BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

August 9-12, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby samlewis45 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:48 pm

This seems to be a yearly thread, so I'll kick it off while things are still fresh...

- Fire Red Empress: 4/10 (Bland)
- Skiltron: 6/10 (Good fun, but the sound was iffy and their songs were very samey)

- Turbyne 8/10 (Find of the weekend for me, fantastic discovery)
- Onslaught 6/10 (Standard thrash, good fun though)
- Wednesday 13 6/10 (Not really my thing, but a bit theatrics are always appreciated)
- Bloodbath 5/10 (Not a big death metal fan, and these did nothing to change my mind)
- Lovebites 6/10 (Nice to see them promoted to the Main Stage, but their sound was a bit off)
- Kamelot 9/10 (Absolutely wonderful set from a real favourite of mine. Good to a see a band of this nature with a decent slot high up the bill)
- Emperor 4/10 (Really not my thing, but gave them a couple of songs)
- Judas Priest 8/10 (Halford looks a little off the pace these days, but they still put on a great show with a good mix of hits, newer tunes, and deep cuts)

- Nailed to Obscurity 5/10 (Not bad, just not my thing)
- Power Trip 7/10 (Not the biggest thrash fan, but these guys really impressed and totally deserved the hype)
- Orden Ogan 5/10 (Awful sound, so much quieter than everyone else. A real shame as I was looking forward to catching them)
- Septicflesh 6/10 (Again, I'm not a death metal fan, but these guys did keep me interested)
- Venom Inc. 7/10 (Good, fun, old-school metal)
- Aonia 6/10 (Not bad, but the constant operatic vocals got a bit much at times)
- Voyager 7/10 (Worth missing Alestorm for, great techy prog metal)
- Gojira 7/10 (Not really a fan but they deserved their headline slot, pulled a huge crowd, and wowed me in the process)
- Orphaned Land 8/10 (A stunning way to finish the day, a unique band with a powerful sound)

- Monument 6/10 (Iron Maiden worship, but fun)
- Evergrey 7/10 (Their sound wasn't perfect, but they put on a powerful display with their dark prog metal)
- Amaranthe 2/10 (A trainwreck, and this is coming from a fan! Probably not the band's fault in fairness, but it all looked very unprofessional)
- Fozzy 5/10 (Generic American radio rock)
- Mr. Big 8/10 (Showed everyone they deserved to be at BOA, with Paul Gilbert easily the guitarist of the weekend)
- Act of Defiance 4/10 (Expected more, really bland)
- At the Gates 6/10 (Great band for their genre, but after a while it all started to sound the same)
- Nightwish 9/10 (Band of the weekend for me, but they loose a point for not using all of their time - they could have easily played a couple more!)

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Powerslave » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:19 pm

Feed the Rhino - 3/10
Onslaught - 7/10
Memoriam - 4/10
Wednesday 13 - 6/10 (Not my sort of thing, but was at least an entertaining show)
Bloodbath - 6/10
Lovebites - 7/10 (Was expecting them to just be a gimmick, turned out they can really play)
Kamelot - 8.5/10
Emperor - 4/10
Judas Priest - 8/10

Nailed to Obscurity - 5/10
Power Trip - 7.5/10
Orden Ogan - 6.5/10 (must say i didn't notice any sound problems)
Septicflesh - 3/10
Venom Inc - 7/10
Combichrist - 2/10
Alestorm - 7/10
Cannibal Corpse - 1/10
Gojira - 8/10

Monument - 7/10
Evergrey - 9/10 (band of the weekend, awesome)
Amaranthe - 5/10 (hard to judge given the circumstances, the bass player admirably filled the dead time)
Fozzy - 6/10 (a good performance, but didn't play any of their best stuff. also sounded suspiciously like Jericho was miming on a couple of songs, i suspect it was just a backing track drowning out his live vocals as his mic was pretty quiet)

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby gazsetsfire » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:28 pm

Only went on saturday....

