BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

August 9-12, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Postby AlixB » Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:49 am

nihility00 wrote:Why are people blaming the cold and weather on Bloodstock, surely the onus is on people using abit of grey matter as regards to checking the forecast and fetching something warm, something waterproof and some spares or am I missing the sarcasm.

That was probably my fault. I'm from a place where it's high 20's for at least half of the year, so I did poke fun at a British "heatwave" and the weather gods decided to teach me a lesson. Two pairs of socks, thermal pants, trousers, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, 3 hoodies and a sleeping bag...might as well have rolled around naked on ice for all that did to keep me warm on the Friday night...Jesus fucking Christ. Cheers to the fellow working in the festival supermarket for pointing out the blankets when I wandered in aimlessly at 4am. That afforded me the 3 hours sleep I got that morning.

JPMC wrote:re Festival Glasses, you can buy the bloodstock cup at the merch stand. A few times the stalls selling cider happily gave it a rinse for me.

Every German festival I've ever been to has the deposit scheme and the litter in the infield is nearly zero compared to Bloodstock. I saw a guy drop his cup on the ground at one of the festivals this year and I didn't even make it past the count of 5 before I saw someone else picked it up to cash in on it. Any time I spot one or nearly trip on one I do the same. Fewer staff and fewer hours are required to clean up afterwards.

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Re: BOA 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Postby grimjim » Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:18 am

The good
- Pretty much every band a saw, bleed from within was a pleasant suprise as i hadn't checked em out before boa.
- Having two bands i requested on the wishlist ( this year or last ) play septic flesh and watain both of which were awesome bookings .
- Food quality .... Most of which was decent
- Toilets were way better this year.
- Godess stall got like 10 patches for 20 quid all good quality n some large too. Back patches for 6 quid nearly pleasured myself there and then.
- Overall atmosphere was fairly good even with the rain.
- Staff member i asked about water point went above and beyond to help and was like that with everyone making that initial set up more pleasant.

The bad
- Havin a dump n hearing a bloke jump the morning que because he was goin to pooh himself, whilst hearing a woman ( who i sympathised with ) rip him a new one ( im going to do it in my pants - good i hope you do... C#nt!! ) made my morning log a laugh.
- The mud need something putting down when it gets like that ... I had wellies so wasnt to fussed.
- Food prices... Rather high this year.
- One showsec guy on the entrance to the arena... You miserable prick..
Smile for once... Seems like you wanted to go out of your way to be a grumpy arse.... Every other staff were sweet.
- amaranthe not just because of the guy that got given the mic..... Yawn ...but sound was shite when they did get going n kinda sounded like britney spears guested an average sounding band. (personal opinion btw i know a few of you will say its because they aint CORE enough for me haha steeeeven) Sorry not sorry.

The ugly
- Me saturday night...kinda remember alestorm n cc went to tent fell assleep, woke up asked me mate if we were seeing gojira, he was like its sunday bro..... Then it all came back.... Gets in tent reaches for rum, passes out, wakes up vomit up fence piss on own leg, feet and legs sticking out porch rained on for a while too.... Grim.... No hangover though.
- People throwing beers... Couldn't you finish it pussy?
- Quiet camp snoorers ( i dont mind its just ironic haha )
- my hunt for a kraken ice cream failing for the 4th year in a row... Pretty sure the one year i thought i will get one as my main focus they were not even there lol.
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