Rate the bands

August 6-9, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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Rate the bands

Postby houston4044 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:43 pm

Same as usual, just rate the bands you saw over the weekend (I'll be doing mine later)

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Noodle » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:05 pm


Ok, I'll do a proper list later.
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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Fjar » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:11 pm


Arnocorps - 5


Armored Saint - 7
Belphegor - 9
Ihsahn - 7
Sabaton - 10
Trivium - 6


Pist - 9
Xerath - 9
Ethereal - 7
Korpiklaani - 7
Opeth - 8
Within Temptation - 9


Triaxis - 7
Agalloch - 6
Wolf - 8
Orange Goblin - 8
Ensiferum - 8
Spirytus - 10
Cannibal Corpse - 5
Black Label Society - 7
Rob Zombie - 8
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Re: Rate the bands

Postby JPMC » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:34 pm

Overkill = 10/10. Band of the weekend for me.
Ne Obliviscaris = 8/10 I don't think we'll see these guys again. Was worth to get them while I had the chance
Within Temptation = 10/10 if only for the "Who the fuck needs a front of house PA anyway" drum solo to keep us all entertained. Props to their drummer.
Ethereal = 8/10 Skipped the rest of 1349 for them, glad I did. Will definitely keep any eye on these guys.
Korpiklaani = 5/10 A little disappointed with the setlist choices. I was up for much more of knee slapping silly buffoonery than was delivered
Rob Zombie = 7/10 More of the same weekend trend of odd setlist choices. I think he could have broken out some of his more crowd pleaser songs.
Pro Pain = 7/10 I enjoyed them immensely but hoped they were going to play a little more of their older tracks. First time I've seen them. Woefully small crowd and undeservedly so. Great set overall.
Cannibal Corpse = 8/10 I would swear blind they played the exact same set at their Forum gig last year and at Damnation. Song for song in fact. Maybe wrong, but the cynic in me makes me think I'm right.
Trivium = 1/10. What a load of old shit. Walked away after a single track. It wasn't just the bland attempt at thrash, the front guy just looked like he couldn't give a monkeys.
Black Label Society = 6/10 I didn't get they hype about them. I mean, they weren't awful, but I thought Zakk was meant to be some amazing guitarist... did I miss something? I think I did, maybe the Zakk being amazing part.

Nuclear Assault = 7/10 Great fun band to check out! A good ol' blast from the past

Belphegor = 9/10 The band were shit hot. Sadly I had the shits from the hot sun and that crappy VIP burger stall. So I missed most of their set. Damn you stupid £10 worth of horsemeat!

Savage Messiah = 8/10 Been following them for a couple of years now and they consistently get tighter each time I see them. Probably some of the best setlist choices of the weekend and well worth checking out more if you haven't already.
Ensiferum = 7/10. It's really not quite my cuppa tea, but overall entertaining. They were better at the Forum last year. The girls were a great touch though.
Sepultura = 6/10 Without trying to bring up the same ol broken record lamentation of the Cavalera days, this band needs a rhythm guitarist. It really doesn't matter who and it's not an insult to Andreas Kisser, but really this band always has needed and always will need someone on rhythm guitar.
Sabaton = 7/10 They spent a good amount of their set time cocking about, but thoroughly enjoyed them. Yet again. They just never fail to please.
Death To All = 8/10 Some Death songs bore me, others intrigue me. But a great showing by DTA and that front guy does a stellar job!
Orange Goblin = 9/10 One of those bands that are incredible live, but just don't translate well to recorded product. Very much enjoyed their set.
Planet of Zeus = Never heard of them before, blew me away for the 20 minutes I caught them. Really good, will check out more.
Reign Of Fury = 9/10 Impressed me so much, I splurged my munitions budget on a shirt.
I am I = 8/10 Sounded good, only caught 15 minutes as they clashed with someone. But sounded right
Red Rum = 2/10 A sad Alestorm wannabe band IMO. They really didn't stir much in me other than my resentment for their sillyness.
Arnocorps = 3/10 I got bored after ten minutes. I decided returning to the campsite to drink what was left of my tepid dark fruits strongbow was a better plan. They failed to keep me captivated
Desecration = 7/10 Anyone who doesn't like this band is a communist!
Countless Skies = 7/10 A little wobbly here and there, maybe a little nervous for the festival. But a good band and played a blinder. I felt bad for them as their set clashed with the beginning of Ne Obliviscaris. I can only imagine that they lost most of their audience for their last song. But go check them out if you haven't. Excellent band.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby someone else » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:45 pm

