BOA 2019: Rate the bands

August 8 - 11, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby garyboyd » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:50 am

Can't say anything blew me away this year so no 10/10 for any of the bands. New discoveries for me were 3 headed snake and Wheel.

Ten ton slug 8/10
Rotting Christ 8.5/10

Incite 3/10
Xentrix 6/10
Death angel 7/10
Metal Church 7/10
Soulfly 6/10
Children of Bodom 6/10
Powerwolf 4/10
Sabaton 3/10

Cancer bats 7/10
Swallow the Sun 7/10
Guardians of time 7/10
Evil Scarecrow 2/10
Pemphigoid 8/10
Thy art is murder 5.5/10
Dust bolt 7/10
The Wildhearts 7.5/10
Voidlurker 7/10
3 headed snake 8/10
Black shuck 6/10
Divine Chaos 8.5/10
Anthrax 8/10

All hail the yeti 3/10
Resin 5/10
Aborted 7/10
Ross the Boss 8.5/10
Solitary 7/10
Soilwork 4/10
Wheel 8/10
Hypocrisy 8.5/10
Boss Keloid 8.5/10
Dee Snider 9/10
Cradle of filth 6/10
Queensryche 7.5/10
The Lazy's 6.5/10
Scorpions 6.5/10

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Black Wizard » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:55 am

I didn't watch any bands on Thursday. Just watched the films in the New Blood tent instead.

    Xentrix 5/10. They played well but there was neither anything great nor terrible about their set. Would probably work better late on in Sophie. It also didn't help that the last band I'd seen before Xentrix was Iron Maiden in Montreal four days earlier, which is a much more visual experience.
    Death Angel 7/10. The best of the Friday Thrash triumvarate. A step up in intensity from Xentrix and a bit more engaging. Looking forward to seeing them with Testament in March.
    Metal Church 5/10. Basically the same as Xentrix. Nothing great, nothing awful.
    Soulfly N/A. I only caught the end of their set so won't bother rating. It looks like they didn't play any Sepultura songs though which is unlike Max.
    Children of Bodom 6/10. They were good fun but I couldn't hear the vocals much.
    Countless Skies 8/10. Impressive performance and got one of the best crowds I've seen in Sophie since I started coming to BOA.
    Powerwolf 7/10. Very silly and a lot of fun. Good subheadline band.
    Sabaton 8/10. Always good fun and engaging live, but didn't blow me away. You what you're getting with Sabaton.
    Grand Magus 9/10. Impressive headline set in Sophie. I enjoyed them a lot.

    Cancer Bats 6/10. Not a dreadful band and their performance was pretty good, although they're not the sort of band who should be booked for BOA. Kept people happy with a cover of 'War Pigs' at the end.
    Swallow the Sun 6/10. They played well but their music doesn't work when the sun is out. Would have been better late on the Sophie stage.
    Guardians of Time 5/10. Generic Power Metal. Competent but unremarkable.
    Dust Bolt 9/10. One of the highlights of the weekend. Intense, powerful and heavy. Very impressive.
    Wildhearts 9/10. I wasn't too familiar with their songs but enjoyed their set a lot. An excellent replacement for the crappy Code Orange, but will the festival organizers learn from this? Probably not.
    3 Headed Snake 5/10. They were OK, which is all I can think to say about them.
    Anthrax 8/10. I had a lot of fun during their set. They're always good live. I'd have liked to have heard one or two songs from the most recent album though instead of the fan service setlist.
    Parkway Drive N/A. I won't rate them as I only watched two-and-a-half songs. They had a good crowd and their pyro seemed cool, but I didn't find their music interesting enough to bother watching anymore. Loads of bands do the same thing, but why did they manage to get so much bigger than the others?

    Ross the Boss 8/10. Good show from the Manowar/Judas Priest tribute act.
    Soilwork 6/10. A good performance and I think the singer's clean and growly vocals are impressive, but they weren't much more than pretty good. Something seemed to be lacking though.
    Dee Snider 9/10. Another highlight of the weekend and a big surprise to me. I wasn't too familiar with his solo material or Twisted Sister so had no idea he would be so good. Loads of energy and very engaging performer.
    Setheist 8/10. The only band on the New Blood stage I bothered to check out and I was impressed. Energetic performance and music seemed pretty good so I will check them out more in the future. The singer didn't need to speak in Polish to the 2 other Poles in the tent so often though.
    Queensryche 6/10. They played well and things picked up when the classics came around, but the atmosphere around the main stage seemed a bit dull during their set. The little instrumental interludes between songs when Todd took a drink would work a lot better at their own show when they can turn the lights down.
    Womenowar 8/10. I don't give a shit about Manowar but this was so much fun. Shame I could barely see anything as the Jager stage was rammed. Get them back on the Sophie stage on Thursday night in the future!
    Scorpions 6/10. A pedestrian performance from a legendary band, I am sad to say. It was exactly the same show as in London last year with "London" replaced by "Bloodstock". Klaus is struggling to sing now and there are too many instrumental sections. There was no momentum in the set until 'Big City Nights' straight after the encore. One of the least engaging bands I've seen at a festival and many people around me didn't know 'Winds of Change'. When they did play their big hits it was enjoyable but Scorpions have seen better days.
    Eluveitie 9/10. A lot of fun and one of the bands of the festival. I would definitely like to see them at their own show!

