BOA 2019: Rate the bands

August 8 - 11, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby varangian » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:04 pm

Well someone had to start it

Only went Sunday, didn't fancy the Saturday hence no weekend this year

All hail the Yeti 3/10- awful
Resin- 7/10 -much better sound, quite enjoyable
Aborted- 5.5/10 - not helped by the lashings of rain
Ross the Boss-10/10 -Smiles all round, Welcome back KK!
Soilwork-8.5/10- Great set
Solitary-7.5/10 -Nice Thrash
Crimson Tusk-8.5/10 -Like Danzing singing Orange Goblin!
Hypocrisy-6/10 like them but found depressing
Dee Snider-9/10-great new songs, old classics and had the crowd in his hand
Cradle of Filth-8/10-loved it but didn't quite work for me in daylight
Queensryche- 7/10-bit James Milner, did a job without being sensational for me
Scorpions-8/10-Bit robotic and predictable, good nevertheless
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Powerslave » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:15 pm

Incite - 4/10
Xentrix - 6.5/10
Death Angel - 7.5/10
Metal Church - 6/10
Soulfly - 5/10
Children of Bodom - 7/10
Tesseract - 7/10
Powerwolf - 8/10
Sabaton - 9/10
Grand Magus - 8/10

Swallow the Sun - 7/10
Evil Scarecrow - 7/10
Thy Art Is Murder - 3/10
The Wildhearts - 6/10
3 Headed Snake - 7/10
Black Shuck - 6.5/10
Anthrax - 8/10
Parkway Drive - 9/10

Ross the Boss - 7.5/10
Soilwork - 8.5/10
Hypocrisy - 5/10
Dee Snider - 7/10
Cradle of Filth - 2/10
Queensryche - 8/10
Scorpions - 7/10

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Haldamir319 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:42 pm

Provisional Scores

Barbarian Hermit - 6/10
Blind River - 7/10
Footprints in the Custard - 8/10
Ten Ton Slug - 8/10
Rotting Christ - 8.5/10

Xero - 7/10
Death by Ki -7/10
Control the Storm - 8/10
Midnight Prophecy - 7/10
Tomorrow is Lost - 7/10
Children of Bodom - 7.5/10
Widows - 7/10
Beggar - 9/10
Powerwolf - 9/10
Sabaton - 7.5/10
Grand Magus - 9/10

The Parallax Method - 7.5/10
Odd Crew - 6.5/10
Swallow the Sun - 8/10
Guardians of Time - 8.5/10
Evil Scarecrow - 6.5/10
Black Falcon - 7/10
The Wildhearts - 8/10
Deformation of Man - 8/10
Masters Call - 8/10
Parkway Drive - 9.5/10
Taake - 8/10

Resin - 7/10
Harbinger - 7/10
Fallen Temples - 7/10
Witch Tripper - 8.5/10
Wheel - 8.5/10
Boss Keloid - 8/10
Lost in Lavander Town - 7/10
Golden Core - 6.5/10
Queensryche - 8/10
The Lazys - 8.5/10
Scorpions - 7/10

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby bloodofthekings » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:04 pm

Metal Church - not bad but weren't anything special either

Soulfly - again, they were ok but didn't wow me and I've thought their stuff has always sounded better on record than live tbh

Children of Bodom - after several years of being gash it was nice to see them be decent again and with new songs that actually sound good

Powerwolf - brilliant performance; really made the most of their slot and created a great atmosphere

Sabaton - wow. Absolutely smashed the opportunity at their first festival headline set. Excellent performance and like Powerwolf, brought an excellent stage show.

The Wildhearts - left-field booking for the festival I know but I really like them and thought they did a great job - good choice of setlist.

Anthrax - one of the contenders for band of the weekend for sure. Always full of energy and chose a good set of songs to get everyone in the party mood

Parkway Drive - not my thing so didn't watch the whole set but credit to them for drawing a big crowd and putting everything into their stage show.

Taake - can't really give much of an opinion as we popped our heads in for a couple of songs but thought they were shit so we left.