Nailed to obscurity 5/10... didn’t play to too much of a crowd but decent enough.
Power trip 8/10... Great early set full of energy and sound was good.
Orden Ogan 7/10... love this band but sound wasn’t great. Really pleased they were on the bill though, Gunmen was one of my albums of last year.
SepticFlesh 7/10... another band that I’m big fan of but wasnt quite like last time I saw them which was 9pm in Norway. Playing at 2 in the afternoon doesn’t suit them!
Venom Inc. 3/10... watched from bar whilst talking to friends but didn’t catch my interest.
Forest of stars 7/10... nice set and another good booking.
Alestorm 7/10... didn’t think sound was great and those inflatables were bloody annoying but after few drinks it’s hard not to enjoy alestorm.
Cannibal Corpse 6/10... was a bigger fan 10 years ago but still worth a watch, despite getting drenched and some idiots with umbrellas in front of me.
Gojira 8/10... deserved the headline slot with that performance and thought they did a good job. Great day all in all despite going home with sunburn and wet clothes.

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby north sea storm » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:21 pm

Judas Priest 10 absolute class
Emperor 6 steady
Kamelot 9 impressed
Love bites 8 eye candy can play
Bloodbath 7 better than expected
Wednesday 13 6 not my thing
Memoriam 6 plodding
Onslaught 7 ok
Doro looked great but saw only one song due to been knackered.

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Tet » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:55 pm

2/10 Bloodshot Dawn
3/10 Arkona
6/10 Vital Idol - Let down by the vocals, but saved by the material

4/10 Feed The Rhino
6/10 Onslaught
7/10 Fahran - Even squeakier voice than I remembered!
7/10 Pelugion
7/10 Wednesday 13
4/10 Kinasis
5/10 Season Of The Witch
6/10 Sertraline
7/10 Kamelot
7/10 King Bison
8/10 The Heretic Order - A band that's getting better and better
6/10 Emperor
8/10 Judas Priest - The epitome of metal, headlining a metal festival
7/10 Metalhead
8/10 Doro - Never puts on a bad show

5/10 Nailed To Obscurity
5/10 Kilonova
3/10 Power Trip - I don't get the hype
6/10 Cadence Noir
8/10 Orden Ogan - Excellent, particularly given the bassist having to play the guitar parts
5/10 Septicflesh
7/10 Thirteen
4/10 Venom Inc
5/10 Spires
5/10 A Forest Of Stars
8/10 Aonia - The best I've seen them
6/10 Alestorm
7/10 Luke Appleton
3/10 Gojira - A very weak headliner for my tastes
5/10 Ten Foot Wizard
4/10 Orphaned Land - Dull

8/10 Evergrey - Superb, and should have had a much later slot
7/10 Amaranthe
5/10 Fozzy - I can't abide lip synching and had to leave
6/10 Ethyrfield - Alice In Chains clones
3/10 Jasta
6/10 Mr Big
6/10 Dead Before Mourning
6/10 Skybrudd
2/10 Devildriver
7/10 Sellsword - The biggest New Blood crowd I saw over the weekend
5/10 Servers
3/10 Act Of Defiance
8/10 Gemma Fox - Fantastic, particularly "The show must go on" and "The fallen"
8/10 Nightwish - Back at their best
7/10 Watain
8/10 Rekovered - the perfect end to the festival
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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby metaldinosaur » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:19 pm

Skipped one or two bands due to rain/consequences of rain. and I didn't really do the smaller stages this time.

4/10 Fire read empress
2/10 Bloodshot Dawn
7/10 Arkona

6/10 Onslaught
6/10 Wednesday 13
7/10 Godryrthem
8/10 Lovebites
9/10 Kamelot - Band of the day.
7/10 Emperor - Still waiting to hear Curse You All Men!
9/10 Judas Priest - Rob clearly has to push himself nowadays, but fucking hell, he makes it happen!
8/10 Doro - Missed most of Rule the Ruins (my fave) but she is so crazy nice!


6/10 Power Trip
8/10 Orden Ogan really good stuff!
9/10 Septicflesh - band of the day, super epic.
7/10 Venom Inc as good as venom at least!
6/10 A Forest Of Stars - great band, but always better at their own gigs tbh.
5/10 Alestorm - sort of fun, but I could tell other people enjoyed it way more.
5/10 Exhorder
6/10 Cannibal Corpse - watched from a tent, so the sound wasn't amazing.
7/10 Gojira - Not my taste, but strong performance.
8/10 Orphaned Land

2/10 Jasta
6/10 Mr Big
8/10 At the Gates
10/10 Nightwish - Made my festival, amazing!
9/10 Watain - got a bit of emotional whiplash after Nightwishes positivity, but they were awesome!
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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Noodle » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:43 am

Arkona: 8/10 - I'll admit I was well oiled with booze at this point but I do remember having a bloody good time in between apologising to nearby folks in case I hit them with my hair.

Bloodbath: 6/10 - Much more subdued than last time. Almost as if they were suffering horrendous hangovers.
Emperor: 10/10 - Playing only my favourite album from them in full and did not disappoint.
Priest: 8/10 - Only managed to catch the end of Painkiller onwards due to chatting in campervans for ages. What I saw was Rob Halford giving it as many beans as he possibly could and making an excellent job of it. I probably couldn't have got through the entire set from the start but I'm glad I can finally tick them off my list of bands I really should see whilst I still can.

SepticFlesh: 9/10 - Waited a long time to see them and they kind of fell off my radar for a couple of albums. His Crowd Hype patter could probably improve but that's splitting hairs to find fault. I'm also not entirely convinced the bass was plugged in to anything... They only get a 9 as I think I'd prefer to have them playing in darkness and have whoever's responsible for playing the backing track samples on stage too. Awesome set.
Venom Inc: 7/10 - Now that was a band having some fun! No frills, cracking guitar playing and some excellent songs.
Combichrist: 8/10 - I have a feeling they'll have won over a good few people here. Watching a field of metallers dancing to industrial was just beautiful. Stonking performance and was over far too quickly.
A Forest of Stars: 4/10 - Caught the end of their set. Perhaps a little unfair to judge on a song, but their recorded stuff doesn't resonate particularly, and I just didn't "get" their performance and on stage persona.
Cannibal Corpse: 7/10 - You know what you're going to get with Cannibal Corpse.
Exhorder: 7/10 - Surprisingly sparse crowd. A new discovery for me and I liked what I heard.
Gojira: 5/10 - Clearly a lot of money had been put into the stage show. However, they suffered horrendously from some of the worst sound I can remember from the main stage. PA went into meltdown at the slightest hint of fast kick drums. Crowd seemed much more subdued than previous years too. None of this low score can be attributed to the band itself so it's probably a little harsh; it's all the other factors that sucked the energy out of what on paper should have been a brilliant headlining set.
Orphaned Land: 6/10 - Left after playing the song I recognised (which was brilliant) I was tired and shoulders ached. If I was feeling a bit more with it I'd have stayed longer to give them a fairer shot but their opener wasn't that inspiring enough musically to give me the energy to stand around for the whole thing.

Demonic Resurrection: 9/10 - Incredibly charismatic frontman (I genuinely pulled a muscle laughing at "I want to see the biggest pit the Sophie stage has ever seen. I know we had Suicidal Tendencies play here but come on you guys conquered India I'm sure you guys can conquer the Sophie tent". Excellent music from a band that, in my mind, have earned the right to perform on the main stage. Another new discovery.
Peter Holland: 6/10 - Just nice music to have in the background whilst chatting bollocks with mates in the Serpent's Lair.
DJ afterwards: 10/10 - Successfully drowning out any noise coming from Devildriver.
At The Gates: 6/10 - Played the classics well enough. Not a particularly memorable performance.
Nightwish: 9/10 - Having endured Anette's attempts at the old songs last time, the moment Floor opened her mouth I could not stop beaming with joy for pretty much the entire set. All I wanted from this performance was to hear the Tarja-era songs done justice and that is precisely what was delivered! It also took most of my willpower to stop yelling at Marco to bring Tarot back to Bloodstock. Not even the shockingly bad sound could ruin things.
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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby houston4044 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:54 am


skiltron 7/10
bloodshot dawn 7/10


Turbyne 8/10 Great way to ease into the festival proper
Garshkott (festival roulette) 6/10 No idea who they were but had my attention
onslaught 5/10 Sound ruined what could have been a great set
Reprisal 8/10
Suicidal Tendencies 9/10 Playing in the tent ended up being a blessing, absolutely electric. Only niggle would be the setlist.
Emperor 6.5 It wasn't bad but it's not really my thing but enjoyable enough
Judas Priest 10/10 Every song was a banger, yeah Rob may not move like he used to but that didn't hinder their set in anyway (light saber was a bit odd though)