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby robin8585 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:44 pm


Barbarian Hermit 8/10 - Love me some Babs, great to see them doing their thing on a big stage.
Blind River 5/10 - Really enjoyed them last time they played, this time, not so much.
Footprints in the Custard 8/10 - Excellent sillyness, really nice bunch of guys too.
Ten Ton Slug 7/10 - Mmmmm, sludgy goodness.
Rotting Christ 4/10 - Really like them on record, but this is the 3rd time I've seen them live and they've just never managed to do it for me for some reason.


Xero 5/10 - Decent, didn't really rate the vocalist though.
Incite 2/10 - Awful angry man nonsense.
Death By Ki 5/10 - Fine stuff.
Control The Storm 8/10 - Saw them a couple of weeks ago and from that figured I'd watch the first 5 mins then move over to see Grand Elder. Ended up missing Grand Elder to watch all of this instead, really good stuff.
Blasphemer 8/10 - Lovely bit of thrashy death.
Tomorrow Is Lost N/A - I know I saw them, remember nothing though which doesn't suggest great things. Unfair to score them.
Metal Church 7/10 - Finally got to see them, wasn't disappointed.
Bongcauldron 9/10 - Fantastic final show, great to see Fieldy of APF Records get behind the drums, going to miss these guys.
Soulfly 4/10 - Was it just me, or has Max's voice gone?
Children Of Bodom 7/10 - Sounded like they needed turning up a bit, was oddly quiet. I've gone off them a bit in the last decade or so, but the stuff from the new record was great.
Widows 6/10 - Good, seen them much better though.
Tesseract 8/10 - Very different from the band I saw on the Scuzz stage back in 2008, but every bit as enjoyable. Need to make sure I don't leave it so long before checking them out again this time.
Countless Skies 7/10 - Missed them last time they played for reasons I forget, it appears that may have been a mistake.
Powerwolf 9/10 - Could have done with the banter to music ratio being a bit more weighted towards to music, but otherwise outstanding sing-along metal.
Sabaton 9/10 - Their schtick is getting a bit worn out (although I've seen people around who genuinely think they weren't going to play Swedish Pagans until they were "bullied" into it, so probably it's just down to me having seen them so often), but the tunes are superb sing-along stuff and their staging is always a treat.
Grand Magus 9/10 - Closed out what was always going to be a superb evening for me in fantastic style. This is what finished off my throat for the weekend for sure.


Swallow The Sun 7/10 - Sound was a bit off to start, but once that was sorted they were great. Think they'd be much better suited to a high slot in the tent though.
Evil Scarecrow 8/10 - Naff as fuck, and I love it.
Dust Bolt 5/10 - Listened to a lot of these guys in the run up, didn't really do it for me live though.
The Wildhearts 7/10 - Very happy to finally get to see them, real shame they clashed with Helheim.
Helheim 8/10 - Not seen these guys in a very long time, just as good as I remember them though.
Parkway Drive 3/10 - All of that score is for the staging. As a former lighting tech I was suitably impressed with the work that must have gone into it, whoever designed that show is brilliant. Music is dreadful though. Easily the worst band of the weekend, I managed about 20 minutes.
Taake 9/10 - Don't really like black metal, but there are a few exceptions. These guys are one of those, had me bopping along very happily. Great way to close out the day.