Ross the Boss - always enjoy a good Manowar sing-a-long and this was no exception. Either his singer has improved since the last time I saw them or he's got a new guy but I thought the guy handling the vocals did a good job. And of course hearing KK do lesser-played Priest songs like Running Wild was a nice touch.

Dee Snider - outstanding. Brilliant front-man, funny and entertaining and it was nice to still be able to see Twisted Sister songs performed live by the man himself.

Cradle of Filth - entertaining enough and I enjoyed their stage show. Not my thing musically and it's hard to take Dani Filth seriously but it was a good show.

Queensryche - booooooooooooring.

Scorpions - Enjoyable enough but I thought their choice of setlist was a bit meh. The last 30 mins was great but when they'd been on for an hour and had only played 1 big song (The Zoo), I was starting to get a bit bored. Glad they played though as it shows that many bands that people previously thought were out of reach for Bloodstock (like Priest) can actually be booked.

Eluveitie - Not one of my favourite folk-metal bands and tbh, we were tired and ready to go home by this point but the people we were with wanted to stay. They were ok but I probably would have enjoyed them more if I wasn't so knackered.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Dombag » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:38 pm

Footprints in the Custard - 8/10 Never disappoints

Xentrix - 6/10
Midnight Prophecy - 8/10 Pure Maiden worship but I fuckin' loves it.
Damnation's Hammer - 8/10 Pure Celtic Frost worship but I I fuckin' loves it.
Marw - 8/10
Powerwolf - 9/10
Sabaton - 10/10

Krysthla - 4/10 just not my thing
Cancer Bats - 2/10 Just not that much into Hardcore
Swallow the Sun - 5/10 Only caught their last song, but it was a good 'un
Evil Scarecrow - 3/10 See them so many times the novelty has worn off
Grief Ritual - 6/10 I liked the blackened bits, not so much the hardcore
Voltunas - 6/10 pretty good death thrash they were just let down by the sound
Helhiem - 7/10
Master's Call - 7/10
Anthrax - 8/10 Brilliant
Parkway Drive - N/A It was a blur for me at this point but it looked like they were putting on a good show and loads of their fans told me it was great, so there you go.
Taake - 2/10 Just not arsed for them.

All Hail The Yeti - 7/10 Was actually impressed. Could do without the clean vocals being so clean it's like listening to a boy band
Ross The Boss - 10/10 Band of the weekend for me
Boss Keloid - 7/10 Was pretty drained at this point but a cool band to chill out to
Dee Snider - 6/10 was good but wasn't bother about any new stuff
Batushka - 2/10 Couldn't be arsed.
Womanowar - 5/10 From what I heard it was good, but wasn't gonna top Ross the Boss
The Scorpions - 7/10 Sorry to say, but I couldn't be the bothered after a few songs, but from listening to them in camp, I could tell they've influenced a lot of bands I like. Put on a good stage show, I'll give them that.
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby north sea storm » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:56 pm

Xentrix 6.5 ok
Death Angel 7.5 enjoyed
Metal church 6 so so
Soulfly 3 awfull
Children of bodom 7 ok
Tesseract 5 had a sleep during there set
Countless skies 9 atmospheric operatic brilliance
Powerwolf 9 great
Sabaton 9 equally great
No one gets a 10 as that was Priest last year and nothing is coming close to equalling that.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby samlewis45 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:57 pm

Blind River 6/10 - Decent heavy blues rock
Rotting Christ 4/10 - Enjoyed them somewhat last time they played, but did nothing for me at all on Thursday

Incite 2/10 - Bellowing with the worst guitar tone I heard all weekend
Control the Storm 6/10 - Thought all the pyro was a bit much for so early on in the day, but good, fun symphonic metal
Death Angel 7/10 - Excellent thrashy fun
Metal Church 7/10 - Good, old-fashioned heavy metal with the ageless Mike Howe killing it behind the mic
Children of Bodom 7/10 - Alexi Laiho sounded and played great, which isn't always the case
Tesseract 6/10 - Not really my thing, but they're very good at what they do and they are as tight as anything
Powerwolf 7/10 - Great fun, lots of choruses
Sabaton 8/10 - Awesome setlist, but the sound was quite muddy throughout which was a shame

