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Bloodstock Virgin LuL

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 9:31 pm
by DreadBane
Hi Guys and Gals

Names Jack im 31 and this is my first ever festival that ill be attending from thursday to monday. ive only ever done a 1 day @ download with the Ex Wife back in 2016 and loved it... Havent been to any gigs or festivals since the Birth of my gorgeous little shieldmaiden the same year... but unfortunatly Life hits you hard and things dont turn out how u wish they could.

Basically Im Solo once again and my friends have persuaded me to get out of my hobbit hole and get the Sympathy dick outta my mouth and start living again.. so ive decided to come to my 1st ever festival to have a good time and finally say goodbye to the past and be the Brutal loving fucker i once was again. :rock:

I just wanna make new friends in honesty and lots of em and thought the best way to do it was post on here and introduce myself.... So guys and gals dont be a stranger come say hi and hang out.. Im very laid back and have a Awesome Soh.. Can be crude but it just comes out if given the opportunity to say something

for Example.. I was at Satan's hollow in Manchester for Halloween and some guy dressed as a Mormon came up to me and said "Jesus was a faggot"... My reply was "well yeah its expected.. his dad was a carpenter so its only fitting that his son was into Wood".. simple humor but effective lol.

I wont be hard to spot since ill becoming in fancy dress for the Jousting and general shenanigans that ive heard about.. forum name is a big hint to my costume. :yes:

like i said looking to meet new friends and who knows maybe even someone i can take to gigs and other festivals in the future but i doubt it haha..... Ill be doing something a little different in the ways of a battle vest... Who knows i might set off a future trend with my creation which you wil all See :o :o :o

Feel free to message me further if you like... I dont bite... well... that depends lol

looks forward to hearing from you all



Re: Bloodstock Virgin LuL

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 7:45 am
by Noodle
Welcome! You've made a decent start by finding the superior platform for interacting with other Bloodstock folk!

Firstly, if you're new to festival camping, there will be a checklist you'll need in terms of essentials. There will be things you might want to bring and there are things you think you might want to bring but really won't need (as well as things that won't be allowed). There's usually a thread every year for folks to post their checklists and stuff for newbies to get an idea of what to bring. Check nearer the time, or I'm sure there's one in last year's forum section (I'll have a look after I've posted this).

There is a very friendly, very active Bloodstock Loners and Newbies group on Facearse that would be delighted to have you on board. They usually have a good number of loners, newbies and alumni camping with them and will make sure you get into the spirit of things.

If you're interested in a comparison between Bloodstock and Download: You can fit the entirety of Bloodstock, including the arena, campsites, probably even car parks, into Download's arena. You will stand a good chance of making out each band's facial expressions rather than squinting and saying "I think I can make out Tony Iommi's outline... Or is it just part of the stage scenery?" without having to resort to gluing your eyes to the big screens. Security loves working this festival due to the relatively low number of dickheads they have to deal with, even during the night. Even the new ones are told that they can relax a bit more and can have a bit more fun. As such, you're much less likely to encounter a genuine dick through the gates. Respect them and they'll reapect you.

I'm usually the organiser of the Bloodstock Forum meet at Thursday early evening. I will try to bring in some excellent high alcohol beverage to share around. It usually lasts a couple of hours before people peel off to watch the Thursday evening bands. I'll post details probably a couple of months beforehand and I try to make it easy to find. Everyone is welcome

I think that's a long enough wall of text from me.

Re: Bloodstock Virgin LuL

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 7:50 am
by Noodle
Found that camping checklists thread. Turns out I started it Kappa (I'm guessing you'll know what that means if you used LuL in your title)