Witch Tripper 8/10 - Been a fan of these guys since the first time I saw them, and once again they don't disappoint.
Ross The Boss 5/10 - Decently entertaining, vocalist is a bit grating though.
Wheel 9/10 - My discovery of the weekend, superb bit of prog, will certainly be checking them out in future if the chance presents itself.
Hypocrisy 3/10 - Went to see these purely because I quite like Pain, shouldn't have bothered.
Boss Keloid 10/10 - Absolutely fantastic proggy sludgy stoner wierdness. Sang my little heart out, one of the best live bands around at the moment. Easy pick for band of the weekend.
Lost In Lavender Town 7/10 - Wasn't quite as enamoured with these as some people seem to be, but still thought they were really good. Nice to see some instrumental stuff getting through the M2TM process, too many bands are ruined by bad vocalists.
Queensryche 6/10 - Another band I've always wanted to see, enjoyed all of the songs I knew (which were all at the end after I came out from Damim), but the rest was a bit dull.
Damim 7/10 - I don't think I've ever listened to them on record, but I always enjoy them live. Should probably correct that at some point.
Batushka 7/10 - I know I'm supposed to hate this version, but I didn't.
Scorpions 5/10 - Just, very underwhelming. They seemed very awkward moving about that big stage and I thought the show totally lacked energy. Understandable at their age, but that doesn't make it any better.
Eluveitie 9/10 - One of my favourite bands ever, a simply superb way to cap off the weekend. Fantastic setlist (although there aren't really any bad songs to pick, I even quite like their acoustic offerings), great energy throughout. Only issue was the sound, the pipes and violin were frequently inaudible right through to the end of songs, which was a real shame. Would have been a 10/10 show otherwise.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Jay1993 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:49 pm


- Footprints in the Custard: 6/10. Was looking forward to these after seeing footage of their past shows. However, they didn't seem to put as much effort into their stage antics and crowd interaction as I've seen previously which was a shame.

- Ten Ton Slug: Didn't see enough to rate but sounded heavy!!

- Rotting Christ: 7/10. Not my thing but watched with a couple of mates. Pretty solid performance.


- Xero: 7/10. Good start to this day. Singer has a great voice!

- Zealot Cult: 7/10. Good old school death metal.

- Death Angel: 7.5/10. Great as always. Setlist could have been better though.

- Metal Church: 8/10. Great setlist and vocalist had loads of energy. Glad I got the chance to see them.

- Bong Cauldron: Didn't see enough to rate but sounded right up my alley. Shame it was their farewell gig. :(

- Children of Bodom: 8.5/10. Love the latest album and the new songs sounded brilliant live. Great to see Alexi having a great time too! Shame the pit was a bit too muddy for me.

- Sabaton: 7/10. Felt quite underwhelmed for a headlining performance. Not sure if it was partly due to me not knowing many of their songs. Swedish Pagans was alright though.

- Grand Magus: 9/10. Great headlining set. Hearing stuff like Iron Will got me headbanging. Will definitely be catching them in Norwich next year!


- Krysthla: Caught a bit of their set. Good to see them on a bigger stage and sounded really heavy up there. Great frontman too.

- Goat Monsoon: 7.5/10. Good bit of stoner that got me headbanging.

- Evil Scarecrow: Only caught a couple of songs as everyone in my camp wanted to watch them. Did the Robototron then left. :lol: Just bored of them now.

- Pemphigoid: 8/10. Great pick me up after Scarecrow. Old school death metal in the vein of Carcass. Had a big following and loads of crowdsurfers, great fun!

- Dust Bolt: Caught a bit whilst enjoying a cuppa at the back. Sounded decent but pretty generic thrash.

- The Wildhearts: 7.5/10. Really enjoyed the pop punky edge these guys bought to the main stage. Very surprised they haven't played before but can see them returning in the future.

- Anthrax: 10/10. Wow, what a set! Opening with Caught in a Mosh and getting to hear A.I.R and Now it's Dark was an absolute pleasure. Really glad they didn't just stick to the same setlist from the last two times they played Bloodstock. Bloody brilliant!

- Parkway Drive: 10/10. First time seeing these live and absolutely loved it. Great stage show and Winston looked so grateful to be there. The pits were so much fun during stuff like Prey and The Void. These guys definitely proved themselves as worthy festival headliners.


- Ross the Boss: 8.5/10. Had a hard clash between these and Witchtripper. Decided to watch all of Ross the Boss in the end as Witchtripper play a lot. Great set, loved all the early Manowar material! Singer is incredible too!

- Wheel: Caught a little bit of. Sounded very Tool-like.

- Hypocrisy: Caught a bit before Boss Keloid. Sounded decent.

- Boss Keloid: 9/10. Would have liked to have heard more of their early stuff but the new stuff sounds fantastic live. Finishing on Lung Mountain was ace. Great band!

- Dee Snider: 10/10. Absolutely love this guy. Such a great showman and had me in stitches throughout his set. Still sounding incredible live with so much energy. Would love to see him return again!

- Queensryche: Only caught a couple of songs before Batushka.

- Batushka: Can't really rate these fairly as I left after half an hour due to the amount of heckling going on that completely ruined the experience for me. There was literally a group of people in front of me sticking their fingers up at them the whole time I was there. I get the whole controversy thing but why turn up just to do that? Not the way I wanted to see Batushka. :(

- Scorpions: 8/10. Really enjoyed rocking out to their classics and glad I got to see them but wouldn't go out of my way to see them again. Came across a bit dad rocky but I suppose they can't help that. Not many people seemed to be getting into them either which was a shame.