Krysthla 3/10 - More bellowing, but with a better guitar tone
Cancer Bats 5/10 - Better than I expected them to be, but not really my thing
Swallow the Sun 6/10 - Never really seemed to get going and had a bit of a muddy sound mix. Probably better suited to the tent
Dust Bolt 6/10 - Enjoyable, if derivative, thrash
The Wildhearts 7/10 - Great fun, had everyone singing along and jumping around
3 Headed Snake 6/10 - Strong effort for a first show, but some of the songs were overlong
Anthrax 6/10 - Didn't enjoy them as much as I have done in the past, but they were still decent

All Hail the Yeti 3/10 - Yet more bellowing
Fallen Temples 5/10 - Generic hard rock without the spirit or melodies
Ross the Boss 8/10 - Great fun, and KK was an added bonus
Soilwork 7/10 - Powerful showing from a band who can be a bit hit and miss, Speed sounded great vocally
Dee Snider 9/10 - Joint set of the weekend for me, such a great performer
Cradle of Filth 2/10 - Yuk
Queensryche 9/10 - Joint set of the weekend, was hoping for a few more newer songs but I'm never going to be disappointed by one of my all-time favourite bands
Scorpions 7/10 - Not as good as they were at the O2 last year, but still put on a strong showing with a good mix of classics and deeper cuts

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby bloodfiend » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:25 am

oh come on, more ratings with comments please - i didn't go and i wanna know what it was like

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby CharlesDexterWard » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:48 am

Was in bed asleep (my medication decided I needed to sleep) so missed all the bands :(

Incite - 4/10 - nothing special.
Xentrix - 5/10 - good but it just felt generic.
Death Angel - 9/10 - astonishingly good and Voracious Souls was brilliant.
Metal Church - 6/10 - good to see them but I wish it had been in the 1980s.
Was then back in bed asleep (my medication decided I needed to sleep for 14 hours) so missed all the other bands :(

Cancer Bats - 8/10 - had never seen or heard them before but really liked them. Great effort put in and clearly enjoying it.
Evil Scarecrow - 7/10 - silly fun as always. They just seem to work at Bloodstock.
The Wildhearts - 7/10 - great to finally see them and a nice change of pace.
Anthrax - 10/10 - bloody stunning again and band of the weekend for me. Just couldn't fault them. Totally in command of the crowd and great to see I Am The Law and Now Its Dark added to the setlist. :rock:
Parkway Drive - 5/10 - gave them three songs and gave up and went to the Sophie tent. Not my thing at all and not enjoyable in the slightest. They get points for effort and drawing a decent crowd.
Taake - 8/10 - ended up in there to escape PD and they were very good. Another band I had never seen and will watch again.

Ross the Boss - 9/10 - absolutely stunning set with a great mix of Manowar tracks that I would have chosen and KK Downing was superb too.
Dee Snider - 9/10 - total showman and outstanding performer. Makes me grin like a maniac, clap and sing along.
Womenowar - 8/10 - ridiculous, OTT, silly fun and I thought they were outstanding. They are also very decent musicians.
Queensryche - 5/10 - seemed a really plodding set and a bit of a grind to watch. I used to love them and it pains me to say they weren't great.
Bloodred Hourglass - 7/10 - only caught part of their set but really enjoyed them. Will happily go see them again.
Scorpions - 7/10 - great to see them again but they are getting almost frail looking and the setlist was very slow at the start. I enjoyed it but won't go see them again.
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby gazsetsfire » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:23 am

Only went Friday.....

Death Angel 7.5/10. One of my fave bands, seen them much better than this but great way to start the day off.
Metal Church 4/10. Just didn’t enjoy em that much.
Soulfly 6/10. Was much better playing at midnight a couple of days later at Alcatraz in the tent. I think I need to be pissed to really enjoy these ha.
Children of Bodom 8/10. New album has really revived my interest in them. Good setlist.
Tesseract 3/10. No real interest in them, watched from the back, waste of a high up slot.
Powerwolf 9/10. They’ve come a long way since they last played. Band of the day. Great crowd interaction. Was even better in Alcatraz too.
Sabaton 8.5/10. Will always have a place in my heart for Sabo as when the Art of war came out I was all over them. last few albums have been a let down but Great War is much better and the new stuff was great live. Still think they can play better setlist with more stuff from their first 4 albums.
Grand Magus 8/10. Nice way to close the day, nice drunken sing along. They were really rusty at Graspop as was their first show in over a year but much better show to close the Friday.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Greshtallica » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:36 pm

Blind River – 8 Loved it!
Footprints in the custard – 8 Great fun.
Rotting Christ – 8 Excellent choice of sophie closing band.