Forgotten Remains 9/10 Great band and just the adrenaline shot needed to start the day
Power Trip 8/10 Next time in the Sophie tent, they were great but think they lost some energy being in on main.
Venom Inc 6.5/10 I liked that it was Venom but it just felt underwhelming, they felt lost on the big stage
Equinox (festival roulette) 7.5/10 Good pick me up after Venom
Combichrist 7/10 Caught some walking past, hit the spot
A Forest of Stars 5/10 Good music but at the wrong time for me, didn't click
Alestorm 4/10 Eh, I'll give it to them that they got the crowd going crazy
Cannibal Corpse 8/10 Better than 2015, was hard to drag myself away early for Exhorder
Exhorder 8/10 Really enjoyable, played all the hits just a shame the guitars seemed to meld together a bit
Gojira 5/10 Used to really like them a few years ago but now I'm on the fence with them, was ok


Monument 7/10 Good choice of opener, got the (small) crowd they had moving.
Imminent Annihilation (festival roulette) 7/10 Heard them as walking past, liked what I heard
Evergrey 7.5/10 For a band who are near polar opposites to what I like, I thought it was very entertaining
Drudge (festival roulette) 7/10
Amaranthe N/A Managed to catch their whole (shortened set) would be unfair to rate but wasn't overly impressed
Fozzy 9/10 Loved it, one of the best performances over the weekend
Mr Big 8/10 Went to them more as to tick them off my list but wow, just ooze talent.
Devildriver 4/10 Wow, going through the motions. Half assed the vocals and the guitars were too muddy to compensate.
Act of Defiance 5/10 They left Megadeth to make that? Bog standard American metal, flitted between boring and ok
At The Gates 6.5/10 Very workman like, played the songs well enough but no stage prescene at all. Vocals were a bit low for my liking.
Nightwish 8/10 Didn't have high expectations but was blown away, the end of the set though was confusing and meant BOA went out with a whimper not a bang

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby kurrupo » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:26 am

Fire Red Empress - 5/10 - Was really looking forward to these as I love the album but they seemed to be lacking something. Not sure if it was the sound or the band but I was underwhelmed
Skiltron - 8/10 - Perfect Thursday night band. Entertaining and the crowd seem to love them
Bloodshot Dawn - 6/10 - Not massively into this sort of music but they were good at what they did
Arkona - 6/10 - Slightly underwhelmed but was partly expecting that as I don't like the new album. First part of the set with the new songs dragged but they were brilliant when they started playing the old stuff

Onslaught - 8/10 - Great way to start my first full day. Much better live than on record and put on a good show
Fahran - 6/10 - Good at what they do and a very tight band, but was a little bit 'rock by numbers'
Wednesday 13 - 7/10 - Haven't seen him since I was about 14 years old and he still puts on a good show. Disappointed he didn't play many of his older songs though (was hoping for a nostalgia trip!)
Reprisal - 5/10 - Underwhelmed. Again, love the album but they just didn't keep my attention. Guitar sound was awful and could hardly hear the solos
Lovebites - 10/10 - Band of the weekend for me (yes, I'm a huge fanboy!). Was so great seeing them tear up the main stage. Everyone around me seemed to be won over by them and I loved every minute of it. Shame they had to cut 3 songs from the set due to the unexpected change over though
Sertraline - 8/10 - Really enjoyed these. The frontwoman has a great voice. Will definitely be checking them out again
Emperor - 7/10 - Not massively into them but they sounded good live and the crowd were loving it
Priest - 8/10 - Good headliner set. Halford was on top form even if he is starting to look a little haggard. Lost a bit of momentum mid set up picked up for the last half hour where it was banger after banger

Kilonova - 7/10 - Only caught a few songs but sounded good. Will check them out again
Power Trip - 8/10 - Really good set but think I was expecting a bit much due to the hype surrounding them
Orden Ogan - 7/10 - Was looking forward to them but the sound was awful. Lacked the bass player too but obviously that couldn't be helped. Will see them on their own tour to get a better idea though
Septicflesh - 8/10 - Not really my sort of thing but put on a great set and kept me entertained throughout
Venom Inc - 5/10 - Only caught the first half of the set but this was the worst sound of the weekend. Could hear nothing but kick drum
Vola - 8/10 - Nice surprise these were. Sound was perfect and they played a really tight set
Gojira - 9/10 - Cheered me up from the crap weather. Great setlist, great stage show and proved that they deserve to be headliners. Loved them
Orphaned Land - 9/10 - My biggest surprise of the weekend. Loved this set, the 1 hr 15 mins flew by in no time. Really unique sound and were so tight as a band. Already gone out and bought a few albums

Monument - 7/10 - Good start to the day even if the weather put a bit of a dampener (no pun intended) of their. Complete Maiden worship but they pull it off well. Sounds wasn't brilliant though
Evergrey - 7/10 - Only caught last 3 songs but they sounded great
Amaranthe - NA/10 - Wouldn't be fair to rate these after all the issues. Fair play that they soldiered on and put on as much of a set as they could but will need to see them again to judge them. I did quite enjoy the songs they played though
Fozzy - 8/10 - Didn't expect to enjoy these as much as I did. Jericho is a great showman and they seemed genuinely ecstatic to be playing. Lose a couple of points as I swear he was miming at one point which is really disappointing
Mr Big - 9/10 - Superb musicians. Didn't seem out of place and most people seemed to be loving the set. That Guitar/Bass duel at the beginning of Addicted To That Rush was one of the highlights of my weekend. Just awesome
Devildriver - 6/10 - Meh. I was looking forward to them but the just seemed to be going through the motions. Sounds was terrible and could hardly hear the vocals
Act of Defiance - 7/10 - Nice end to my festival. The songs may be a little generic but the band sounded good and Chris Broderick is a superb guitarist

All in all, I can't say I saw any bands that I genuinely disliked. Shame the sound hampered a fair few main stage sets though. Hope they sort that out for next year

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Haldamir319 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:07 am

HYOM 9/10
Fire Red Empress 6/10
Skiltron 7/10
Bloodshot Dawn 7/10
Arkona 9/10

Turbyne 8/10
Deity's Muse 7/10
Pelugion 9/10
Lovebites 8/10
Kamelot 8.5/10
Trivax 8/10
Judas Priest 9.5/10
Doro 7.5/10

The Brood 7/10
Kilonova 8.5/10
Orden Ogan 8/10
Septicflesh 9/10
VOLA 8/10
Aonia 7.5/10
Voyager 9.5/10
Alestorm 8/10
Andrew O Neil's impromptu set 7/10
Gojira 9.5/10

Monument 7/10
Evergrey 7.5/10
Amaranthe 7/10
Fozzy 8.5/10
Underside 7/10
Mr. Big 9/10
Pallbearer 9.5/10
Nightwish 9.5/10

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby someone else » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:40 am

Onslaught - Never really done anything for me, but OK 5/10
Fahran - Decent hard rock - 6/10
Godthrymm - Old hands at this doom stuff, so do it well and a quality guitar sound - 7/10
Wednesday 13 - does the showman thing well, music a bit samey 6/10
Bloodbath - entertaining, like Godthyrmm, old hands at what they do 7/10
Love Bites - looked like a group who's been locked in room and told to learn how to play metal and not let out until they could do it well, but too slick. 5/10
Kamelot - Great band - not seen them since Prog Power 11 years ago 8/10
Emperor - Enjoyed them last time, but this lacked something - like the life had been sucked out them 5/10
Priest - Quality performance 8/10
Doro - the puppy dog enthusiasm grates a little, but a decent set 7/10

PowerTrip - seem to be the band of the moment - decent enough 7/10
Limb - Seen them a few times and they seemed to make new friends with a good performance 7/10
Septic Flesh - not really my thing, but OK 6/10
Conjurer - didnt get what was so great about them when they won MTTM, and still no idea why everyone seems to spaffing over them 5/10
Venom Inc - great fun - 7/10
Luke Appleton - A surprisingly entertaining one man show, caught as we were wandering past 7/10
Combicrist - got a bit samey, but entertaining 7/10
Voyager - OK 6/10
Exhorder - Great to finally see them 8/10
Gojira - sometimes I enjoy them, this time, maybe it was the weather, but did little for me 6/10
Orpahned Land - not he best sound, but I'm a fan and it was decent end to an average day 8/10

Evergrey - one of the bands I was looking forward to most, obviously there were sound issues on-stage, but they were still one of the bands of the weekend 8/10
Amaranthe - beyond awful 2/10
Barbarian Hermit - decent sludge/doom 6/10
Mr Big - Great fun, only foot wrong was playing their Wild World cover instead of something like Undertow 8/10
At The Gates - Ok I suppose, maybe the weather dampened my enthusiasm by this point 6/10
Pallbearer - Love this band, and a great showing 8/10
Nightwish - Probably the biggest production on a BOA stage, great performance 8/10
Watain - Good full blooded performance and fire n stuff 7/10

Caught bits of other bands, but either didnt get their names or didnt stay long enough to give a fair hearing
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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Everdreamer1990 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:42 am

Bloodshot Dawn 4/10 - Not for me & we were so tired anyway so only lasted a couple of songs

Mortishead 7/10 - Never heard of them & came away a fan
Fahran 6/10 - Good but a bit dull
Weds 13 8/10 - Loved the set, wish it was longer
Kamelot 9/10 - One of the bands I went for. I was in the second row & loved every second. It went by too quickly.
Emperor 5/10 - Sorry but it was so boring
Judas Priest 8/10 - Great set. A bit of a lull half way through but it picked up again towards the end.
Doro 7/10 - Only stayed for 1 song due to being so tired

Vola 4/10 - I hardly even remember it
Power Trip 7/10 - Not my sort of thing but they did well to get the crowd going at that time.
Orden Ogan 7/10 - One of the bands I wanted to see. Good setlist but suffered with the sound. It was nice to meet them in the signing tent.
Combichrist 8/10 - Really loved this set & went away a fan
Alestorm 7.5/10 - Fun set but I was so tired towards the end of it. The chat from Chris during the set was funny.
Orphaned Land 9.5/10 - Band of the weekend for me. I loved every second of it! I was on the barrier & the time flew by. I wished they had more time! I got to meet them in the signing tent too which made the festival for me.

I only caught the last minute of Lovebites as we'd not realised they'd switched stages so I can't rate them.

Monument 6/10 - A bit dull, Iron Maiden mark 2
Evergrey 8/10 - Really good live. A lot of energy for the time of day during the drizzle.
Amaranthe - Can't score them due to the issues. I was so disappointed as I was looking forward to them.
Fozzy 8/10 - Loved it. I didn't care about the backing tracks as the show was so good. Nice to meet Chris Jericho too after.
Devildriver 6/10 - Not for me
At The Gates 5/10 - Again not for me. I found them a bit dull & all the songs started to sound the same
Nightwish 9/10 - The reason I bought my ticket. Second row from the front & loved every second. I wish they'd interact more with the crowd though but the set itself was amazing. I can die happy now after hearing 10th Man Down & Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean live.

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Skippy » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:45 am

Arkona - it felt like people were expecting a bit more fun from these, but I thought it was a great atmospheric start to the weekend - 8/10

Democratus - mates band, played well - 7/10
Godthrymn - solid if unspectacular doom - 5/10
Sodomized Cadaver - alright, seemed a bit lost at times and I've seen them play better - 6/10
Bloodbath - very boring, didn't seem to have the intensity they should have - 3/10
Reprisal - not really my thing but sounded ok - 5/10
Kamelot - band of the weekend, although maybe because the rest of the day was so bad. Great performance - 9/10
Emperor - enjoyed them more than last time, still not a fan though - 6/10
Judas Priest - looked a bit past it to be honest, didn't have the intensity their music deserved - 6/10

Nailed to Obscurity - solid, but unspectacular start to the day - 6/10
Cadence Noir - fun folky band - 7/10
Orden Ogan - sound was a bit off, needed the bass but they were great fun - 9/10
Septic Flesh - would have preferred if they actually performed the more melodic sections but they were pretty good anyway - 7/10
Cranial Separation - yeah man - 7/10
Vola - fun bit of prog metal, the singer couldn't stop smiling - 8/10
Combichrist - was not expecting them to be that good, great fun - 9/10
Alestorm - sounded pretty poor, and was far too busy to be fun. The worst I've seen them but still decent - 7/10
Andrew O'Neill - I know it was last minute and all, but I last saw him in 2013 at Bloodstock and did the exact same material then. - 4/10
Gojira - justified the headliner slot - 8/10
Orphaned Land - tailed off a bit but were still a great way to end - 8/10

Monument - completely average Iron Maiden worship - 6/10
Evergrey - played well but would have been better in a tent, and with more chance to play some of their better songs - 8/10
Amaranthe - quite enjoyed what little of their set they actually played, felt bad for them - 7/10
Alien Weaponry - a great performance to a packed tent. Going places - 8/10
Def Goldblum - a nice break. The joke got old but they were fun for a while - 7/10
Demonic Resurrection - pretty good at what they do, the last song was the best though - 6/10
Sellsword - another packed tent, a weird trebuchet gimmick that rarely worked but they still had fun music - 8/10
Pallbearer - a lovely slab of doom, just what the festival needed - 8/10
Nightwish - easily the best headliner, played great - 9/10
Watain - only caught two songs before I needed to leave but I enjoyed them a lot - 8/10

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby Black Wizard » Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:25 pm

Bloodshot Dawn - 2/10. I only saw a small part of their set before giving up to get food. Not my sort of Metal at all.
Arkona - 7/10. Started out as dull Black Metal but turned into fun Folk Metal later on. Not a band I would listen to though.

Doro - 8/10. I'd never listened to her music before, other than the massive chunk of cheese that is 'We Are the Metalheads', but I enjoyed her set a lot. She's very positive and cheerful too.
Fahran - 6/10. I only watched them to hide from the rain after Onslaught but they played quite well.
Onslaught - 7/10. Good performance and I was happy to hear a new song, but I don't think the sound was very good for them.
Kamelot - 8/10. Good show with the crowd involved a lot. Singer seems really good, but there was no need for a drum solo. Might go to their KOKO show.
Emperor - 4/10. I watched a bit of their set but couldn't get into it. I'm sure they played well and the music creates a unique atmosphere, but I just don't get Black Metal.
Judas Priest - 10/10. Great in all aspects. Extravagant stage show and a load of classic songs. I hope everyone is happy now. :lol:

Aonia - 4/10. Good at what they do but too much opera for me. One of the singers' bingo wings were not a great sight. The Kerry King lookalike on keyboard gave me a good laugh though.
Luke Appleton - 7/10. Nice acoustic set with two Iced Earth songs and one Dio song to keep everyone interested. Had a brief chat with him afterwards too and he seems like a really nice guy.
Orphaned Land - 5/10. Nice performance but I find their music quite boring.
Orden Ogan - 7/10. Good fun despite my complete ignorance to any of their songs. Lots of other people seemed to know them though.
Alestorm - 8/10. Terrible music but fantastic fun. I loved all the inflatables. The roughest crowd I was in all weekend too. Future headliner?
Gojira - 9/10. Excellent performance and they fitted the headliner slot perfectly. My enthusiasm was a bit dampened early on due to the weather but Gojira lifted my spirits. Drum solos are a big no though.

Monument - 7/10. Junior Maiden. The singer was a bit quiet but the guitars sound very Maiden-esque. Will be paying more attention to them.
Evergrey - 8/10. They didn't blow me away but I think they need a longer set. Very good performance though and I'm delighted they were on the line-up.
Amaranthe - 3/10. Late start due to technical issue and the bass player was not funny in filling the time. Too many singers and the trancey backing tracks don't fit Bloodstock. As my good friend Gandalf the Red would say: "a waste of a decent slot".
Alien Weaponry - 9/10. Super intense performance and they got the biggest crowd in Sophie that I've seen in the last couple of years. The next big thing in Thrash.
Mr. Big - 6/10. Nice performance but I didn't know anything by them. They were a strange booking.
Devildriver - 6/10. One of the bands I was most looking forward to as I hadn't seen them for 11 years. Good energy and the crowd was good fun near the front, but the vocals were inaudible.
At the Gates - 7/10. I am not a huge fan and only saw the second half of their set, but they seemed to play very well. I think I only recognized one song.
Nightwish - 10/10. Magnificent! I'd been looking forward to this show for a whole year and it did not disappoint. Floor Jansen is an incredible singer.

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Re: BOA 2018 - Rate the Bands You Saw

Postby thespis_mellie » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:45 pm

Aonia - 4/10. Good at what they do but too much opera for me. One of the singers' bingo wings were not a great sight. The Kerry King lookalike on keyboard gave me a good laugh though.

Haha, sorry my 'bingo wings' offended you. I was going to wear a shirt but it was too damn hot. :lol: :lol:
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