- Eluveitie: 10/10. Wow, what a closing set! So much energy, incredible melodies, and the female vocalist was amazing! Would love to see these again live!

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Methuen » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:48 pm


Footprints in the Custard - 5/10 - Tight, well done; Alestorm with none of the wit.

Rotting Christ - 9/10 - Excellent all round, and the depth of the setlist meant that no-one was disappointed. Really great way to start the festival.


Midnight Prophecy - 10/10 - It might be straight up Maiden worship, but they were brilliant musicians, performers, got the crowd going. Discovery of the weekend. Bought the t-shirt, and so did several others in the arena.

Control the Storm - 10/10 - My other discovery of the weekend - put on a headliner set in the Sophie tent in the middle of the day. Really strong music, strong performance. They need to be on the mainstage on a day with Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, that kind of lineup.
Sulpher - 8/10 - Excellent music, presence, and atmosphere. Hadn't heard a thing about them ahead of time, so really enjoyed a nice surprise !

Soulfly - 5/10 - I can see that Max is entertaining to a lot of the crowd, but this is just as boring for me as warmed over 80s thrash.
Children of Bodom - 5/10 - Completely let down by awful sound - they sounded like they were playing from the campsite. The band didn't see all that into it, unfortunately (maybe bad memories of last time ?)
Powerwolf - 9/10 - Excellent set. Fun music, great crowd interaction, absolutely future headliners. The music might not be the worlds most complicated (see Sabaton), but the frontman more than made up for it. Second to Dee Snider in the crowd engagement stakes.
Sabaton - 6/10 - Unfortunately they didn't bring the full-scale Wacken show with them, so we got a whole set of the same bouncy Swedish pop sound, even Primo Victoria being stripped of it's tempo & "stomp". Great stage setting though.


I didn't watch a lot on Saturday, due to it being mainly rubbish, so spent a lot of time shopping

Lotus Eater - 3/10 - Not a stoner band then ! Not sure what value they were trying to add.
Guardians of Time - 7/10 - Like watching Gamma Ray in a club. Good fun stuff, just not as engaging as Control the Storm or Midnight Prophecy.
Helheim - 8/10 - Excellent atmospheric music, excellent showmanship. Marred again by the sound setup meaning that the bumper cars' music shouted over their set a lot.
Taake - 9/10 - Excellent all round. Not 10/10 as the first few tracks selected were very Marduk, and didn't show a lot of the nuance that Taake has on his earlier stuff.

Swallow the Sun - 5/10 - Musically excellent, but should not have been on the mainstage in the daytime. No atmosphere whatsoever.
Thy Art is Murder - 2/10 - Lasted two songs. What a lot of rubbish. The front man was apparently fun as he got into it.
Cradle of Filth - 6/10 - Dani looked so nervous, and they had the drummer behind a screen ! It was a bit paint by numbers, but watchable. Keyboardist / female vocalist seemed slightly put off by Mr Filth too; not great chemistry on stage.


Elyrean - 7/10 - Great sound, working the crowd, musicianship, I was stuck at the back of a packed new blood tent so really didn't get the full effect (not their fault) - sounded like one to ouch.

WomenOwar - 8/10 - Most fun had on the Jaeger stage all weekend, and the crowd were stood ten-deep all around. Second time on Sunday I got to shout along to Hail & Kill, too.

Boss Keloid - 7/10 - Fun set, lot to watch onstage, really worked the crowd. Not sure about the dodgy "Boris Johnson" joke to introduce them, but maybe I'm oversensitive.
Resin - 7/10 - Thoroughly enjoyed their set, again lots to listen to - and a bit different from Saturday's angrybrocore.
Eluveitie - 9/10 - Band of the wekeend for a lot of people, and I can see why. If my first love (power metal) hadn't been on Friday, I'd probably agree. Everything went well for them, had a great setlist, sound was brilliant for a change.

Ross the Boss - 10/10 - "Finally, some proper heavy metal" - said the people stood next to me. Yes it's a covers band, but watching ManOwar and Priest songs on the mainstage made my Sunday - big silly sing-along, and the musicianship was worth the ticketprice alone. All hail KK Downing. They also score a point for the cheesiest T-shirt of the festival.
Dee Snider - 8/10 - Lose two points becuase the breakdowns in the Jasta-written stuff just don't work in a set of 80s sing-along numbers. Best frontman of the weekend by a long, long way.
Queensryche - 6/10 - Turilli's Queensryche as opposed to Tate's Queensryche played a good set, put the classics out, and really didn't seem to get anyone but the already devoted going.
Scorpions - 6/10 - Great set, perfect staging, music excellent. Only gripe is that after a day of good heavy metal, and good acts in the tents, Scorpions going for the full self-indulgent stadium show was a bit of a temp change. It was great to see the classics done with such finesse, but they could maybe have played a shorter set with fewer instrumentals (I know why they're there with such an old band, but still).
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby i0th » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:09 pm

Blind River - 7 - Solid opening act.