Sadly arrived early enough to catch Raging Speedhorn, hated them first time round, time has done them little favours (3)
Armoured Saint - chock full of great songs, and great frontman in John Bush, who appeared to be in his PJ's (7)
Belphegor: made the most of their moment in the sun, with a decent sound. Not my thing but a good effort (6)
Re-Animator: Illustrates the gulf between the US bands and the British ones - a pub rock charm will only get so far with 4th rate tunes played with no zip at all (4)
Enslaved: Lost gear but still a good performace (7)
Ishahn: Decent enough, but wrong crowd for a guy that's more King Crimson experimental, not helped by tech issues (6)
Overkill - Great fun, fronted by a gobshite, with more than all of the re-formed brit bands put together (8)
IamI: Never got the fuss created by their last outing, they're a fun 80s style rock band with big choruses, and a huge singalong to The Voice (7)
Sabaton - Still a bit Panto metal for my liking, but a perfect festival band (8)
Trivium - did a decent job, but not my thing (6)
Delain - Great end to the day in a packed tent, but lead vocals sounded lost (7)

Saturday: Not many bands I was interested in beforehand:
Savage Messiah: Decent enough start (6),
Xerath: Alright (5)
Korpiklaani: Ok (6) (struggling to make any comment, all 3 went in one ear and out the other!)
Pig Iron: Love their records, and was hoping for an electric set after their previous acoustic set, but sadly not. Still, a lively show with fun songs (7)
Dark Angel: Another old school thrash act who still have a fire in them (7)
Mordred: Strayed into Living Colour territory a bit too often but a fun set (7)
Death: Was never into the band that much, but it was a good performance (7)
Opeth: Perfect for the sundown slot, another great performance (8)
Within Temptation: They were never going to fall on their arses (despite many almost willing it to happen), but they seem over re-hearsed. I think the crowd warmed to them over the course of the set, despite too many Lloyd Webber bits, and their response to the screw ups showed charm when they have to deviate from the script. (7)

Agollach - Nice chilled start to the day in the sun (6)
Wolf - They're never going to be anything special, but a great, fun festival band (7)
Orange Goblin - As one of the workhorses of the live circuit bouncing around the clubs for years, you cant help feeling that their moment has passed, then they seize their moment like that and maybe, just maybe, the success that has eluded them is just around the corner (9)
Alunah - Chilled out doom from the only band that has written a song about my hometown. (7)
Ensiferum & Sepultura - decent turnouts from festival under-card fillers (6)
Lawnmower Deth - Bringing the silliness to Download, and the extra ten quid in the production budget did wonders....(7)
Blind Haze - recongnised the ex singer from Asomvel about, and this lot are cut from the same cloth. Ones to watch (7)
BLS - This I wasn't expecting, hugely enjoyable set that even a tedious solo didn't dampen - loud, unsubtle,un apologetic, no typical American glad-handing (although I would have though Zakk could afford an Ipad to read the lyrics from, not a laminated A3 sheet which a roadie had to remove after each song :lol: 0 (8)
Rob Zombie - Another unexpected great set, even if it was too short. (8)

Also caught bits of other sets, but none I could give a fair rating to: Obey, Ne Obliviscaris, Jasad, Winter Storm, Jettblack. Also had the misfortune of catching some guy's 'blues project' in the Serpent's Lair - truly gruesome stuff by a guy that doesn't appear to have heard a blues record in his life.
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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Haldamir319 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:12 pm

Reign of Fury - 7. Solid, with a few belters.
Red Rum - 8. Buckets of fun.
ArnoCorps - 3. Sound mix wasn't good for them. Their entire appeal comes from the lyrics, and when you can't tell what the singer's saying, you're screwed.

Silas - 7. Good start.
Bast - 8 (only caught first half of the set, but very good).
Armored Saint - 7. Sounded fun for the few minutes I caught.
Messiah's Kiss - 6. A little disappointing. The sound was a smidge off for them.
Ne Obliviscaris - 10. Band of the weekend, by a country mile.
Diatessaron - 8. Totally un-Bloodstock (which they acknowledged), but I found them entertaining and talented. Will definitely investigate further.
Sabaton - 9. Could probably have done will a little less pissing around, but a very fun set of mostly great tunes. They'll be a headliner next time, they pulled a ridiculously sized crowd once more.
With Tripper - 8. Very good.
Trivium - 6. Saw 2/3 of the set before going to get a good spot for Delain. Were perfectly fine, though thoroughly middle of the road. Small crowd. They also seemed to be the headliner to put the least effort into their stag show (Sabaton totally showed them up).
Delain - 8. A very good end to the day. They get better and better, and I suspect they'll be towards the upper part of the main stage bill next time around.

Pist - 8. A good, honest start to the day.
Anihilated - 8. Surprised me with how tight they were. One of the better 'token' thrash bands the festival has booked in recent years.
1349 - 9. I don't usually like black metal, but they were flipping brilliant. So tight!
Martyr de Mona - 6. Fine, though a little uninteresting.
Korpiklaani - 7. Enjoyed the newer songs, even if they weren't as jaunty as I'd have liked. Final 3 or 4 tracks were great.
Pig Iron - 8. Very good, and I'll be investigating them further.
Mordred - 5. Disappointing. Their funkier stuff was not bad, but the generic thrash tunes that took up most of the set were very underwhelming.
Opeth - 9. An excellent, varied set.
Within Temptation - 8. Really good stuff. The power failure on Ice Queen was annoying as hell (on of my favs) but they reacted well to it. Mother Earth to conclude was epic!
Fleshgod Apocalypse - 8. Not usually my sort of thing, but glad I went along. MASSIVE crowd, that spilled out of the tent.

Agalloch - 8. Beautiful music. I just wished I knew the stuff a little better.
Wolf - 7. A good set from a band I always enjoy seeing. Not sure that the new tracks they played were good enough to warrant not playing great like Hall Caesar, but hey ho.
Orange Goblin - 9. Stonking.
Alunah - 9. Beautifully sombre. Will definitely following them.
Ol Drake - 7. A good laugh with the guys playing 'rakes' while he shredded. BOA should have something like this every year.
Ensiferum - 7. Good. Like the last time they played, the sound was a little muddy for them at first. Also, the sound levels sounded off, but the main vocals too quiet. Still, I enjoyed them. I wonder if they'd be better with the tent spot?
Blind Haze - 8. Really enjoyed these guys. Hopefully will be asked back for a Sophie slot before long.
Wretched Toad - 8. Bonkers stuff. Musically, they show a lot of potential (even if it isn't realised yet), but they also brought a cohort of fans that actually helped with the mood/atmosphere, with people dressed up as loads, frog shaped bubble machines being implemented, as well as the 'Toad Pit' (a paddling pool).
Trepalium - 6. Not as 'unique' as I was lead to believe by the songs I checked out. Last track was good though.
Rob Zombie - 7. A good, though not mindblowing show. Was much better 3 or 4 years ago at Download. Still, definitely a good booking. Drew a big crowd.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Skippy » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:42 pm

Metaprism 8 - Amazing way to start the festival
Red Rum 7 - Not bad but got a little boring in the middle.
Arnocorps 3 - I'm not an Arnold fan so I guess I dont get all the jokes, but the music just wasn't that great for the 3 songs I stayed for.

