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Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:10 pm
by AlixB
What did Bloodstock do right?
Solid line-up. I was going to try something different this year but this (along with family wanting me to visit) drew me in.
Toilets were pretty good
General facilities are always good too

What needs improvement?
Insentives for people to clean up after themselves, e.g.
- A deposit scheme for drink cups (German festivals have this and there are 0 plastic cups on the ground. Seriously, count the seconds between someone dropping their cup and someone else picking it up after them. Metal Days has a similar scheme)
- Free garbage bags for campers, perhaps even money back for returning full garbage bags. "Garbage trucks" that drive around collecting bags work well too...something to think about if you want to put an end to the midnight bin-jousting

What didn't work?
Food and shower prices were beyond ridiculous. I'd be shitty if I had to pay that many $AUD for much of the stuff there. This is honestly the number 1 thing that makes me consider trying another festival the same weekend.
Please, for the love of God, a better burger joint. My first visit to BOA was 8 years ago and still I find "sadness burgers" readily available at stupid prices.

I think that just about covers it.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:50 pm
by Alternative Clothing
Good -
the lady in the wheelchair who went crowd surfing and told me it was the highlight of her festival she'd always wanted to do it,
my two youngest staff at their first festival who drank a bit too much and spent most of the weekend topless which made a lot of blokes smile I noticed,
the friendliness of attendees,
the super hardworking paramedics/Welfare peeps,
nice security checking we were ok many times,
the band of teenagers in the Sophie tent,
Mr Big proving they deserved the slot as I knew they would,
Nightwish's new singer,
Priest proving they could still kick ass and the roar when Glen came on stage,
Andy and Sue who run the trade stalls running everything so smoothly for us,
the groundspeople at Catton Hall who had put large slots in the ground ready to drain the water away so very little mud despite all the rain,
the arena toilets being cleaned so often and restocked with paper,
the lovely people who come back to my stall year after year all excited to see my new clothes and my sale rails and the happy faces as they leave wearing new clothes,
and the fact that even though I've been there for some 12 years now BS still stays strong to its roots.

Confusing -
the stage changes - and as so few can get on the internet or emails more announcements would have been good.
Being told by another stall holder that catering was cheaper in the VIP Serpents Lair then being charged 50p more for a cheesey footlong dog than the main arena price. Guys getting so excited over a little Japanese girl squeaking away.

Ugly - the food prices, most meals were £7.50 £8 and many weren't that big, they pay a dearer stall price than merchandise and often need more staff but their markups are much more, prices just seemed a bit steep compared to the bike rallies that we do in between the big festivals.

Bad - the amount of rubbish, especially plastic bottles and plastic glasses being thrown on the ground that could be recycled but there were no recycling points? I loved the tin bins at Glasto - 4 wooden poles and a 20 foot high mesh netting which provided endless entertainment with people looking for bottles and cans to lob into it - which campsite could build the highest?
The mess on the campsites when we left Monday afternoon wow! Most bike rallies we go to, the campers get given a bin bag and at least most of them use it.

The downright bad - the fun fair competing with the Sophie tent for volume and then both running until 3am this year instead of the usual 2am, and as more and more people left to go to bed the volume increasing as less people to dampen the sound. So all the Welfare/paramedics and stall holders had no sleep until 3am then the cleaners came in at half 7 each morning! The funfair played music way past 4am Sunday night whilst banging and crashing away packing down, I took a sleeping pill at 4am. The paramedics said how hard it was making their job with long hours and no sleep. And that bloke droning on and on plus his stupid quiz! At least lying awake in your sleeping bag with ear plugs still being able to hear people singing gallileo figaro at the tops of their lungs is less annoying. Due to the amount of people left in the tent between 2-3 we are so hoping it goes back to 2am next year!

Love this festival, see you next year!!

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:20 pm
by nihility00
Why are people blaming the cold and weather on Bloodstock, surely the onus is on people using abit of grey matter as regards to checking the forecast and fetching something warm, something waterproof and some spares or am I missing the sarcasm.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:46 pm
by Alternative Clothing
north sea storm wrote:Ugly the rain mid day and portly girls dress sense.