Footprints in the Custard - 8 - Crazy funny and a perfect band for Thursday nights.

Rotting Christ - 10 - Please don't ever take them out of the tent again stunningly good as a Sophie headliner.

Spirit of Springsteen - 4 - Born to Run is a great track but they weren't a very good version and not a great fit for Bloodstock either.

Control The Storm - 7 - Only caught the second half of their set due to being slow at the tent but really enjoyed what I saw, also good to see some pyro so early in the day on Sophie

Death Angel - 8 - Killer set and energy from them, crowd reaction was fab too.

Def Con One - 1 - Accidently saw a little bit of these when I walked to the wrong stage after Death Angel, utterly dire.

Tomorrow is Lost - 6 - OK, can see them doing well in future but not overly my stuff.

Metal Church - 5 - Boring.

Damnation's Hammer - 6 - Good, but nothing special.

Children of Bodom - 8 - Still one of my favourite bands, still wish they would play more from Follow the Reaper but this was a great set.

Sulpher - 8 - Felt a bit sorry for them at the very start was tent was very emtpy but quickly had a half decent crowd and I bloody loved them, more of this sort of thing at BOA please!

Countless Skies - 9 - Awesome, great band just a shame I had to miss the end for....

Powerwolf - 10 - Perfection. Probably my set of the weekend, liked them for ages but never been able to see them before, so so glad they didn't disappoint.

Sabaton - 9 - Brilliant, but not quite perfect, was I expecting too much? Maybe. Red Baron is a killer live track.

Grand Magus - 8 - Really good strong finish to the night. Friday evening was awesome.

Cancer Bats - 5 - Eh, I once saw these guys play Sonisphere and they were one of my bands of the weekend but didn't really get into them this time. The crowd just staring back at them during War Pigs was hilarious.

Swallow The Sun - 6 - Would've been better in the tent.
Guardians of Time - 6 - Probably too conscious of Evil Scarecrow starting soon to really get into them.

Evil Scarecrow - 7 - For a band that are all about the toys it's a real shame the wind killed that aspect of their set though they played on regardless. Alfie was clearly the best guitarist on stage for his appearance.

Dust Bolt - 7 - They'll be back, and bigger.

The Wildhearts - 5 - I reckon my biggest disappointment of the festival. Was really please that they were replacing Code Orange as never been able to see them live but I just wasn't bothered that they were there. Left early to go see...

Helheim - 8 - These guys were really good.

3 Headed Snake - 9 - My discovery of the festival, an awesome first ever show. They have every right to get really big and I would've bought a t-shirt if they had any.
Lock Horns - 3 - Gave them a couple of tracks but wasn't bothered so headed back to the tent for a bit.

Anthrax - 9 - Lucky to catch the start of their set, had just decided to wander back into the arena to see if there was any news on stuff and probably watch some Skeletal Remains (didn't know they'd cancelled at this point though had heard about Generation Kill/Divine Chaos), as I got in a mate said they're coming on stage now, no back-drop, no pyro but actually playing. Here's a band that doesn't need any toys to own the stage and the crowd.

Parkway Drive - 6 - First time seeing them though I've heard loads of their songs before. Wasn't there at the very start (mmmm Bunny Chow) but wandered over for probably 2/3s of the set (btw it was really easy to get round the back to the left so the idea they had the biggest ever crowd is complete bollocks). They'll never be a band I love but fair play they stuck all the pyro on despite the wind blowing most of it in their faces and the large fire on top of the stage sides was cool. The stage being aflame for Crushed was good too. I doubt they'll be back though so can see them getting too big to play again.

Gorilla - 7 - Enjoyable enough.

Was about to leave the tent when the rain started being horrific so delayed entry and was just too damn comfy so missed Ross the Boss, much to my shame.

Soilwork - 9 - Not that long since they last played but still good to have them back, new stuff sounded great.

Wheel - 5 - Fell a bit flat following the energy of Soilwork.

Hypocrisy - 7 - Always been more of a Pain fan than Hypocrisy but I'm warming more and more to them.

Boss Keloid - 7 - Really liking the newer stuff they play.

Dee Snider - 10 - Utterly brilliant, best frontman in the game, funny, clever, still an absolutely killer voice. This should've been the set that was bumped up to Special Guest when Dimmu pulled out. Though I'm now officially worried about him, some of the stuff he was saying sounded like he was dying!

Violblast - 6 - Unspecial thrash.

Setheist - 8 - These were great, hope they make it and come back for a longer set on the Sophie in future.

Bloodred Hourglass - 7 - Would've been more into this more if I'd been down near the front but needed a sit down so thoroughly enjoyed them sitting down at the back of tent as it was one of the few places that was dry.

Queensryche - 5 - Not terrible but nothing special.

The Lazys - 8 - Fortunately I'd heard that they'd been moved to Hobgoblin from Sophie, excellent set.

Scorpions - 4 - One of the worst BOA headliners we've ever had (and I watched Trivium in '15!). Dude's voice is shanked, most of their songs are boring and the videos on the wall weren't particularly interesting. Mikkey Dee's drum solo was one of the best bits and I don't even like drum solos. Crowd was still bigger than Parkway's though.

Eluveitie - 10 - Perfect finish to the weekend, more folk next year please!
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby someone else » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:39 pm

Saw part of Xentrix after walking in, and heard a bit of Control The Storm, but not enough to really rate them.
Death Angel - 7/10 - good first proper watch of the day.
Tomorrow Is Lost 6/10 - Pretty good
Metal Church - 7/10 - another good old school blast, not seen them since 2006
Bong Cauldron - 7/10 - good final show
Soulfly 5/10 - dull
Children of Bodom - 7/10 - good old school blast
Tesseract - 6/10 - interesting inclusion, thought they were decent
Powerwolf - 8/10 - great fun
Sabaton - 7/10 - left me a bit cold this year, can't fault much but was oddly charmless.

Odd Crew - 7/10 good fun for first band of my day - was going to check out more on other stages due to dearth of decent bands on main stage.
Cancer Bats - cant really rate them as only caught the Sabbath song, and that was awful
Swallow The Sun - 6/10 - sounded better when I went further forward, probably wrong place for them
Guardian Of Time - 7/10 Decent blast of power metal.
Red Method - 5/10 - kind of band Metal Hammer would have creamed themselves over 10 years ago
Wildhearts - 9/10 - my favourite band, seen them more times than any other and even though they are not a band I was hoping BOA would book as there are plenty of metal bands that should be there, it was a cracking set and brightened up the mainstage.
Anthrax - 8/10 not my favourite thrash band but the most enjoyable BOA set from them
PWD -6/10 - made a decent showing of themselves, great pyro, some decent songs but a little bland.
Taake - 6/10 - not really my thing

Sunday - (first time ever I've done two days sober at BOA)
Resin - 6/10 - Fair play to them making it an event with a string section but their still too Nickelback-y
Harbringer - 5/10 - meh
Witchtripper - 6/10 - seen them many times so another decent gig from them but didn't stay too long
Ross The Boss - 8/10 - Not the biggest Manowar fan, but was good fun and the JP section was great fun
Soilwork - 6/10 - enjoy their albums but each time they've played they've been on the dull side
Wheel -7/10 interesting prog metal
Boss Kelloid - 8/10 more porgginess, latest album was my favourite of last year, so good to see a great performance
Dee Snider - 9/10 - just a great performer
Cradle - 5/10 - good stage set and good to see Dimmu's pyro being used but a little dull.
Queensryche - 7/10 - opening with a new song:fine, following with the hopeless turgid IAMI: horrid. Got back on track, but if they'd followed the opener with something like Speak or Needle Lies, they'd have smashed it.
Scorpions - 7/10 - probably 5 years too late playing to really triumph here. Guitarists seem ageless but poor old little Klaus really did look like a little old man up there, but can't argue with the big songs.
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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby phuqsticks » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:28 pm