Death Angel – 8 I don’t know if there were any problems with the sound, where I was stood or my hangover but I still enjoyed them.
Powerwolf – 10 Awesome show! Pure pantomime with a good singalong.
Sabaton – 9 Great show. I wished I’d gone forward more but I wanted to get to the sophie tent at the end of their set. This meant I got to see most of the show through a wall of mobile phones – it still looked good though although I felt they lost a bit of what Powerwolf had in crowd interaction.
Grand Magus – 9 Lost my voice! Seen them umpteen times before and never seen them play a bad set but I’ve seen them play better. That’s how good they are.

Guardians of time – 8 Great show. Excellent vocals.
Anthrax – 10 That could have been the worst Anthrax show in history as I didn’t see a lot or hear over the other nutters in the madhouse near the front. During the set I was 20 again and at the end of it there was that “I’m getting too old for this shit” remark I always make when I’ve had a great time at an Anthrax gig. Apparently from more sensible people out there, they were very good.
Parkway Drive – 8 Blimey! I think they may have proved a few people wrong with headlining Bloodstock – me for one! Not my normal listening to be honest but I may have to go back and have another listen.
Taake – 7 Was alright I guess.

Ross the Boss – 9 With KK and a great mix of Manowar and Priest songs it was a great singalong set.
Hypocrisy – 7 Enjoyed them very much, will listen to them a bit more.
Dee Snider – 10 How good was that? The guy owned that crowd.
Cradle of Filth – 8 I would have enjoyed it more had I not have had whingeing people behind me. Yes he does sound like a yapping dog at times – get over it. Black metal however should be played away from direct sunshine and headlining the sophie tent would have been a good choice. Oh and thanks to CoF for the pyro as I was getting a bit chilly by this point.
Queensryche – 6 Found it a bit dull to be honest. All the people behind me whingeing during CoF seemed to like it though.
Scorpions – 7 which is so unfair. What sort of twisted people make pensioners work on a Sunday night? I’ve seen them before and they were great, I watched them Sunday and they were good. I sang along to the old classics that I grew up with but I got so bored with the guitar and drum solos. Before anyone says it – “No I couldn’t even do that in my 50’s”. I enjoyed it, I’ll listen to them and sing along with them, tell people how good they were back in the day but I really wouldn’t want to see them again.

I did see other bands but I only caught the odd song here and there so I won’t pass comment

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby red_death » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:12 pm


Barbarian Hermit - not my cup of tea.
Footprints in the Custard - 6
Rotting Christ - 9, superb and a great start to festival. Even friends that hadn't really heard them before agreed that they were really good.


Xentrix - 6.5, not as good as I've seen them previously but still a solid start
Death Angel - 7.5
Metal Church - 7.5
Soulfly - 5
Graves - 8 didn't catch as much as I'd have liked but a really nice stoner rock/metal sound
Tesseract - 4
Powerwolf - 8
Sabaton - 8 personally I think they weren't as good as the last time they played BS. The vocals were too low (particularly with a struggling voice) early on. The pyro seemed top heavy - I was waiting for something really spectacular at the end and it never really appeared.
Grand Magus - 8 didn't catch them all but enjoyed the songs I heard.


Stormcast - 8 thoroughly enjoyable
Cancer Bats - 8 not my thing and they knew that they were a bit out of place but still put on a good set. Good singalongs to Sabotage and War Pigs.
Anthrax - 9 superb as always.


