought they'd be, not in the class of COF, but still a fun spooky intermission in the early afternoon 7/10

Morass Of Molasses - saw 2 songs, bit dull really 5/10

Soilwork - always thought this lot were generic Century Media bland melodic crap, and indeed they were, dunno why I bothered seeing them 4/10

Dendera - bland and forgettable 4/10

Season's End - they were never the best of the female fronted bunch, and the very sparse crowd confirmed their moment has definitely passed 4/10

Blind Guardian - initially I was disappointed when they started with The Ninth Wave and it became obvious they weren't doing the whole of Imaginations....but damn, they were so fire with that performance that it didn't matter at all! My gf hates power metal, but even she was blown away by them and desperate to hear more by them after that 10/10

Hanowar - silly Manowar covers band, not much more you can say than that 7/10.

Amon Amarth - fucking killed it as ever, awesome setlist and an amazing stage show, completely faultless 10/10


Blind River - arrived in the arena just in time to hear some of these guys and enjoyed them lots, very likeable melodic rock/metal 8/10

Hundred Year Old Man - another nice surprise, really mesmerising doom/death stuff 8/10

Winterfylleth - love this band but they seem to have crap sound every time I see them 6/10

Kroh - nice curveball, good to see something different with the female vocalist and heavy psychdelic doomy stuff 7/10

Havok - meh, bored my the political rants between every song, music was pretty bland thrash 4/10

Raised By Owls - well I hate grindcore, but even I have to say this was one of the highlights of the weekend - dancing to Chucklevision, inflatable gladiator sticks, the "scon vs scowne" wall of death, the Ainsley Harriott bible being handed out, and songs about the almighty Sunday roast, Scary Spice's gangrenous arm, and Cliff Richard drinking from the skulls of his enemies 10/10

King 810 - what the utter utter fuck???? I was expecting them to be some shitty nu-metal crap, but no, they were literally like a cross between Eminem and Snoop Dog! The singer twat trying to be all threatening singing songs about "have you ever found a body" or something, just coming across as a camp and fake dick. Literally the worst band ever to play at BOA. 0/10

Abhorrent Decimation - generic no frills death metal 5/10

Annihilator - surprisingly awesome! Not a huge fan on record, but they were absolutely on fire live, and the closing triple-whammy of Alison Hell, Phastasmagoria and Human Insecticide ended things in spectacular fashion 9/10

Red Rum - diet Alestorm, but still lots of fun 7/10

Decrepit Monolith - wandered into New Blood to check them out, from the band I assumed generic DM, but no they were fully corpse painted black metal, and pretty damn good too! 7/10

Kreator - haven't ever seen anything less than an awesome performance than them, and this as killer as ever! Really enjoyed the setlist, and relieved for once they didn't play Flag Of Hate and we therefore avoided the endless twatting around with the crowd that always goes along with that song 10/10

Ghost - slightly better than I thought they'd be, but still not great 5/10


Heathen Deity - love black metal, but found these guys a bit dull 5/10

Brujeria - hahaha, what a load of wank. Tuneless drivel with pseudo macho fake drug baron stories, no thanks 1/10

Possessed - absolutely awesome, intense as fuck, totally blistering performance, and despite being in a wheelchair Jeff gave one of the best vocal performances of the weekend 10/10

Obituary - never a fan on record, and found them bland live as usual 5/10

Hell - didn't notice the technical problems, but still thought they were lacking something. It was basically the same show and theatrics from 4 years ago 6/10

Na Cruithne - Irish folk metal, nowt special but quite fun 6/10

Skindred - walked past while they were playing once song, it was shit 1/10

Arch Enemy - not really a fan, but I still loved the performance, the new singer is far better than the last one 8/10

Bossk - like them but wasn't really in the mood for chilled stuff at this point 6/10

Megadeth - headbanged by fucking head off! Awesome set of endless classics, similar to set 3 years, but that was fucking great too, so who cares?! 10/10

Wintersun - bit knackered by this point and they tested the patience with great but endless songs, left before the end I was falling asleep 7/10
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Deadite91 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:53 am


The Infernal Sea 8/10
Awesome way to kick off my festival.
Wind Rose N/A/10
Really didn't see enough of them to give a fair rating.


Chelsea Grin 1/10
Whitechapel 2/10
Used to like these guys back in my collage days (around 10 years ago). Never got to see them live so I thought i'd check them out, I wish I hadn't bothered.
Decapitated 5.5/10
Nothing earth-shattering but enjoyable.
Testament 8/10
Nordjevel 8.5/10
Fucking fantastic!
Amon Amarth 5/10
Great stage show and great band but ultimately decided to leave after 30 mins due to boredom.


Fallujah 7.5/10
Pleasantly surprised.
Winterfylleth 9/10
Near Perfect.
King 810 -10/10
Surly this was a joke right? I've never seen or heard such bollocks in my entire life.
Try-hard, wannabe tough-guy crap!
Ghost 10/10
Band of the weekend. Amazing show.


Heathen Deity 9/10
No frills English black metal at its finest. Gave off a "God seed - Live at wacken" feel.
Possessed 8.5/10
Obituary 4/10
I was really looking forward to seeing these but found them to be quite boring and repetitive.
Hell 8.5/10
Brilliant even with all of the tech problems

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Alexmetalstock666 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:30 am


Chelsea Grin: not as bad as I thought they would be but still not hugely entertaining
Whitechapel: poor sound quality muddied the 3 guitars, seemed a bit lack lustre
Ashen Crown: decent
Bloodthread: really decent!
Soilwork: bored me to becoming seated and enjoying a snooze
Decapitated: first really good performance of the weekend, sounded intense and clear, day 69 was a special treat to hear live!
Testament: quality set, full of energy and punishing riffs!
Blind guardian: lasted 10 mins, complete shite
Amon Amarth: faultless performance, completely deserving the headline slot, stage show, sound, pyro and performance was spot on, my neck began to ache after their set!!
Inquisition: Sounded huge albeit they are only a two piece, set got a bit tedious but that may have been as they were the last band of the day, put on a decent show though.


Fallujah: impressed, technical and ambient, they put on a strong opening show
Winterfellyth: snorefest
Havok: surprised with these, can see them doing well in future
Raised by Owls: What a mental 30 mins, most I laughed all weekend and the turnout clearly shocked the band members but didn't overwhelm them, confident and highly amusing set backed up with a tight performance. Can see them on Sophie stage soon!
King 810: caught 5 mins between tents, what the fuck was that all about? An embarrassment to the booking crew this year. Laughable macho-ism, utter bell end I thought!
Abhorrent Decimation: Awesome band but marred by poor sound quality on this occasion, technical, modern death metal. Band i had looked forward to the most but the sound let them down slightly.
Municipal Waste: Never really heard these before but really enjoyed it, punchy thrash riffs with an entertaining edge, great crowd participation, really got things going for the evening ahead!
Hatebreed: Never a bad set from hatebreed and this was fully up to standard, churning out punishing riffs and including a good mix of older and newer tracks. The pit went right off again for them!
Kreator: One of the bands of the weekend for me, crushing thrash with a great stage show, didn't want it to end!
Ghost: waited for an eternity for them to come on just out of curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat, they were shite


Broken teeth: I can see why most think they have no place at BOA but I thought they put on a strong, confident opening performance.
Venom Prison: I understand the hype behind this band but I thought they were lacking something, still a young band and should expect to see them at BOA again soon for another crack!
Possessed: brutal riffs, very entertaining, glad i had a chance to see this band
Obituary: Same old obituary, heavy, crushing music, but not hugely entertaining
Brujeria: Really enjoyed them, rare band to see and they didn't disappoint. Great energy and really entertaining even if you do have to take them with pinch of salt!
ONI: Wow, so much going on and lucked in with the sound lottery on sophie stage! Best band of day for me, very young and talented band, really hope they come to UK again soon!
Skindred: Cant deny they got the crowd going and shut down any talk of them not being suitable for the BOA. However I simply didn't enjoy them because I just don't like their music and thought the singer was a bit of a tit at times. Plenty of people loving it though which was good to see I suppose.
Arch Enemy: Good performance but lacked something from their previous eras, enjoyed it all the same though.
Megadave: Well off the boil in my opinion. His vocals bordered on terrible at times and seemed he wasn't enjoying himself up there. Good set-list but a just seemed like they threw together a stage show from offcuts of recent tours. Glad when they finally finished!

Awesome weekend all round though with perfect weather, band of weekend has to be Kreator though, utterly brutal thrash-a-thon!
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby slayerslays » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:23 pm

10/10 for
Raised By Owls
Venom Prison
Heathen Deity
Abhorrent Decimation
Chelsea Grin.
King 810 were weird, and the best bit of Ghost was the Allegri Miserere at the beginning
otherwise same old BOA crowd pullers

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Soze » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:32 pm

Alexmetalstock666 wrote:Megadave: Well off the boil in my opinion. His vocals bordered on terrible at times and seemed he wasn't enjoying himself up there.