Nuclear Assault 6 - Not exactly my cup of tea but seemed enjoyable enough
Oaf 7 - Decent band just for a laugh, not much to them but fun enough.
Armored Saint 8 - Wasn't really expecting much, but they were great.
Messiah's Kiss 7 - Pretty poor crowd but they were decent. Bad clash might have ruined them a bit though.
Ne Oblivscaris 9 - They were excellent, sound seemed a bit weak in places though.
Ihsahn 4 - One of the bands I was most looking forward to, played a piss poor setlist and sounded poor doing it. Might just have been an off day but disappointment of the festival for me.
Sabaton 10 - Always excellent, but this was up there with their best shows. Band of the festival for me, as they often seem to be.
Trivium 5 - Were never gonna follow that, but didn't really seem to try. Cool stage decorations, but didn't put any energy into anything they did. Bland
Delain 9 - Sparked the night back into life, much better way to end. Far better than I was expecting.

Savage Messiah 7 - Couldn't help compare them to Trivium, and they looked far more like a headline worthy band. Decent way to start the day.
Xerath 6 - They seemed a bit overawed by the stage, even before the sound problems.
Chaos Trigger 7 - Not my thing really but they are a local band and put on a good show.
Divine Solace 8 - Should have been on a better stage, don't understand why the Jager stage is run really. Played really well though.
Korpiklaani 5 - Very poor setlist, just seemed kind of confused really.
Sumer 8 - Best band I watched on the New Blood Stage (though I only watched two), seemed a bit out of place but I enjoyed them.
Opeth 6 - Easily the worst I've seen them, their new stuff is so boring. Even their older stuff sounded a bit tainted though.
Hanowar 8 - Brilliant fun. Again, needed a bigger stage though.
Within Temptation 8 - Easily the best headliner, played great even with the sound issues kind of screwing them.

Agalloch 9 - Didn't really matter that they were outside, would have loved a longer set though. Great performance, although they didn't really want to be there.
Wolf 8 - Definitely wanted to be there, looked like they were loving it and played great.
Old Rake 7 - Very entertaining for one dude playing guitar. The idiots with the rakes were a nice touch though, otherwise could have been pretty boring to watch.
Ensiferum 8 - Not quite as good as last time they played, started a bit slow but by the end they were excellent.
Destrage 8 - Seemed out of place at Bloodstock, but were enjoyable anyway.
Trepallium 6 - Definitely need something more, they were ok for a bit but their songs got very repetitive.
Hell Puppet 7 - Hadn't really listened to them before but put on a good show.
Rob Zombie 3 - In no way played as a Sunday headliner, terrible close to the festival. Was expecting something, but he was in no way worth the hype.
Godflesh 9 - I only watched them because Rob was so underwhelming as a finish, but they utterly destroyed me. The Mac bullshitary was pretty crap though.

Overall I really enjoyed it. I saw a lot less than usual, in part due to shitty clashes but also due to laziness, but what I did watch was pretty good.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Screaminglordzombie » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:46 pm

8th Bloodstock in a row down.. feeling older for this one with the weather..

Red rum - 6
Arnocorps - 6 (seen them before, they were better before)

Nuclear Assualt - 7
Raging speedhorn - 3, still as bad as i remember.
Armored saint - 7
Belphegor - 5. i think the blistering sun didnt really help them
Enslaved - 6. significantly better than the last few times ive seen them
Ihsahn - 6
Overkill - 8. Better than expected.
Sabaton - 10. Fantastic set despite all the fucking around.
trivium - 2. i lasted 3 songs, i just couldnt go any longer. really not for me.