Ross the Boss - 8.5 wasn't expecting much but a fantastic set.
Soilwork - 7
Hypocrisy - 8.5 never really listened to them before but my favourite "find" of the weekend.
Dee Snider - 9 consummate front man with a great back catalogue to dig into.
Cradle of Filth - 4 was expecting better but the yapping dog comment may well have been me.
Batushka - 8 wasn't expecting much particularly following the split, but thoroughly enjoyable doomy/melodic black metal.
Damim - 7.5
Scorpions - 7.5 not bad, but pretty middle of the road.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby houston4044 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:05 pm


FitC 5/10= just didn't click
Rotting Christ= 7/10


Zealot Cult= 6/10
Xentrix= 7/10
Death Angel= 7.5/10
Metal Church= 9/10 Band of the Day
Soulfly= 5/10 Max just can't cut it anymore
Sabaton= 6.5/10 Got very samey after awhile
Grand Magus= 7/10


Paralax Method= 7/10
Stormcast= 5/10
Cancer Bats= 8/10 Should of finished on a faster Sabbath song, the drop in pace killed it
Reaper X= 8/10
Scars of Rememberance= 4/10
Thy Art is Murder= 7/10 a lot better than expected
Dust Bolt= 8/10
Wildhearts= 9/10
Lock Horns= 6.5/10
Daybreaker= 5/10
Black Shuck= 4/10
Anthrax= 10/10 Band of The Day
Parkway= 5/10
Taake= 6/10

Aborted= 8.5/10
Witch Tripper= 8/10
Solitary= 8/10
Hypocrisy= 6/10
Fear Bound= 6.5/10
Dee Snider= 10/10 Act of the weekend, brilliant frontman and his solo material is underrated
Violblast= 6.5/10
CoF= 2/10 Just not my thing at all
Batuska= 9/10 How They expected this to work on RJD I'll never know
Scorpions= 5/10 Boring as they were last year at Stone Free, same setlist as well

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Skippy » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:26 pm

Rotting Christ - 7/10 - they were ok, pretty poor setlist for me though

Xero - 7.5/10 - good solid start to the day
Death Angel - 7/10 - not a fan of thrash but these guys were pretty good
Metal Church - 6.5/10 - they weren't bad, not spectacular either though.
The Hope Burden - 8/10 - excellent atmosphere on the New Blood
Tesseract - 6/10 - I love them usually, but the wind knocked their sound and the frontman annoyed me with his constant spitting into the crowd.
Powerwolf - 9/10 - very good live show, the keyboardist is so fun to watch
Sabaton - 10/10 - always one of if not the best bands of the weekend
Grand Magus - 8.5/10 - very good, but suffered from being after two great performances.

Parallax Method - 6/10 - good at what they do, but got old pretty fast
Stormcast - 7/10 - again, good at what they do, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it
Swallow the Sun - 8/10 - really good, wish they'd been in the tent though. Suffered from the wind too
Guardians of Time - 7/10 - solid fun power metal
Evil Scarecrow - 3/10 - probably as excellent as always, but the wind destroyed their set from where I was
Anthrax - 7.5/10 - they were good as always, wish I could understand a word Joey said though.
Parkway - 9/10 - spectacular set and I even enjoyed most of their songs live.

Ross the Boss - 8.5/10 - excellent performance, should have been higher up
Soilwork - 7.5/10 - wasn't expecting to enjoy them as much as I did
Wheel - 9/10 - find of the weekend.
Dee Snider - 9/10 - a brilliant frontman
Cradle of Filth - 4/10 - just didn't work outdoors, he just sounded a bit pathetic
Setheist - 8.5/10 - best New Blood band of the weekend, hope they come back
Queensryche - 6/10 - some great songs towards the end but seemed a bit out of place.
Batushka - 7/10 - great stage show as usual, but the new album is just too repetitive.
Scorpions - 7/10 - on the ballads they were great, but Klaus is getting a bit too old for the rockier stuff now.
Eluveite - 10/10 - band of the weekend, absolutely phenomenal

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby slayerslays » Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:09 pm

Best Band for me on Thursday was Ten Ton Slug
Friday...Zealot Cult, Blasphemer, Karybdis and Raging Speedhorn on Sophie, Blind Divide on New Blood were the best band of the weekend imo.
Saturday...Krysthla, Lotus Eater, Red Method, Foul Body Autopsy, Lock Horns
Sunday...Aborted, Hypocrisy, Crescent, Batushka