What?! I've never seen Dave look so happy, he was clearly having a whale of a time!!

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby kanet666 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:56 pm

My list for the weekend:

Battle Beast - Always been on my list of bands to listen to and this was their chance to prove why. Phenomenal - 9.5/10

Forever Still - Music was okay, vocals were lacking - 6/10
Chelsea Grin - Awful, awful band - 2/10
Whitechapel - Bad, but nowhere near as horrible to listen to as Chelsea Grin - 5/10
Devilment - Like Forever Still, I enjoyed the music but Dani's vocals killed it for me - 6.5/10
Soilwork - Solid set for me, another band I've always wanted to listen to more but put off - 7/10
Season's End - A good if not outstanding performance. May listen to their albums - 7/10
Testament - Sound issues ruined what was a great set for me personally - 7/10
Blind Guardian - I love power metal but I just don't get these guys at all. Felt like falling asleep halfway through the set - 3/10
Amon Amarth - I was a bit wary of them headlining, but they knocked it out of the park. Saved what was a very average day 10/10

Winterfylleth - Solid as always - 7/10
Havok - Start of a thrash heavy day did not disappoint - 8/10
King 810 - What was that garbage? Worst band of the weekend by far - 0/10
Annihilator - Not seen them in a few years but just as good as last time - 7.5/10
Municipal Waste - Of the "party thrash" bands they are one of my least favourite, but their set was good. They lose a mark for getting political and another for their made-up record numbers - 7/10
Red Rum - The perfect alternative to having to put up with Hatebreed again. Much fun - 8/10
Kreator - Did anyone tell Mille they weren't headlining? One of the bands of the weekend for me (though a little disappointed with no Flag of Hate or Warcurse I will admit) - 10/10
Ghost - Loved their first album but not seen much since (this has since changed), another very very good headline performance, but they lose a mark for being 20 minutes late to start - 9/10

Venom Prison - Another band that kinda came and went without being either good or particularly bad either - 6/10
Obituary - Very good set, not as bass heavy as I recall them being last time, so I could hear them better - 8/10
Hell - Absolutely love the band, and the excess pyro is always welcome, but the tech issues and the tossers crowdsurfing cut the show short of what it could have been. Hopefully when the new material is released they can have another crack at it - 7/10
Skindred - Okay I guess, but they did noticably increase the number of complete cockwombles in my vicinity. It would have been nice if they spent a bit more time playing and less time talking bollocks too - maybe he needs a word with Dave Mustaine in that regard - 6.5/10
Arch Enemy - Very much enjoyed the set, but it did fall short of being great - 8.5/10
Megadeth - Solid set with minimal fuss. Really nice to see dave actually enjoying himself up there - 9/10
Wintersun - Another set I thoroughly enjoyed and the singalong to Time at the end was the perfect send-off to a great weekend - 9.5/10
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby garyboyd » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:32 pm

Seemed to spend most of my time at the mainstage this year, so didn't get
much of a chance to check out Sophie and New blood stages.

iron rat 4/10
Chelsea grin 2/10
Embodiment 5/10
Endeavour 3/10
Whitechapel 6/10
Decapitated 6/10
Testament 7/10
Amon amarth 9/10
Inquisition 9/10

Havok 8/10
Raised by owls 6/10
King 810 6/10
Abhorrent decimation 5/10
Annihilator 6.5/10
Municipal waste 8.5/10
Hatebreed 8.5/10
Ohmms 7.5/10
Kreator 9.5/10 Should have been the headliner!
Xentrix 5/10
Ghost 4/10

Broken teeth 7/10
Venom prison 7.5/10
Brujeria 8/10
Possessed 9/10
Obituary 8/10
Hell 7/10
Megadeth 9/10
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Black Wizard » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:51 pm

Battle Beast - absolutely awesome headliner for Thursday night. A proper party band. Their music is like a combination of Classic Rock and all the Power Metal stereotypes, but it works a treat. I had great fun during their set despite only recognizing one song.
Wind Rose - I'd never heard of them before but enjoyed them a lot. A very pleasant surprise.
The Infernal Sea - awful. I left after two songs.

