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Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:18 pm
by robin8585
Manchester's heat drawing happened last night which reminded me that this was a thing, and as there wasn't already a thread...

UK Events:

Birmingham - The Asylum - Finals July 12th
Brighton - The Green Door Store - Finals June 28th
Bristol - The Exchange - Finals July 4th
Cheltenham - Frog and Fiddle - Finals July 3rd
Chesterfield - County Music Bar - Finals June 19th
Devon and Cornwall - The Palladium Club (Bideford) - Finals May 2nd
Essex - The Bull (Colchester) - Finals June 26th
Hitchin - Club 85 - Finals May 29th
Leeds - The Library Pub - Finals June 20th
London - The Unicorn - Finals June 27th
Manchester - The Bread Shed - Finals June 21st
Merseyside - EBGB's (Liverpool) - Finals June 22nd
Milton Keynes - The Crauford Arms - Finals May 30th
Newcastle - Trillians Rock Bar - Finals June 19th
North Wales - Penny Black and XS (Wrexham) - Finals June 20th
Northern Ireland - Voodoo (Belfast) - Finals May 15th
Norwich - Brickmakers - Finals June 5th
Nottingham - Rescue Rooms - Finals July 11th
Oxford - Wheatsheaf - Finals June 6th
Scotland - La Belle Angele (Edinburgh) - Finals April 11th
Sheffield - Mulberry Tavern - Finals May 9th
Somerset - Bridgwater Town Hall (Bridgwater) - Finals July 5th
South Wales - Fuel Rock Club (Cardiff) - Finals July 4th
Stoke - Underground - Finals June 5th
Wolverhampton - KK's Steel Mill - Finals June 6th

International Events:

Norway - Rock In (Oslo) - Finals June 13th
Poland - Rude Boy Club (Bielsko-Biala) - Finals May 23rd
Republic of Ireland - Fibber Magees (Dublin) - Finals May 16th

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:27 pm
by robin8585
For Manchester this year we have a new venue (The Bread Shed), and the event being taken over by a new promoting team in Stonebaked Promotions and APF Records. Due to the event being run by 3rd party promoters rather than a venue itself, we're also going to have an entry fee for the first time. It's not very much (£3), but it'll be interesting to see how that affects attendance. They're also changing up how judging works, with audience members each being given a ballot paper on entry to cast their vote. One band advances based on audience votes, and one based on judges score (2nd place goes through if they agree with the audience). They're keeping the number of places in each of the subsequent rounds flexible (4-6 in each) to allow them to put through additional bands they feel are deserving from particularly tough heats, but with the condition that all 3 judges have to agree for it to happen.

The bands we have competing (along with how they describe what they do) are as follows:

Heat 1 (19th Jan)
Beyond Salvation - Technical Thrash Metal
40,000 Leagues - Melodic Metal
Kvilla - Hardcore/Black Metal
Crescent Halo - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Frozen In Shadows - Melodic Death Metal

Heat 2 (26th Jan)
Sons of the Wicked - Can't find any info
Pallas Athena - Progressive Symphonic Metal
Wrath of Man - They don't say, but Death Metal from their demo
Viral Strain - Hard Rock/Metal
Twisted Mentality - Shock/Horror Metal

Heat 3 (9th Feb)
Shape of Water - Rock
Solarshift - Alternative Rock/Metal
Argesk - Black Metal
Zen Revolt - Heavy Melodic Rock/Metal/Blues
Zebedy - Progressive/Metal/Rock

Heat 4 (16th Feb)
Ninety Nine Mercies - Heavy Metal
Scarlet Castles - Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Lost - Melodic Metal
Shrike - Metal
Grimoire - Deathcore

Heat 5 (1st Mar)
ỤBỤRỤ - Heavy Music
Karellen - Metal
Portrayal of Ruinn - Melodic Deathcore
Blunt Force - Hip Hop and Rock infused Groove
Tortured Demon - Metal

Heat 6 (8th Mar)
Man in the Woods - Stoner Rock
Grave of Saints - Metal, Rock, Hard Rock
Clashmute - Metalcore
Sin Circus - Metal, Hard Rock, Theatrical, Concept Rock
God Shaped Devil - Metal

Heat 7 (15th Mar)
Asylum City Zoo - Metal
Stand Silent - Metal (probably trending Metalcore based on their stated influences)
Ventures - Metalcore
Agent 47 - Rock/Metal
UnBroken - Metal with Groove, Thrash and Death Metal influences

Heat 8 (22nd Mar)
Konom - Progressive Rock/Metal
Bring Guns - Hard Rock/Metal
World Held Hostage - Metalcore/Punk
The Dark Rasmurn Project - Rock, Alternative, Prog
Vlka Fenryka - Viking Metal

Personally I'm pulling for one of Pallas Athena, Frozen in Shadows or Scarlet Castles to take the win, but there's plenty in there I've not seen before. Being friends with both of the promoters I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to attend this year, but unfortunately it's on a Sunday evening again which isn't really great. We'll see how it goes.

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:52 am
by Haldamir319
Some good names in the Manc one. Will have to keep an eye on how their flexible wildcard system works too - could be something be could co-opt down the line.

For ours, we're still officially accepting entries until the 31st, though I think, from last count, we've hit the max amount we were wanting to run (we originally were going to do 40, but I think we're capping at 35 now).

