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Re: 2019 Bands

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:42 am
by houston4044
Methuen wrote:
Soze wrote:Slayer are likely to play either Bloodstock or Download next year. Download may well offer them more money but if it's their last ever UK gig they may prefer the opportunity to go out with a headline slot.

Never seen Slayer - I get the impression from this board, and the Metal Archives, that they're just not terribly interesting live - what're your thoughts ?

Their reputation proceeds them at this point, they have released some of the best albums in metal and (according to others, I wasn't around at the time) had one of the best live shows back in the day. Unfortunately they aren't what they used to be, the albums haven't been as good for awhile and they (fairly enough) can't match their previous shows in terms of quality.

They're still good, just not what they used to be; I'd still take them for BOA (especially given some of the other names bandied around) just don't go in expecting to see the same band who blazed a path in the 80's/90's.

Black Wizard wrote:As houston4044 insightfully points out, "Slayer are Slayer".

As Rene Descartes once wrote of the certainties in life: Cognito Ergo Sum, Slayer are Slayer and the meaning of life is 42