BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

August 10-13, Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Screaminglordzombie » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:19 am

the 9th BOA for me.. good overall but something felt a bit less special.

Wind rose - 6/10
Battle Beast 9/10 - maybe the beer and pain from travelling/putting the tent up had finally eased me into enjoying them more but really liked em.

Forever Still 6/10
Iron Rat 8/10 - Great band
Chelsea Grin - 2/10
Whitechapel - 3/10
Thuum - 7/10
Devilment - 6/10
Soilwork - 6/10
Black moth - 8/10
testament - 6/10 im not as into american thrash as i once was.
Blind Guardian 9/10
Amon 8/10 - Would have been higher but the exact same stage show and setlist (maybe a single track difference) as the glasgow show a few months back.

Also heard Lionize and Inquisition were good from the other folk i was down with but didnt see em personally.

Ward XCI - 8/10 - quite scarecrow-esque which seemed to put off a few folk i know. good start to the day tho.
Blind River - 6/10
Kroh - 9/10
king 810 : 1/10 - urgh.
Infected Dead - 6/10
Annihilator -7/10
Florence Black - 7/10
Red Rum 5/10 - his voice just doesnt suit the style but good atmosphere.
Kreator - 10/10 love em.
Ghost 3/10 - i really dont get it.long wait beforehand and really no stage presence or sense of engagement,


Blind Haze - 6/10
Brujeria - 2/10
Courtesans - 7/10
Puppy - 4/10
Posessed - 6/10
Obituary - 5/10 - seen them too many times.
Hell - 10/10
Na Cruithme - 8/10 - I miss when BOA had more folk metal.
Mist - 10/10 - Really enjoyed them.
Arch enemy - 6/10 - had to leave early as i was feeling exhausted, so went back to the tent and slept through megadave.

From what im told the sound for wintersun was terrible. thats coming from the wintersun fanboy of the group i was with. when even hes saying its bad it mustve been awful.

Also the new blood stage wasnt helped by the main stage sound being turned up. sometimes really difficult to ignore the other band during sets.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby red_death » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:24 pm


Ashen Crown - good death metal 7/10
Internal Conflict - 7/10
Devilment - not a massive CoF fan but better than expected 7/10
Soilwork - 6/10
Testament - 7.5/10
Lionize - not my cup of tea at all 3/10
Blind Guardian - much better than I expected and really enjoyed it 8.5/10
Amon Amarth - solid as ever and really good show 8.5/10
Inquisition - second time I've seen them and I just don't get it 3/10


Havok - brilliant 8.5/10
Annihilator - also brilliant 8/10
King 810 - only "watched" from Lemmy's bar but what a waste of time and slot 1/10
Red Rum - always fun 6.5/10
Kreator - absolutely superb and put on a great show 10/10
Xentrix - I really like them but the new singer doesn't do it for me yet 7/10
Ghost - I'm a big fan of Ghost but was completely underwhelmed by the show. They were overshadowed by Kreator. Musically they were OK (though I've seen them better), I just expected more of a stage show given they were headlining. 7/10


The Courtesans - a bit tedious 4/10
Possessed - superb, thoroughly enjoyed it 9.5/10
Obituary - again another set I really enjoyed 9/10
Hell - great stage show as always and great fun musically though technical difficulties spoilt things a little. Would love to see some new stuff from them.
Na Cruithne - enjoyable Irish folky metal, would have liked to stay for longer 7.5/10
Skindred - it didn't really fit for me (and I like Skindred) plus I found Benji a bit more OTT than usual. 6/10
Arthemis - 7/10
Arch Enemy - I can appreciate how musically tight they are but feels a bit soulless for me 7.5/10
Megadeth - really solid performance from Dave and crew and a good show to end the festival 8.5/10

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby bloodfiend » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:31 pm

red_death wrote:Inquisition - second time I've seen them and I just don't get it 3/10

I always find Inquisition a bit of an odd experience live, as they're just a duo, and drummers are always stationary, so there's one really 1 person on the stage, and it's very different to a normal live performance.