Footprints In The Custard 7/10 - Not quite as much dicking around as the previous times I've seen them, but funny as hell and possibly the best crowd singalong of the weekend with 'Don't be a cunt'
Rotting Christ - 8/10 - A bit ropey for the first couple of songs, but otherwise a cracking way of starting the weekend.
Control The Storm - 9/10 - Where the hell did that come from? Great melodic band. Who can argue with flames lighting up the Sophie stage before midday?
Death Angel - 8/10 - rock solid example of how thrash should be be played. Always great fun.
Bong Cauldron - 5/10 - Meh, but they seemed like they were having fun.
Damnation Hammer - 2/10 - Can't think of much positive to report
Tomorrow Is Lost - 6/10 - Energetic frontwoman and they had a few tunes, but hampered by muddy sound
Children of Bodom - 6/10 - Tight, but not the most charismatic band out there
Tesseract - 4/10 - One of the smallest mainstage crowds I've ever seen and not really my cup of tea, but they were Ok.
Powerwolf - 7/10 - Love their recorded output, but too much waffling between songs for my liking.
Sabaton - 8/10 - Always great fun live, but didn't feel this matched up to their performance of a few years ago when they blew Trivium off the stage
Grand Magus - 9/10 - No bullshit between songs, a great run through an impressive back catalogue and plenty of singalong moments. Outstanding stuff.
Stormcast - 6/10 - A chance encounter and didn't know much about them, but was impressed with what I saw.
Guardians Of Time - 8/10 - Great set of classic old school metal with probably the best vocalist of the weekend.
Swallow The Sun - 7/10 - Probably not best suited to being seen in daylight, but loved their material.
Dust Bolt - 7/10 - Straight ahead, no nonsense thrash performed with bags of energy.
3 Headed snake - 4/10 - Was looking forward to them, but they bored me.
The Wildhearts - 8/10 - Have always loved this band and thought they played a cracker. Ginger Wildheart is the Uk's best living songwriter - discuss.
Anthrax - 9/10 - Haven't yet seen a duff performance from them, but this was probably the best Anthrax show i've witnessed to date.
Resin - 8/10 - Tried something wildly different to anything else over the weekend by using a string section and pulled it off in style. Always good to see a band experimenting.
Bastard - 7/10 - Small crowd as they clashed with Ross The Boss/KK Downing, but a very tidy live act.
Soilwork - 6/10 - Solid, but unspectacular.
Hypocrisy - 7/10 - Better than Soilwork
Dee Snider - 9/10 - Well planned mix of old and new, funny as hell without waffling excessively and the benchmark by which other metal frontmen should measure themselves.
Blood Red Hourglass - 8/10 - Very, very tidy set of well- received Melodeath. First UK performance and would be amazed if they don't pop up at future Bloodstocks
Sethiest - 5/10 - Not the first new blood band of the weekend to sound a bit muddy and didn't quite deliver on their inherent promise
The Scorpions - 0/10 - First band I ever got into, had not previously seen them live and wish I hadn't witnessed this performance. 2 medleys and a drum solo in the 1st hour of a set is not what I expect from an act with this back catalogue. I hope Klaus Meine's voice isn't always that poor.
Eluveitie - 10/10 - Wow. I heard a lot of people in the tent say they thought this was the performance of the weekend and I find it hard to disagree. Lets have them back on main stage please.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Cassius » Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:20 pm


Barbarian Hermit - Nice riffy start 6/10

Ten Ton Slug - These guys are always heavy as fuck and did an awesome set, got me a t-shirt 8/10

Rotting Christ - Decent set but seemed to be missing something from normal 7/10


Zealot Cult - Some decent death metal to start the day 6/10

Death Angel - First pit of the weekend to a great high energy set, never seen them disappoint 8/10

Bong Cauldron - Amazing riffy goodness that had me unable to stay still, so sad it was their last show 9/10

Anakim - Okay death metal but nothing special, kinda wish id gone seen Powerwolf as they sounded great when I walked past 5/10


Evil Scarecrow - Good silly fun as always 7/10

Helheim - Sometimes I find these guys hit and miss on record but put on an excellent atmospheric set 8/10

Antrax - Worth the 45 minute wait for them to come on. Best iv ever seen them and was great kicking it off with caught in a mosh 9/10

Taake - Black metal excellence and the tent was buzzing making for a great set 9/10


Aborted - Shit weather but didnt matter as these guys ripped the place apart 9/10

Witch Tripper - Seen them several times before and they always do a solid set and looked like they were really enjoying themselves up there 7/10

Elyrean - Decent blackened thrash 6/10

Hypocrisy - Love these guys and put on a great performance, was especially happy the sound was decent as it was really muddy at Metaldays 8/10

Dee Snider - Once again proving he is the best front man in metal 9/10

Eluveitie - Fucking awesome and bad of the festival for me with a brilliant performance full of energy even if the set list missed off some of my favourites 10/10

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby bloodfiend » Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:08 pm

sad that everyone's saying Scorpions weren't great, I didn't go to BOA, but they were absolutely brilliant at Stone Free fest at the O2 in London last June, maybe they're better indoors.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby bloodofthekings » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:03 pm

bloodfiend wrote:sad that everyone's saying Scorpions weren't great, I didn't go to BOA, but they were absolutely brilliant at Stone Free fest at the O2 in London last June, maybe they're better indoors.