Amon Amarth - the best band of the festival. Even better than their UK tour last year.
Blind Guardian - flawless live performance as usual. It was great that they played a few rarities in their set. I'd have liked them to have had more time though and it was odd seeing them sandwiched between two heavy bands.
Testament - typically intense live show. I was glad they put a couple of wildcards in their set. I had to spend a lot of time dealing with the crowdsurfers though. :lol:
Forever Still - they have quite nice music but weren't a great band to open the main stage. They didn't create much of an atmosphere so it were mostly greeted with polite applause. I'll listen to more of their music though.
Season's End - very dull and poorly attended in Sophie. If Epica were shit then this is what they'd sound like. :thud:
Dendera - I only caught their final song but it seemed pretty good and they had a big crowd. I will be checking them out some more.
Morass of Molasses - I've seen them a few times in Reading and they're always really good. The singer, Bones the Beard, had a good chat with the crowd between each song. They had a good crowd in Sophie too!
Endeavour - I enjoyed these guys a lot. Very energetic performance.
Merithian - I saw the start of their set before leaving to see Forever Still but can't remember anything about it. :-?
K-Lacura - I caught the end of their set and they seemed pretty good.

Ghost - they went down really well despite some of the negativity towards them. I only know a few of their songs but fortunately they played all of them. I'm not sure they should have headlined after so many heavy bands though!
Kreator - awesome performance as you'd expect.
Hatebreed - intense and angry. They went down a storm.
Municipal Waste - I think their music sucks but I had great fun during their set.
Annihilator - I've seen them once before but that was ten years ago supporting Trivium and not their crowd. I enjoyed them a lot this time despite not knowing a single song.
Havok - another energetic band who whipped up a frenzy in the crowd. I'd like them to come back to Bloodstock.
Fallujah - cookie monster vocals are a bit odd at 10:45am, but these guys did a good job of it. Their music is more than just super-heavy riffs so the vocals were more bearable for me than usual.
Xentrix - I saw a bit of their set and they seemed quite good.
The One Hundred - I watched the start of their set and left. I'm sure they're good at what they do but it's not for me.
Eradikator - great show. I checked their music out before the festival and enjoyed it. Will definitely look out for them in the future.
Ward XVI - I saw the start of their set and they seemed like good fun.
Hundred Year Old Man - I caught the end of their set and they seemed OK.

Megadave - good setlist and really enoyable despite how rubbish Dave sounds these days. I think they played a lot better than they have done in recent years.
Arch Enemy - I would like them if they used a more pleasant style of vocals. Alissa Cookie Monster is a good performer but I can't stand her vocals.
Skindred - I can't stand their music but I knew they'd be great fun live.
Broken Teeth - I saw them supporting Testament last year and wasn't impressed but decided to give them a second chance. My opinion remains unchanged.
Wintersun - this was such a brilliant way to end the festival. Thank you so much for booking these guys Bloodstock!
Arthemis - I enjoyed these guys a lot. They deserved a much bigger crowd in Sophie but suffered from overlapping with Arch Enemy.
Courtesans - dull. The gothic All Saints.
Neherhall - another band who I only saw the end of, but they seemed OK.
Sentience - I checked these guys out because I spoke to the singer on the shuttle bus on Thursday. I wasn't expecting to like them but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked how he used clean and growly vocals.
Shrouded - as a Black Metal band I wouldn't normally like them, but I suppose they're good at what they do.
Switchblade City - I saw the start of their set and thought they were OK.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby robin8585 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:12 pm


Ramage Inc 5/10
Gurt 7/10
The Infernal Sea 7/10
Wind Rose 8/10
Battle Beast 9/10, so much cheesy fun


Merithian 3/10
Forever Still 6/10
K Lacura 4/10
Chelsea Grin 0/10, utterly irredeemable, one of the worst bands I've ever seen
Internal Conflict 3/10
Embodiment 2/10
Endevour 7/10
Whitechapel 2/10
Ashen Crown 1/10
Corpsing 7/10
Devilment 5/10, musically they were good, but I hate Dani Filth's vocals so much
Morass of Molasses 7/10
Soilwork 6/10
Dendera 7/10
Decapitated 6/10
Season's End 7/10
Black Moth 9/10
Biggus Riffus 7/10
Blind Guardian 6/10
Hanowar 6/10
Amon Amarth 10/10, was a bit worried since I thought they were quite poor on their recent tour, but that got put to bed pretty quickly
Inquisition 8/10


Ward XVI 8/10
Blind River 8/10
Winterfilleth 5/10
Eradikator 7/10
Kroh 8/10
Havok 6/10
Raised By Owls 9/10
King 810 3/10, honestly didn't hate them as much as I was expecting to
Abhorrent Decimation 6/10
Annihilator 5/10
Solar Sons 8/10
Ba'al 9/10
Municipal Waste 9/10
Florence Black 6/10
Hatebreed 10/10
Ohms 7/10
Dakesis 8/10
Kreator 6/10
Departed 6/10
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre 7/10, not a band, but fuck it, they were fun
Ghost 4/10
Macabre 7/10


Switchblade City 6/10
Broken Teeth 3/10
Battalions 4/10
Venom Prison 2/10
Blind Haze 8/10
Heathen Deity 3/10
Brujeria 1/10
Wretched Soul 7/10
Courtesans 9/10
Posessed 8/10
Puppy 3/10
Wolfheart 7/10
Falling asleep and missing Prognosis, Atragon, Hell, Oni, Na Cruithine and Silverchild 0/10
Arthemis 8/10
Arch Enemy 10/10
Voodoo Blood 10/10, band of the weekend
Megadave 6/10
Wintersun 7/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby houston4044 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:39 pm

So common themes from quickly glancing through
- Quite a lot of us saw King 810 :lol:
- The sound wasn't so much a matter of where you were stood but a problem in general

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Black Wizard » Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:17 pm

robin8585 wrote:Amon Amarth 10/10, was a bit worried since I thought they were quite poor on their recent tour, but that got put to bed pretty quickly

Seriously? I thought they were awesome last year.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby robin8585 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:16 pm

Black Wizard wrote:
robin8585 wrote:Amon Amarth 10/10, was a bit worried since I thought they were quite poor on their recent tour, but that got put to bed pretty quickly

Seriously? I thought they were awesome last year.

I really don't like the most recent album and obviously, as that's what they were touring, the set was heavy with stuff off that record. I wouldn't have bothered if it weren't for Grand Magus supporting. Friday's set was much better and when they did play new stuff I always seemed to be out of beer, so that was handy.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby florencethemachine » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:49 am


The Infernal Sea - Shitty sound which was prevalent on the Sophie for the majority of the weekend. Vocals were way too loud but I do enjoy their music and stage presence. 6/10

Battle Beast - It was a bit too pseudo-retro for my tastes. I still hate that Black Ninja song due to having to endure it on the monitor ad nauseam a few years back. 4/10


Chelsea Grin - Having listened to their albums I have always dismissed them as the lowest common denominator in the Deathcore scene. Saying this, I felt they were actually quite enjoyable live. I am a sucker for slow, meaty riffs and breakdowns and they had that in spades. 6/10

Whitechapel - In a twist of fate, the Deathcore band that I don't mind on record ended up boring the shit out of me. Still don't understand why the fuck they need a third guitarist, makes things sound muddy as shit live. 3/10

Corpsing - I really wanted to like them as they were a representative of the London DM scene. Plagued by shitty sound and I have never really been keen on their material. 4/10

Soilwork - Never been a fan of them and only watched them to guarantee a barrier spot for Blind Guardian. Clean vocals were inaudible and the harsh vocals and music were generic as fuck. I would rather listen to the countdown theme on loop then watch that set again. Really, really boring. 3/10

Decapitated - I am disappointed in the direction they are veering toward musically but I still adore them live and will support them purely out of respect to Vogg for continuing despite the tragedy of the band's history. The old songs are tech-death masterpieces. 8/10

Testament - I enjoy slightly different setlists as it is boring constantly hearing glorified 'greatest hits' sets from bands who have around 300 albums. Just a shame the sound was cack as they always play a blinder. 7/10

Blind Guardian - Great great fun. Third time seeing them in two years and I am still not bored of singing along to Valhalla. An absolute miracle that my throat survived that set. 9/10

Amon Amarth - Not a fan of the newer material but it was a great, if not slightly camp, stage show. Although one of the better headline sets in recent memory, I am slightly bored of the prospect of watching them live these days. 8/10

Inquisition - Was lagging after staying to watch the entirety of Amon Amarth's set. similarly to The Infernal Sea, Dagon's raspy vocals were like nails on a chalkboard due to how high and crackly they were in the mix. after moving to near the outside, the clarity of the instruments were much better but I was way too tired to stay for the full set. Therefore it would be unfair to rate them.