I sell fab clothing on my stall up to a size 22 for women, the "portly" girls as you call them love it that I sell the bigger sizes as they just can't get alternative gear to fit them in many places. The clothing empowers them, they can now be who they want to be, fit in with their smaller friends, and so many larger ladies have left my stall overjoyed that they have new clothes to wear that they actually like. Sorry it offends your eyes that these ladies don't often have access to great clothing!

It's the same with mens garments, I have many 3XL and 4XL guys coming in to see what I have to fit them.

It was myself who begged Spiral Direct for well over 10 years to make bigger sizes and on the cut offs after 15 years of nagging eventually the managers did a small print run of cutoffs to test the waters and now they include many garments and designs in a 3XL and 4XL in their current range.

So please remember 'north sea storm' it might not be their dress sense but access to the clothing that fits, please don't fat shame it's not clever.

Now the two blokes I saw in mankinis - eek! were you not cold?

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:49 pm
by Alternative Clothing
Gosh just read on the info page that everyone will be given a bin bag and can ask for more, so obviously they didn't bother on the campsites.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:11 pm
by thespis_mellie
North Sea Storm: Ugly the rain mid day and portly girls dress sense.

I'm sure they're all super-upset because they were dressing just to please your sensibilities ;-)

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:15 pm
by thespis_mellie
I sell fab clothing on my stall up to a size 22 for women, the "portly" girls as you call them love it that I sell the bigger sizes as they just can't get alternative gear to fit them in many places.

Damn! Wish I'd gone along...I just assumed everything would be 'free-size' (10-14)! Do you have a website? xx

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:31 pm
by Priest2018

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:34 pm
by Noodle
To the comments saying that security seemed a little less friendly: Having spoken to one of the chaps posted to Vanaheim, who himself was never relaxed, it seems Showsec were concerned about the extra capacity this year and were expecting more dickheads than previous years. That would explain to me why quite a lot of those who were on duty seemed a bit more edgy than we're used to.

I'd also like to raise a toast to the Vanaheim residents themselves, who left the site in remarkably excellent condition on Monday compared to Asgard and even VIP. One big pile of bagged up rubbish in front of the showers for the bin lorry to collect, and several others dotted around. Only a few abandoned tents. If we can do it from a faraway field over the road, you can bag and tie up your shit in your pleb campsites.

I did actually notice a few warning notices about carbon monoxide poisoning from stoves cable tied to fences between disabled and VIP camping, so I wonder if the organisers would consider putting signs above each water point (which most people will visit at some stage) explaining how much it costs them (and you, the punters, in terms of ticket price!!!!!) in waste management, especially in this new age of awareness of the environment and plastic.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:23 am
by robin8585
The Good:

The food. Honestly don't think I've ever eaten better at a festival, there was some really great stuff.

Sellsword's trebuchet. I know it was a less than reliable weapon, but it gave me a good laugh.

I've been saying it would be a great idea to show movies in the New Blood tent for years, turns out I was right.

The Bad:

Missing Lovebites after their stage swap. Apparently I walked into the Sophie tent for De Profundis just after the announcement.

The sound quality was noticeably poorer than previous years. Mainstage was all over the place for some bands, and the Sophie seemed to lack any punch if you were much further back than the first set of pillars.

The food prices. I guess the festival dictates what everyone has to sell a main or a side at since it was the same everywhere, so probably not the individual vendors fault. £8 for a burger is taking the piss more than a little.

The Ugly:

Seeing the queue to get in. After last year's 3 hour queue, we got there early (11:30) this year, and still had to wait an hour. We were camped not far from the back left corner of Valhalla, and it stretched past us at one point. Dread to think how long that took.

The state of the arena at the end of each day. No idea why Bloodstock don't sell you a cup an let you have it refilled like seemingly every other festival on the planet does these days. Surely it would save them money in clean up costs.

The state of the campsites at the end of the weekend. Fucking disgraceful, I bet there's a decent slice of the ticket price that goes into cleaning up. Just handing everyone a black bin bag on entry would probably help some.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:23 am
by IrishViking
The Good
Out of everything the entire weekend, I must say; the people in attendance were the best thing about the festival. Everyone was in good spirits, and those who looked a bit grumpy at times weren't shy about cracking a smile, when put on the spot and were up for a bit of banter (then again, what burly, bearded, metal head wouldn't cheer up when being called a big sexy bastard, by an Irishman in a kilt).
An honourable mention should also go out to the bar staff and security for also joining in and enjoying themselves.