Savage messiah - 7
Mastiff - 7 (better new blood bands on whole this year)
1349 - 6
Korpiklanni - 6. watching everyone in the crowd seem ready to bounce and it only beginning to happen at the end..
Napalm death - 4
Bloodyard - 7. probably the best new blood band i saw.
Battalioh - 6
dark angel - 7
Death -7
Opeth - 5.
Jettblack - 4. felt like airborne without the energy
Within temptation - 8. alright set but nothing special. felt more like a headliner than tirivum did

Agalloch - 6
Tombstone crow - 6
Incipit -7
Orange goblin - 7
Pro-pain - 6
Sepultrua - 9. VERY on form for them after a lacklister few years. derek does still seem to get stagefright for the first few tunes before he can bring out his stage presence.
Ensiferum - 7, meh theyve been better.
Cannibal - 4. theyve been better and i was bored.
Lawnmower deth - 8. good as usual
Trepalium - 6, nice concept but not the best sound setup for them. they will probably be more of an album band than a live band for me.
Black label - 6. yes he didnt talk much this time (big improvement) but the solos were boring and the roadies running on with the lyrics sheets were... yeah hes been better.
Rob Zombie - 8, could the set have been better? yes. could he have fucked around less? yes. should he rerecord all this old albums so he can sing them without being breathless so its mroe in line with his newer stuff? probably.he does suffer when he plays the older stuff due to the "oh fuck i cant sing that fast". either way its good he finally gets off his arse and tours.

Overall the crowds felt alot less for most of the bands. the headliners werent all that wonderful but the atmosphere was alot better than it has been in p[revious years.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby houston4044 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:57 pm

Reign of Fury= 7 great way to start the weekend, solid and fun
Arnocorps= 4 Novelty wore off after a few songs, when your whole gimmick relies on an Arnie impression then get a singer who can keep it up a bit better

Nuclear Assault= 7.5 Very entertaining if too short :(
Raging Speedhorn= 2.5 thought I'd give them a second go... was a mistake. Hardcore is good, RSH however are not.
Armored Saint= 8.5 Great to hear John Bush again!
Foul Body Autopsy= 7 thought I'd give them/him a listen and I liked what I heard
Re-Animator= 7 Highlight for certain was the Too Drunk cover, rest of the set was tight and enthralling
Overkill= 8.5 Even though Blitz seems to struggle at times still solid
Sabaton= 6.5 Just didn't click with me, the slow songs really ruined it for me, the tank was overrated too
Trivium= 7 If it wasn't for the fact Heafy sounds like he's singing through his nose this would be higher

Savage Messiah= 6 not bad, not amazing either
Anihilated= 7 solid set, sound so much better live than on record
1349= 8
Divine Solace= 5.5 eh, caught them on the off chance so not their fault, not my thing
Korpiklaani= 3 I honestly think I fell asleep in my chair at one point, I was told to expect a drunken party and apart from Vodka and the last song none of them really hooked me
Pig Iron= 7.5 very good! I'm interested in hearing more
Napalm Death= 7 Solid
Full Specture Hauting= 2 Just terrible
Dark Angel= 10/10 band of the weekend, amazing musicianship, good crowd interaction, funny and engaging. Shame the crowd wasn't bigger.
Death DTA= 8 Was good to be able to hear some Death tunes played live; shame I never got to see them before.
Opeth= 7.5 Enjoyable and a nice way to unwind
Within Temptation= 7 For a band I was on the fence about I enjoyed it more than I expected, shame they ruined it a few times by playing the slow songs at the wrong time and killed all momentum they had.

Wolf= 7 Standard, good way to start the day
Orange Goblin= 4 I was talked by mates into giving them a try, not a knock on them at all but it just wasn't my thing.
Killer Hurts= 7 Suprisingly entertaining
Pro Pain= 7.5 Really good, shame the crowd was so small. The singer looks so much like Stone Cold that when he said "we're gonna do this the new york way" I thought he was going to start giving the stunner to some poor sods :lol:
Ol Drake= 8.5 love the album, played extremely well and balanced the banter/music perfectly.
Cannibal Corpse= 6.5 Got a bit samey after awhile
Rob Zombie= 7.5 When he was on form it was great, but some songs just ruined it. Overall was very entertaining

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby JB65 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:06 pm

Did Burgerkill actually come and did anyone watch them?
I wanted to do the Sunday on a day ticket, but work and being skint from Wacken meant I couldn't do it this year.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Slev » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:56 pm

First, a disclaimer: The following ratings cover only how much I enjoyed the band in question. Things I really can't stand will have a very low score. This is not an attack on the act in question, just how well they correspond with my taste.

So, the bands i saw:
Metaprism 7
Red Rum 6
Mortishead 1
Loft 7
Nuclear Assault 3
Kryocell 1
Raging Speedhorn 1
Bast 1
Armoured Saint 3
King Leviathon 4
Missiah's Kiss 5
Foul Body Autopsy 3
Belphegor 1
Mutgenocide 1
Re-Animator 5
Winter Storm 4
Countless Skies 9 for the prog bits, 0 for the black bits, 2 overall
Enslaved 1
Ne Obliviscaris 9 for the prog bits, 0 for the black bits, 2 overall
Forgotten Remains 1
The Mighty Wraith 10
Fire Red Empress 8
We are the Catalyst 7
Ihsan 1
The Parallax Method 8
Diatessaron 10
Hang the Bastard 4
Overkill 3
Blackened Ritual 1
Piss Viper 1
City of Thieves 1
Sabaton 1
Hexis 1
Conan 5
Witch Tripper 6
Amethyst 5
P.I.S.T 3
Savage Messiah 8
Deified 4
Annihilated 4
Mstiff 4
Xerath 3
Ageless Oblivion 1
Chaos Trigger 1
1349 0
Martyr De Mona 5
Etherial 1
Korpiklaani 3
Soulbourn 4
Jasad 4
Codex Alimentarius 1
Godsized 6
Napalm Death 3
Bloodyard 1
Circle Spectre Haunting 1
Battalion 4
Akarusa Yami 3
Dark Angel 3
Overoth 1
Knock Out Kaine 7
Mordred 4
Death 1
Just Business 4
From Eden to Exile 1
Burgerkill 1
Sumer 10
Morass of Molasses 8
Victorian Whore Dogs 1
Planet of Zeus 5
Opeth 4
karthia 1
Trixis 4
Agalloch 6
Hells Gazelles4
The Izuna Drop 4
Tombstone Crow 1
Dead Lable 1
Incipit 0
Orange Goblin 8
Spiritus 1
Villainy 7
Killer Hurts 8
Pro Pain 1
Obey 1
Alunah 6
Big Foot 4
Animator 5
Ol Drake
Sepeltura 5
Taken By The Tide 1
Endeavor 8
Saille 1
By Any Means 1
Ensiferum 4
Left for Red 5
Snowblind 5
Destrage 1
Cannibal Corpse 0
Scarred 1
Lawnmower Deth 8
Burden of the Noose 1
Blind Haze 8
Wretched Toad 9
Black Lable Society 1
Trepalium 1
The Hell Puppets 2
Onslaught 3
Rob Zombie 2
Godflesh 10

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby pinhead0303 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:59 pm

Out of fairness I'm only rating if I saw/heard at least 15 minutes.


Reign of Fury - 6
Metaprism - 6
Desecration - 3
Red Rum - 8
(Great set and props for the Christopher Lee dedication as well)
Arnopcorps - 2 (Instead of trying to do Arnie impressions their time might be better spent trying to do an impression of a half decent band instead. Bloody awful! Definitely a bad joke :lol: )


Nuclear Assault - 5
Oaf - 4
(They seemed to have fun and might be more suited to the Thursday night)
Raging Speedhorn - 1 (Booker(s) please take note of the tiny crowd and stop booking this type of shit)
Bast - 5
Armored Saint - 4
(Was really looking forward to these but was hugely disappointed, we all were. Admittedly I've only ever bought/heard the debit album, but their material just wasn't good enough. Biggest minus oof the festival for me)
Foul Body Autopsy - 2
Belphegor - 7
Countless Skies - 8
Enslaved - 5
The Mighty Wraith - 4
Ihsahn - 3
The Parallax Method - 2
Overkill - 10
(Highlight of the whole festival for me, finally got to see them after all these years. Well worth the wait!)
City of Thieves - 4
Sabaton - 5
(I can see the attraction and I didn't mind them but the little stilted routines made me think I was watching Eurovision! I did, however, like the Michael Jackson joke :lol: )
Conan - 5
Trivium - 1
Delain - 4