On record they're extremely dark and atmospheric, but that doesn't always come across live.

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Cassius » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:59 pm

GURT - 7/10 - Always enjoy these guys and was a good start to the weekend
The Infernal Sea - 8/10 - Great stage presence and loved the new costumes and sounded good from where I was stood

Thuum - 5/10 - decent riffyness but nothing special
Decapitated - 5/10 - Probably a bit harsh from me but I basically just love the first 3 albums so just endured the set to go nuts to Spheres
Testament - 8/10 - enjoyed them mixing up the set list and Chuck is just an excellent front man
Nordjevel - 8/10 - Just really good solid black metal
Amon Amarth - 10/10 - One of my favourite bands and this is the best time iv ever seen them making it performance of the weekend for me
Inquisition - I saw them but im gonna rule that it is unfair for me to rate them. They were playing well and I normally really like it but after Amon Amarth I was really hyped up and wasnt in the mood for some serious black metal

Hundred Year Old Man - 7/10 - and lovely crushingly heavy way to wake me up
Winterfylleth - 8/10 - Never seen them put on a bad show and excellent set list
Havok - 9/10 - Amazing energetic thrash and really sad they were cut short
Raised By Owls - 9/10 - Fucking hilarious and such good fun, going from chucklevision pit to brutal pit in 1 second was the best thing ever
Abhorrent Decimation - 7/10 - played well and a great band but was disappointed the set list was exclusively from the new album
Red Rum - 8.5/10 - Just excellent fun with a really happy friendly jig pit
Kreator - 9.5/10 - Should have headlined, awesome in every way

Brujeria - 6/10 - fun enough but nothing special
Possessed - 8/10 - exceeded expectations and played an excellent set and really liked the sound of the new song
Obituary - 8.5/10 - Crushing and the best time iv seen them
Na Cruithne - 9.5/10 - These guys are my find of the fest, I love my folk metal and they did not disappoint. Great songs, great pit and some great banter on stage
Criminal - 8/10 - Only saw the last 20 mins after Na Cruithne but really enjoyed what I heard
Megadeth - 9/10 - Same as last time but I really cant complain at hearing all the classics played really well. Exactly what I want to end the festival

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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby Tet » Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:24 pm

7/10 Wind Rose
9/10 Battle Beast - a fantastic way to end the opening night

3/10 Chelsea Grin
7/10 Endeavour
2/10 Whitechapel
7/10 Devilment - far more enjoyable than I expected, given I don't like CoF
4/10 Blood Thread
6/10 Morass Of Molasses - they've been better
6/10 Soilwork
8/10 Dendera - very much a band on the up
4/10 Devil's Playground
4/10 Decapitated
8/10 Season's End - a long overdue return to their spiritual home
7/10 Testament
9/10 Blind Guardian - a great set, given they had to borrow everything
8/10 Hanowar - fail to England!
5/10 Lionize
6/10 Amon Amarth
4/10 Darth Elvis & The Imperials

8/10 Blind River - my best new discovery of the festival
6/10 Winterfylleth
6/10 Kroh
7/10 Havok
2/10 Raised By Owls - without being able to hear the comedy lyrics, this just doesn't work
2/10 King 810
?/10 Bangover - the crowd was too big for me to be able to see the band
8/10 Annihilator
7/10 Spyder Byte
8/10 Florence Black - the best performance I've seen from them
6/10 Red Rum
2/10 Hatebreed
7/10 Twisted Illusion - much better than the last time I saw them
8/10 Kreator
9/10 Dakesis - an outstanding set, making the most of their Bloodstock opportunity
8/10 Xentrix - who knew Jay could sing?
7/10 Ghost
4/10 Macabre
4/10 Steak - a terrible choice to play at the end of the night