Fallujah - Like them on record. They sounded good live, played with gusto. decent set. 6.5/10

Winterfylleth - From where I watched them, minus the vocals dropping out every 30 seconds, they actually sounded pretty good. great but predictable setlist which is understandable when you consider it was a a small mainstage slot. Defending the Realm may be one of my favourite BM songs of all time so definite bonus point for that. 7.5/10

Abhorrent Decimation
- I enjoyed them but was a bit disappointed that they only played tracks exclusively from the newest album which I have listened to once. I understand they want to promote said album, but it definitely hindered my enjoyment. 6/10

King 810 - I'm not going to lie, I didn't watch or listen to the whole set but what I did hear sounded like Slipknot if all the band members were performing directly after a lobotomy. Turgid music which I am only going to rate so that they have a consistently low score. 0/10

Municipal Waste - Great party thrash vibe. Decided to watch them from the side of the stage barrier so I could witness the mayhem from a visually pleasing perspective. 6.5/10

Hatebreed - I know they aren't that popular on here, but I have slowly warmed to Hatebreed and I like the fact that Jamey Jasta isn't a tough brocore twat and actually tries to spread a positive message. The music is basic and bouncy as fuck but I do have a penchant for dumb, simple brutality. 7/10

Kreator - One of the top 3 best sets of the weekend. Excellent on all fronts, Music, setlist, stage show, energy, performance. An absolute masterclass. It that happened to have been a headline slot, it would have been the best one since Emperor. 9/10

Ghost - Watched a little bit, Thought old Tobias' voice was pretty shit. Definitely not my thing although some songs were much heavier than I expected. Not fair to rate tbh.

Macabre - Always wanted to see this band as I find their bizarre folk storytelling take on serial killer inspired Death Metal odd to say the least. Someone remarked they seemed bitter, which although may be the case, they still played a great set for a bunch of guys who have been lingering in second tier Death Metal obscurity for the best part of 3 decades. 7.5/10


Venom Prison - Enjoyed them far better in a dark room at Damnation but thought they were okay. I think three days of early morning Death Metal is a bit tough to digest even for a DM fan boy like myself. Not to mention I was saving my energy and enthusiasm for some true Death Metal legends that were also on the Sunday bill. 5/10

Possessed - Absolutely blistering! Genuinely heartwarming to see Jeff happy that fans were coming to see Possessed as a band still with a career trajectory ahead of them and not as a has been nostalgia act. Setlist was a bit thin on Seven Churches cuts but it was an incredibly tight and passionate set. 8/10

Obituary - Love them. New material sounded great. absolute legends who never have a bad gig. There were about ten of us losing our shit to them. 8.5/10

Brujeria - I have always had a soft spot for Brujeria. Sure, the gimmick is corny but I enjoy their music and they put on an energetic and aggressive show. 7/10

Hell - I'm afraid lightning didn't strike twice with me. It was still highly enjoyable but it would be hard to compare it to the absolute surprise and joy of watching their show first time around. Kudos to them for pulling out all the stops though. 6.5/10

Skindred - I now understand why their live show/status is so critically acclaimed and revered. Musically, not my bag, but Benji was a captivating frontman and had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Was a very fun set to watch and would not avoid them if they were to ever reappear on a future bill. 7/10

Bossk - Band of the weekend for me. I didn't realise just how much I was craving some brooding, beautiful post-metal and their set completely rejuvenated me. Achingly beautiful guitar leads juxtaposed with sludgy riffs and piercing vocals. Don't care how hipster I sound right now but it was a perfect slot for them to play. 9/10

Wintersun - Sounded really tinny like all the other sophie bands I watched but I admitted defeat and was getting into it in time (no pun intended) to sing along to Death and the Healing and Time. Was a good festival closer to cap off a pretty good run of bands across the weekend. 7/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby metalicbear » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:41 am


Wind Rose - 5
Battle Beast - 8 - Simply brilliant, should have been on the main stage


Devilment - 5 - Would have been better in the tent
Testament - 5 - The Worst I've seen them, crap sound
Blind Guardian - 6 - Tight musically, but so Boring
Amon Amarth - 7 - Good stage set, but dull and boring, definitely not headline worthy


Hatebreed - 8 - Really enjoyed them
Kreator - 8 - Great stage show, tight musically
Ghost - 7 - Put on a good show, but very boring in places, not headliner worthy.


Courtesans - 7 - Started off bad, but got really in to it
Puppy - 7.5 - Really enjoyed these
Hell - 6 - Same set they always play and same stage show. Eurgh
Skindred - 6 - The worst I've seen them
Megadeth - 6 - Tight musically, but they seemed like they didn't want to be there, Dave's Vocals were terrible

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Black Wizard » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:57 am

You didn't seem to enjoy yourself much.