Savage Messiah - 7
Xerath - 3
1349 - 8
Divine Solace - 5
Korpiklaani - 2
(I knew they'd be bad but were actually better than I expected because they didn't play all the incredibly annoying shit so they avoided getting a 1. I was even more annoyed that I had nothing even remotely okay to watch while these were on, thanks bookers)
Pig Iron - 3
Napalm Death - 1
(Going in Saturday was always the weakest day for me overall and it bottomed out about here. They did get a decent crowd, though, I'll give them that. It's amazing just how many people apparently don't have ears)
Circle Spectre Haunting - 2
Dark Angel - 3
(Gave up the chance to see Batallion for these and it was a big mistake. I gave them an extra point for the shout out to Rowdy Roddy Piper, that was nice and unexpected)
Knock out Kane - 3
Death DTA - 5
Morass of Molasses - 3
Opeth - 3
Hanowar - 5
(Okay, biggest crowd I've ever seen for the Jagermeister stage and they were very enjoyable, although I don't feel like it's fair giving a cover band a higher rating than 5. People clearly like Manowar and if Bloodstock aren't ever going to book the real thing then get these lads on the Thursday night bill as they'd go down really well.
Within Temptation - 5
Fleshgod Apocalypse - 7


Agalloch - 7
Wolf - 5
Orange Goblin - 5
Killer Hurts - 6
Pro-Pain - 1
Alunah - 4
Big Foot - 4
Sepultura - 3
Endeavour - 2
Ensiferum - 9
Snowblind - 4
Cannibal Corpse - 3
(biggest dick of the festival award goes to the vocalist, what an arsehole. I also read that the original vocalist was asked to leave the band because of increasingly poorer vocal performances. Now that made me laugh :lol: )
Blind Haze - 6
Black Label Society - 2
Onslaught - 7
Rob Zombie - 4
Godflesh - 3

I'm glad I could help push down 90% of the averages ever so slightly :D

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby rainer » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:28 pm

Over Kill - 8
Sabaton - 9. Way better than in 2013. The tank and pyro were awesome
Trivium - 2. More like Trivial. Boring

Korpiklaani - 5. The new material sounded garbage. What happened to them being upbeat and funny?
I Am I - 7. I only watched to see if the singer would insult the audience again. He didn't do it this year. Regardless they were quite good.
Opeth - 5. Maybe I just don't get prog. Boring. Felt like it lasted about 3 hours
Within Temptation - 9. Sharon is hot and they played Iron (missed out Sinead and Angels but who cares). Awesome

Sepultura - 8. Last time I saw Sepultura was about 15 years ago. Max Cavalera has changed a lot
Ensiferum - 6. Not enough stuff from their first album when they had the good singer.
Cannibal Corpse - 0. I don't know I didn't watch them.
Black Label Society 7. If I wanted to watch a hairy man wank off I'd go to my grandad's house. Aside from that they were really good. Great setlist
Rob Zombie - 9. Rob is cool as hell. No Super Charger Heaven though which sucked balls, but the rest of his set was so awesome. There wasn't as much pyro as he usually has, or dancing robots or giant Frankenstein Jesuses but who cares.

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Bearstock » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:38 pm

Reign Of Fury 7
Desecration 7.5
Arnocorps 7

Nuclear Assault 8
Armored Saint 8.5
Re-Animator 8
Ne Obliviscaris 8.5
The Mighty Wraith 8
Overkill 9
Sabaton 9.5
Trivium 6
Delain 8


Annihilated 8
Korpiklaani 7.5
Napalm Death 8.5
Death (To All) 8.5
Opeth 6

Orange Goblin 8
Sepultura 7.5
Ensiferum 9
Lawnmower Deth 8
Rob Zombie 10
Ozzbourne Again 7

Note: Will edit with comments later

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Re: Rate the bands

Postby Slev » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:50 pm

rainer wrote:Maybe I just don't get prog. Boring.

I like both prog and doom, but I still agree with you!