2/10 Broken Teeth
4/10 Gravil
1/10 Venom Prison - oh dear
3/10 Seething Akira
1/10 Brujeria - oh dear again
3/10 Torqued
4/10 Courtesans
5/10 Possessed
1/10 Everest Queen - that's 3 bands in one day that were worse than King Ten Past Eight...
5/10 Wolfheart
6/10 Hell - let there be fire!
7/10 Silverchild
6/10 Na Cruithne
3/10 Skindred
3/10 Criminal
8/10 Arch Enemy
7/10 Megadeth - good, but not as good as Wacken (despite a better setlist)
5/10 Wintersun
6/10 Black Shot Rose
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Re: BOA 2017 - rate the bands you saw

Postby JD_B3E5 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:21 am


Ramage Inc - 7/10
Only managed to see about the last 15 mins of their set, but was pleasantly surprised as they were a decent band to open the festival.
Gurt - 8/10
Watched their whole set and quite enjoyed it. They did seem a little cringey at first, but not taking them too seriously really justifies that.
Wind Rose - 5/10
Dwarven Metal really isn't my sort of thing, but a friend recommended them to me. He got stuck in for a good 40 mins while I watched from the back. Really not my thing at all.


Forever Still - 4/10
Not really a great start to the RJD stage if I'm honest. Really shouldn't have been at Bloodstock.
Chelsea Grin - 1/10
Dreadful. Their singer seemed like an ungrateful prick as well.
Whitechapel - 7/10
I kept coming and going during their set. Probably saw about 10 mins in total, but from what I saw of them, they looked pretty good to be fair.
Dendera - 3/10
Could only really be bothered to watch about 5 mins of their set. A friend said that they're a 'Thrash band'. They are very far from Thrash. Not good at all.
Decapitated - 8/10
The first band of the day that I was actually planning to watch. Did not seem to disappoint me. Good bit of Death Metal.
Testament - 8/10
I love some old school Thrash when I hear/see it. A few sound problems here and there, but that definitely didn't prevent me from enjoying their set.
Shrapnel - 9/10
More brilliant (but newer) Thrash! I hope these guys get somewhere. Truly brilliant!
Blind Guardian - 4/10
Watched about a minute of their set. Can never seem to stomach Power Metal, so I left in favour of food and a quick lay down in my tent.
Like them or not, what a fucking show that they managed to put on! The only downside is that I've never really liked them on record, so I was a bit unfamiliar with their set.


Fallujah - 6/10
Not bad. Literally only bothered to watch about 5 mins of them. Those 5 mins didn't surprise me at all.
Havok - 8/10
Great Thrash band. Bit of a shame that they ran out of time. They definitely deserve a bigger opportunity next time.
King 810 - 0/10
What the actual fuck. Awful band. Easily the worst band of the festival.
Abhorrent Decimation - 7/10
Pretty decent bit of Death Metal. Needed someone to watch other than King 810. These guys were a good filler.
Annihilator - 8/10
Really good fun. Jeff Waters is a great frontman and an even better guitarist. More brilliant old school Thrash.
Municipal Waste - 10/10
These guys really know how to put on a show. Amazing performance and great crowd interaction. Almost 10 blokes fell on my head, but a good bit of shoulder work helps that out.
Hatebreed - 7/10
Never had a problem with a bit of Hardcore at Bloodstock. They seem to know how to get the crowd going well.
Kreator - 9/10
Even more good old school Thrash. Brilliant stage show too! Very enjoyable. Should've been headlining.


Possessed - 7/10
Godfathers of Death Metal itself. A good band to kick off my Sunday with.
Oni - 5/10
A bit meh for me. Only caught about 10 mins of them to be fair.
Skindred - 7/10
Despite almost half the people attending Bloodstock slagging them off, I was pleasantly surprised by them. They certainly got the crowd going too.
Arch Enemy - 8/10
My first time seeing them and they were very good. I enjoyed their whole set and will definitely think about buying a ticket for their upcoming UK tour.
Good performance from a band that are starting to really slow down on their performances. Very enjoyable.
Wintersun - 6/10
Not really into them if I'm honest, but a friend insisted on seeing them after Megadeth finished. Not bad. Would've wanted someone a little heavier to close the festival.