They were ok but after the stage shows of Sabaton, Powerwolf, Parkway Drive and Cradle of Filth, not to mention the high energy of Anthrax and Dee Snider, their set just felt a little flat as they didn't seem to add much to the experience apart from a few video screens which ain't really gonna cut it.
And it didn't help that the first hour of the set they only seemed to play 1 big song with the rest being either instrumental jams or lesser-known tracks.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby varangian » Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:37 pm

Here is the setlist ... f8966.html

To be honest it`s not a bad setlist and some big songs in there (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th songs are classics!), perhaps no "No-one like you" in there or overdoing the medley`s , sure there are certain songs we`d have liked but..
I dont know something wasn't quite there, first time I have seen them and expected a lot, Klaus voice wasn't quite there, solo spots could've done without, they didn't leave me `Wow` like some classic bands have done.

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby bloodofthekings » Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:41 pm

varangian wrote:Here is the setlist ... f8966.html

To be honest it`s not a bad setlist and some big songs in there (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th songs are classics!), perhaps no "No-one like you" in there or overdoing the medley`s , sure there are certain songs we`d have liked but..
I dont know something wasn't quite there, first time I have seen them and expected a lot, Klaus voice wasn't quite there, solo spots could've done without, they didn't leave me `Wow` like some classic bands have done.

Nar, apart from 'The Zoo', nothing seemed to get a big response until Wind of Change

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby Baldy77 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:59 pm


Footprints in the Custard- good fun with catchy songs 7/10
Ten Ton Slug- sludgey goodness 7/10
Rotting Christ-slow start but excellent headliner 9/10


Zealot Cult - awesome death metal 8/10
Control the Storm - a real surprise, outstanding 9/10
Midnight Prophecy - ok but a bit slow for me 6/10
Death Angel - decent set 7/10
Tomorrow is Lost - seemed genuinely happy to be here, excellent 8/10
Damnations Hammer - could’ve been better 6/10
Bongcauldren - enjoyable 7/10
Children of Bodom - bit bland 5/10
Marw - terrible and no crowd skills 2/10
Widows - very good, would watch again
Gaia - a fun band, obvious happy to be at Bloodstock 7/10
Saurr - good 7/10
Powerwolf - great stage presence but could do with less theatre 7/10
Anakim - good stuff 6/10
Raging Speedhorn - energetic 8/10
Sabaton - great set, not as good as last time out but a great end to the day 9/10
Grand Magus - didn’t see much but sounded good 7/10


Krysthla - excellent death metal band,great start to the day 8/10
Stormcast - decent thrash 6/10
Goat Monsoon - excellent, good energy and songs 8/10
Reaper X - better than I would have thought 7/10
Swallow the Sun - bit bland 5/10
Scars of Remembrance - good 6/10
Evil Scarecrow - excellent as always, great show in spite of the wind and a huge crowd or so I’m told as I was down the front 10/10
Red Method - average 5/10
Dust Bolt - cracking German band 8/10
Helheim - pretty good 7/10
Djinova 7/10
Deformation of Man 6/10
Masters Call - very entertaining 8/10
Anthrax - out of this world as usual, they don’t need a side show 10/10
Parkway Drive - not a fan of pyros if the music can back it up, it didn’t, average but will appeal to the mainstream I’m sure. 6/10


Resin - very nice orchestra hybrid 7/10
28 Double - 7/10
Fallen Temples 6/10
Aborted - fantastic 8/10
Bastard - great set, everyone had smiles on their faces 9/10
Elyrean - good thrash 7/10
Take Refuge - 6/10
Aesect - cracking band 7/10
Hyprocrisy 7/10
Boss Keloid - very good stoner/sludge 7/10
Crescent - excellent black/death Egyptian metal 9/10
Cradle of Filth 7/10
Sethiest - tech problems which is a shame as they sounded ok 6/10
Lead Robot 6/10
Damim - great 7/10
Batushka - wtf 1/10
Scorpions - dull,boring and seemingly past it 2/10
Eluveitie - unbelievably good, band of the festival and a great way to end 10/10

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Re: BOA 2019: Rate the bands

Postby varangian » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:22 pm

bloodofthekings wrote:
varangian wrote:Here is the setlist ... f8966.html

To be honest it`s not a bad setlist and some big songs in there (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th songs are classics!), perhaps no "No-one like you" in there or overdoing the medley`s , sure there are certain songs we`d have liked but..
I dont know something wasn't quite there, first time I have seen them and expected a lot, Klaus voice wasn't quite there, solo spots could've done without, they didn't leave me `Wow` like some classic bands have done.

Nar, apart from 'The Zoo', nothing seemed to get a big response until Wind of Change

Does not surprise me in some respects, what songs do `most` know? Wind/Hurricane and perhaps The Zoo, `Is there anybody there` was top 40 back in the day :B
Blue Oyster Cult? The Reaper/Godzilla and Burnin for you perhaps
UFO? Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor and Lights Out
Europe? Erm Final Countdown

Is it just the old boys and girls who knew every TS song Dee sang not just `were not gonna take it` and ` I wanna rock`?

Is this a fair indication?