I'll post the draw results in here once it's happened. We will be having 7x First Round Nights, 4x Semi-Finals and the Final. Top 2 from each First Round heat progresses, plus 2 wildcards to make the 16 Semi-Finalists. Like last year, the wildcards will be given to the two bands with the highest judge scores that haven't otherwise qualified.

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:04 pm
by Tet
robin8585 wrote:The bands we have competing (along with how they describe what they do) are as follows

Blimey. That actually looks quite reasonable. The London ones have been almost exclusively filled with aggressive shouty nonsense for years. I've tried giving some of them a chance, but have largely been unimpressed. I'll see whether this year's offerings are an improvement, but I'm not overly optimistic.

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:43 am
by Haldamir319
Our entrants -

A Joker Among Thieves (Barnsley, Rock/Heavy Rock)
Against The Grain (Sheffield, Heavy Rock, 2019 finalist)
Apex District (Sheffield, Instrumental Prog/Math Metal)
ArtKiller (Wakefield, Death Metal)
Atomic Samurai (Sheffield, Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal)
Before I Fall (Sheffield, Djent)
Coyote Mad Seeds (Sheffield, Heavy Rock/Southern Rock/Heavy Metal, 2018 semi-finalist)
Dead Cosmonauts (Sheffield, Post/Prog/Space Rock/Post Metal)
Death of Man (Barnsley, Metal)
DENT (Doncaster, Solo Doom/Rock/Metal)
Destroy Planets (Manchester, Modern Metal)
Dislocator (Barnsley, Thrash Metal)
Dominion of Ashes (Sheffield, Extreme/Groove Metal, 2019 finalist)
Donestk (Sheffield, Metalcore)
Faeries Understand Cosmic Knowledge (Sheffield, Nu Wave/Trance/Avante-Garde Rock)
Ghostwriters (Bradford/Leeds, Punk/Rap/Rock/Metal)
IL (Sheffield, Jazzy Prog Alternative Metal, 2019 finalist)
Korsunnuz (South Yorksire, Heavy Rock/Desert Rock)
Last Exile (Hull, Proggy Groovy Heavy Rock)
Lost Within (Hull, Melodic Metalcore)
Mask Of Virtue (Sheffield, Experimental/Alternative)
Our Shallow Hearts (Barnsley, Rock/Heavy Metal)
Realms (Doncaster, Post-Hardcore/Emo, 2019 semi-finalist)
Saints Among Us (Manchester/South Yorkshire, Alternative Rock)
Screaming Ace (Sheffield, Thrash Metal)
Shadow Smile (Sheffield/Nottingham, Hard Rock/Modern Heavy Metal)
Shock Of The Fall (Rotherham, Rock)
Shonin (Sheffield, Lounge Hip Hop Metal, 2019 semi-finalist)
SIDEWINDER (Wakefield, Blackened Crossover)
Sinners Sermon (Sheffield, Groove/Doom/Heavy Metal)
Soul Shredder (Sheffield, Symphonic/Trad/Heavy Metal, 2018&2019 semi-finalist)
Sour Tusk (Sheffield, Heavy Rock, 2018 semi-finalist)
Terminal Sun (Sheffield, Death Metal)
Tormenta (Barnsley/West Yorkshire, Nu-Metal/Metalcore, 2019 semi-finalist)
World Chaos (Halifax, Progressive Groove Metal)

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 11:02 am
by Haldamir319
Sheffield's Heats, plus the dates for the Semis/Final:

Fri 10th Jan - Heat 1
Against the Grain
Death of Man
Sarabaites (replacing Destroy Planets)
Shock of the Fall
Soul Shredder

Fri 17th Jan - Heat 2
Coyote Mad Seeds
Faeries Understand Cosmic Knowledge
Mask of Virtue

Fri 24th Jan - Heat 3
Apex District
Atomic Samurai
Sinners Sermon
Terminal Sun

Sat 1st Feb - Heat 4
Last Exile
Shadow Smile

Fri 21st Feb - Heat 5
Dominion of Ashes
Lost Within

Fri 28th Feb - Heat 6
Before I Fall
Our Shallow Hearts
Saints Among Us
Sour Tusk

Fri 13th Mar - Heat 7
A Joker Among Thieves
Dead Cosmonauts
Screaming Ace
World Chaos

Sat 28th Mar - Semi-Final 1
Fri 3rd Apr - Semi-Final 2
Sat 18th Apr - Semi-Final 3
Sat 25th Apr - Semi-Final 4

Sat 9th May - Final

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:17 pm
by Haldamir319

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:21 am
by Haldamir319

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:39 am
by Haldamir319
i0th wrote:I assume this whole thing stopped a few weeks ago?

Nothing official from BOA.

We had a back-up plan in place for ours, but that's not likely to happen as our final was meant to be in a a week and a bit. We're awaiting further news.

Re: Metal 2 The Masses 2020

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 1:52 pm
by Haldamir319
No idea what other regions are doing, but Sheffield's plan is thusly -

The 16 Semi-Finalist -> will be given the opportunity to enter at the Semi Final stage in 2021.

Other bands can enter from the 1st round as usual. The exact format will depend on the number of applicants, but the broad template we're working to is -

1st Round - Up to 4 heats, each containing 4-6 bands. Top 2 from each progress (8).
Semi-Finals - 16 Semi-finalists from 2020 + the 8 qualifiers - 6 Semis of 4. Winners progress.
Final - 6 Winners + a guest Headliner.