Despite the above complaints about the queue, we were fortunate to get in early and barely had time to sit down, when everything started moving, so personally, that was another good point as I was expecting much worse.

Another big plus (again based on complaints i've read in the past), was the cleanliness of the toilets, and lack of queues.

The Bad
Food prices. £10.50 for a horse/rat burger and half cooked chips... it was the saddest meal I have had the misfortune to encounter. A real shame given the variety of food vendors. I was expecting much more.
I don't mind paying a premium for good food, but I was sorely disappointed with both the quality and pricing.

No cans of beer. As we had to travel, our options for bringing a personal supply was rather limited as we had to leave the donkey at home, and could only carry the essentials (many thanks to the generosity of other campers who shared a warm beer and other questionable liquids once the bars closed!!!)

The mess in the main area and campsites... while many behaved like pigs, I would have to put some of the blame on the organisers for not providing bin bags.
Almost every bike rally, and metal festival i've ever visited, will hand out a few at the entrance, and then walk around during the day handing out more.
As previously mentioned, even a small incentive, like a can of beer for each full bag of rubbish would work wonders!
Re-usable cups with a deposit would also assist with this.

The Ugly
Nothing at all.

All in all, a very enjoyable experience, and with a few minor changes, the bad can be vastly improved by taking cues from other festivals.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:12 am
by Alternative Clothing
RE the reusable cups - every bike rally and festival which has had printed cups I've willingly paid the extra £2 for it and then taken it home as a souvenir I've a couple of dozen on top of my kitchen cupboards on display.

otherwise a £1 deposit keeps all the kids busy picking them up (as seen at Download) and keeps arena/bars tidy.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:49 am
by bloodfiend
Alternative Clothing wrote:Nightwish's new singer.

6 years isn't really "new".

Didn't go, but agree with the festival glasses idea, pay a few quid at the start then and get it back at the end or take the glass home with you, they provide awesome festival souvenirs - Hellfest, Grasop, Wacken, Brutal Assault, blah blah do it, time for BOA to now.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:09 pm
re Festival Glasses, you can buy the bloodstock cup at the merch stand. A few times the stalls selling cider happily gave it a rinse for me.

Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:22 pm
by florencethemachine
Yeah i really don't get the superficial token "ugh fat people" remarks. Don't get me wrong, A large man in a mankini does nothing for me sexually but as long as he isn't gyrating/crowdsurfing on or near me IDGAF.

Saying that I did see a group of girls during Alestorm running around jiggling their bare tits. Now, I am no prude, but with BOA being a family friendly fest this is surely the same as a group of guys waving their cocks about? Each to their own I guess, I personally felt it was a bit unnecessary.



Just the absolute #BANTER and shenanigans that was commonplace over the weekend. Nothing too extreme but eventful enough that it made for a memorable BOA.

The bands I wanted to see were mostly amazing. Dodgy main stage sound hampered some but was still highly enjoyable. The Sophie tent sounded amazing from just in front of the sound desk though! Watain sounded stunning!

Festival still has a great vibe and the Texas smokehouse near the entrance was a godsend for my insatiable appetite.


Aforementioned dodgy main stage sound. Bar Emperor who seem to be the only Black Metal band to have a good sound on the RJD.

Food minus the Texas smokehouse was pretty shit and not worth the bankruptcy claim I had to make afterwards to subsidise the costs.

No Mr Teas this year. Queue for Motley Brew was Deli Kate-esque on some days which put me off.

Piss all for me to watch on Sunday, overall it was a balanced lineup but Sunday was weak af for me.

Ric Flair wooing. I hate it at wrestling shows and I especially hate it at Metal festivals now.


The general state of me due to the combined efforts of the weather, fatigue and lack of sleep.

The motherfuckers camped near us that drove me mad over the weekend. There was one guy who had the worst laugh I have EVER heard. Imagine Jimmy Carr's dying seal laugh but worse, Sounded so false and made my balls crawl into my body. The fool with the acoustic guitar that knew about half a chord and the guys whose entire music collection was a Dio covers album that they played on repeat during the whole weekend. Oh and the prick with the megaphone which had an in-built police car alarm that would randomly sound during the night. Me grumpy? No..........

But other than that it was great :yes: